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Habitior Review 2024: Is Habitior Com a Legitimate Website?

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Habitior Review

Are you unsure about the legitimacy of the Habitior website? Are you contemplating whether it’s a wise decision to invest your hard-earned money on this platform? In this article, we will provide you with an accurate and insightful review of the Habitior website. We understand your concerns and aim to answer the crucial question: Is Habitior a legitimate website or a potential scam? Read on to gain clarity and make an informed decision.

Introduction to Habitior is an online store specializing in products within the Flannel Jacket, Jackets & Coats, Business Suit, Sports Shoes, and Accessories categories. Their product range includes items such as Men’s Lined Hooded Flannel Jacket, Axel Pigskin Leather Jacket, Arezzo Collection – 100% Wool Suit Modern Fit Italian Style 3 Piece in Navy, and Axel Royal Leather Belt. They offer both Domestic and International Shipping, striving for quick delivery. However, during peak times, such as new releases and holidays, there may be slight delays.

Their stated commitment to customers includes delivering high-quality products at the lowest prices with exceptional service and convenience. They also claim to provide assistance in case of dissatisfaction with purchases through exchanges, returns, or repairs within 30 days, provided there is no man-made damage to the products.

Key Information about Habitior Com

To assess the legitimacy of, let’s take a closer look at some essential details:

  • Website Name: Habitior
  • Website Link:
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: None
  • Contact Address: 15 Rue Des Halles, Paris, France
  • Targeted Country: Worldwide
  • Products Category: Flannel Jacket, Jackets & Coats, Business Suit, Sports Shoes, Accessories
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Delivery Time: Orders usually ship within 3 days of ordering if all items are in stock, with additional processing time during peak seasons.
  • Return Policy: While they offer a return policy, it’s important to note that customers are responsible for shipping costs, and refunds are subject to specific conditions.

Positive Aspects of Habitior Website

Let’s start by highlighting the positive aspects of Habitior:

  1. Valid SSL Certificate: provides a secure browsing experience for consumers with HTTPS encryption.
  2. Similar Portal and URL Names: The website’s name and URL are closely aligned, reducing the risk of confusion.
  3. Payment Options: Habitior offers various payment methods, providing flexibility for customers.
  4. Clear Policies: The website outlines its policies for returns and exchanges, providing transparency in transactions.

Negative Aspects of Habitior Website

Now, let’s examine the concerning aspects of Habitior:

  1. Low Trust Score: has a trust score of only 1%, which raises trust concerns among potential customers.
  2. Lack of Social Links: The absence of social media links on the site can make it challenging to verify its credibility.
  3. New Domain Registration: The website’s domain was registered on 7th December 2023 and is set to expire on 7th December 2024, indicating its relative newness.
  4. Copied Content: The presence of copied content on the website can erode trust and authenticity.
  5. Limited Product Range: Despite claiming to offer various products, the selection on the website appears limited.

Is Habitior Com a Legitimate Website?

Based on the information provided, it’s prudent to exercise caution when considering as a potential shopping destination. Several factors, such as the low trust score, new domain registration, and copied content, raise red flags regarding its legitimacy.


In conclusion, our manual assessment of suggests that it may not be a trustworthy platform for making purchases. The combination of a 1% trust score, a relatively new domain, and a lack of social media presence makes us hesitant to recommend it. We advise our readers to thoroughly research and verify all details before making any transactions on this website. Additionally, you can explore lists of scam websites on reputable platforms like Digitalvisi to stay informed and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Habitior Com Website Legitimate or Fake?
    • The Habitior website, with its wide range of products, offers Flannel Jackets, Jackets & Coats, Business Suits, Sports Shoes, and Accessories. However, they do not accept Cash on Delivery orders. To evaluate the website’s legitimacy, consider the following points:
      • Website Registration Date: 7th December 2023, set to expire on 7th December 2024.
      • Unrealistic Prices: Claiming 50% off discounts.
      • Trust Index: A mere 1% according to scamadviser.
    • In summary, this online store does not appear to be a genuinely legitimate website. Some product content appears to be copied, the trust score is extremely low, and the website lacks social media links and reviews.
  2. Is Habitior Com a Trustworthy Website?
    •’s trustworthiness is questionable due to several concerning factors, including its low trust score, new domain registration, and lack of social media presence. These factors may raise doubts about the website’s legitimacy.
  3. Is There a Return Policy for Habitior Com Products?
    • Yes, offers a return policy. Customers can request exchanges, returns, or repairs within 30 days of receiving their products, provided there is no man-made damage. However, customers are responsible for shipping costs.
  4. What Is the Trust Score of Habitior Com?
    • The trust score of is only 1%, as indicated by scamadviser. This low trust score may be a cause for concern for potential customers.
  5. Should I Make a Purchase on Habitior Com?
    • Based on the information provided, we recommend exercising caution when considering purchases on The combination of a low trust score, a new domain, and other concerning factors suggests that it may not be a trustworthy platform for online shopping.
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