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Has Robert Herjavec Plastic Surgery? Robert Herjavec’s Journey!

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Has Robert Herjavec Plastic Surgery

It’s uncertain if Robert Herjavec had plastic surgery, specifically a hair transplant, despite his hair loss discussions. Robert Herjavec is a well-known businessman and TV personality, renowned for his career and Shark Tank appearances.

Has Robert Herjavec Plastic Surgery?

The question of whether Robert Herjavec has undergone plastic surgery, particularly a hair transplant, has generated interest and speculation. Robert Herjavec, a well-known businessman and TV personality, has been open about his struggles with hair loss. However, there is no concrete confirmation or evidence to substantiate the claims of plastic surgery.

While he has candidly discussed his hair loss journey, Robert Herjavec has not publicly acknowledged undergoing a hair transplant or any other form of plastic surgery. It’s important to note that speculations about celebrities and plastic surgery are common in the entertainment industry, but without definitive statements or evidence from the individual involved, such claims remain speculative. Thus, the question of whether Robert Herjavec has had plastic surgery remains unanswered, and any such procedures, if they exist, have not been publicly confirmed by him.

Who is Robert Herjavec?

Robert Herjavec is a prominent Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality known for his remarkable career in the world of entrepreneurship and technology. He has built an impressive resume in the business world. Herjavec’s journey includes founding BRAK Systems, an internet security software integrator, which he sold to AT&T Canada for $30.2 million in 2000. In 2003, he launched The Herjavec Group, now one of Canada’s leading information technology and computer security companies with an annual revenue exceeding $200 million.

He’s not only a successful entrepreneur but also a familiar face on television. Robert has appeared on various iterations of the popular business reality TV series, including Dragon’s Den in Canada and Shark Tank in the United States. His contributions extend beyond the small screen; he’s also authored books offering insights into the business world.

Robert Herjavec’s accomplishments have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Ernst & Young Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Technology in 2012 and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Outstanding Service to Canada in the same year. His dynamic career continues to make a significant impact in the business and entertainment spheres.


Robert Herjavec

Born September 14, 1962
Age 61 Years
Birthplace Varaždin, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia
Citizenship Canada
Education University of Toronto (BA)
Occupations – CEO of The Herjavec Group

– Founder of BRAK Systems

Robert Herjavec Early Life

Robert Herjavec’s early life is a testament to resilience and determination. Born in Varaždin, Croatia, he faced adversity from a young age. His family left their homeland due to his father’s multiple incarcerations for speaking out against the governing system, arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with just $20 and a single suitcase.

The transition to a new country was challenging, especially for young Robert, who didn’t speak English. Settling in Toronto, the family lived in a friend’s basement for 18 months. Despite these hardships, Robert’s father’s tough character and life lessons left a lasting impact. His father’s advice never to complain became a guiding principle in Robert’s life, shaping his sense of courage.

Another pivotal moment occurred when a salesman exploited his family, leading Robert to promise that they would never be taken advantage of again. These early life experiences, combined with a determination to make a better life, motivated Robert to work various minimum-wage jobs in the 1980s. This perseverance and the lessons learned in his early years laid the foundation for his future success as a prominent businessman, investor, and television personality.

How Old is Robert Herjavec?

As of 2023, Robert Herjavec is 61 years old. He was born on September 14, 1962. Herjavec, the renowned Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality, has had a successful and diverse career that spans various industries, and his age in 2023 underscores the wealth of experience and accomplishments he has achieved over the years.

From his early life challenges to his entrepreneurial endeavors and television appearances, Herjavec’s journey reflects the determination and resilience that have shaped his life and career.

Robert Herjavec Career

Robert Herjavec’s career is a fascinating journey marked by determination and versatility. In his early years, he worked in the film industry as a third assistant director and as a field producer for the 1984 Winter Olympics. However, his true success story unfolds in the business world. Herjavec’s tenacity led him to secure a job at Logiquest, despite lacking qualifications. He offered to work for free for six months, eventually becoming the General Manager.

After being fired, he founded BRAK Systems, a Canadian internet security software integrator, which he later sold for $30.2 million. He then joined Ramp Network, which was acquired by Nokia for $225 million. In 2003, he founded The Herjavec Group, a leading IT security provider in Canada, with remarkable revenue growth.

On television, Herjavec gained recognition as an investor on Dragons’ Den in Canada and Shark Tank in the United States, with successful investments in various businesses. He even ventured into dancing, participating in Dancing with the Stars, where he formed a relationship with his dance partner, Kym Johnson, whom he later married.

Robert Herjavec’s multifaceted career showcases his determination, adaptability, and success across different domains.

Robert Herjavec Wife

Robert Herjavec’s wife is Kym Johnson, a former professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars. Their love story began on the set of the show when Robert, a successful businessman and recent divorcee, was paired with Kym as his dance partner. The chemistry between them was palpable, and their connection quickly transcended the dance floor.

Their romantic relationship flourished beyond the TV show, and within a year, Robert proposed to Kym. In July 2016, they celebrated their wedding surrounded by close friends and family. Their bond deepened further with the birth of twins, Hudson and Haven, two years after their marriage. These twins joined Robert’s three children from his previous marriage.

Robert and Kym’s relationship is a heartwarming example of love discovered in the public eye and a beautiful family that has grown through shared experiences and mutual support. Their love story serves as a reminder that connections can be found in unexpected places, even in the world of reality television.

How Many Children Does Robert Herjavec Have?

Robert Herjavec is a proud father to five children, each with their own unique paths and accomplishments:

Caprice Herjavec: Caprice is Robert’s eldest child from his first marriage with Diane. She works as a consultant for an executive compensation consulting company, Frederic W. Cook & Co., Inc., and previously pursued a career in journalism. Caprice attended Columbia University, where she was involved with women’s rowing and various organizations.

Skye Herjavec: Skye, Robert and Diane’s second daughter, initially grew up in Canada but later moved to the U.S. to pursue her education. She attended the University of Southern California, majoring in business administration, and interned with prominent companies, including Badgley Mischka, Walter Baker, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Brendan Herjavec: Brendan, the third child of Robert

and Diane, holds a degree in business and marketing from Wilfrid Laurier University. He furthered his education at Yale University and currently serves as the President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at his alma mater. Additionally, Brendan is a client manager for Inkblot Therapy and an advisor for Memoryz, both focusing on mental health support.

Hudson Robert Herjavec: Hudson is one of the twins born to Robert and Kym Johnson in 2018. Although still young, he has made appearances on social media, where he is seen enjoying the outdoors, playing with his puppies, and dressing up in fun outfits.

Haven Mae Herjavec: Haven, the other twin, arrived in 2018 as well. Like her brother, she is too young for a professional career, but she’s often seen bonding with her dad, enjoying her toys, and having fun with her brother. In June 2021, Robert playfully hinted at her potential involvement in his business ventures when she visited the set of Shark Tank.

Net Worth of Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec, a Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality, is widely recognized for his substantial net worth, which stands at $300 million. His fame is primarily attributed to his role on the popular reality TV show, Shark Tank.

On this show, Robert, along with his fellow “Sharks,” evaluates and deliberates upon startup business proposals and innovative ideas presented by aspiring entrepreneurs. His wealth reflects not only his success in the business world but also his pivotal role in nurturing and supporting emerging businesses through the platform of Shark Tank.

Has Robert Herjavec Plastic Surgery? – FAQs

1. Has Robert Herjavec undergone plastic surgery?

There is no confirmed information or evidence of Robert Herjavec undergoing plastic surgery, although there have been speculations about a hair transplant.

2. How many children does Robert Herjavec have?

Robert Herjavec has five children. His three older children, Caprice, Skye, and Brendan, are from his previous marriage, and he has twins, Hudson and Haven, with his wife, Kym Johnson.

3. What is Robert Herjavec’s net worth?

Robert Herjavec’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

4. How old is Robert Herjavec in 2023?

In 2023, Robert Herjavec is 61 years old, with a birthdate of September 14, 1962.

5. How did Robert Herjavec meet his wife, Kym Johnson?

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson met on the set of Dancing With the Stars, where Robert was a contestant, and Kym was his dance partner. Their chemistry led to a romantic relationship, and they later got married.

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