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How to Create a Naver Account?

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Naver is the largest and the most popular Internet portal in Korea. The portal is a multi-functional versatile platform that provides users with a wide range of tools to solve everyday tasks. The Naver portal comprises:

  • a search engine;
  • a shopping platform;
  • an online translator and dictionary.

It is a full-fledged portal that allows surfing the Web, finding any kind of information, watching movies, making purchases, and dealing with foreign texts. In addition, a membership program is provided.

Detailed Guide on Naver Account Creation

Now, let’s see how to create Naver account. Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Find the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the website and click on it. Pick the desired way of account creation. Registration is possible via several means:
  • a quick registration via Facebook account or profiles on other networks;
  • a line account is created by filling out the registration form and specifying a phone number for account authentication.
  1. At this stage, it is necessary to tick the box confirming the User Agreement.
  2. Next, users should fill out a registration form. Here, the following personal data is entered: a full name, email recovery, and a mobile phone number. Also, newbies should come up with a login and password.

Upon confirming the registration, a Naver verification SMS will be sent to the specified number.

Ways to Bypass Authentication

Many users are not eager to enter real phone numbers due to an increased number of hacker attacks. The Web is full of scammers who can violate user privacy and get access to private data for the purpose of further blackmailing, stalking, or datum reselling. That is why more and more users seek ways to avoid phone authentication. Here are some possible ways how to register Naver account without specifying real phones.

  1. A burner phone. This is a one-time number that is purchased to pass the verification procedure or register on some platforms. The option is anonymous but rather expensive and expires after one use.
  2. A friend’s phone number. You can ask your relative or acquaintance for help, but it is likely that they have an account on the portal. Moreover, the option is inconvenient since all notifications will be sent to them, and they will have access to the history of your purchases and activities.
  3. A fake virtual number. This solution is the most effective and convenient. A fake phone is sold on special online platforms. A temporary phone is valid for a paid subscription period. Thus, you can use it an unlimited number of times for any purpose. It costs less than roaming or a burning phone.

Reasons to Use Fake Virtual Phones

Online fake numbers provide users with the following perks:

  • 100% security and anonymity. Thus, users can freely specify fake phone numbers without having fears that fraudsters will hack profiles and get private data since stolen information will be fake.
  • An opportunity to visit and register forbidden websites. Some resources are not available in particular regions. By switching on a VPN connection, you can visit such portals, and by using a fake phone, you can create accounts on such platforms.
  • A phone number will stay with you if you change location or place of living.
  • Multiple account creation. If you have already registered on some Naver services but need another profile, a virtual phone will come in handy to register another account. This is especially useful for separating business and private life.
  • It is possible to manage the phone via any voice device. If you do not have a smartphone, you can receive or make calls, as well as get and end SMSs, via a laptop, a PC, etc.

Where to Find Fake Phones and How to Get them?

If you’re interested in how to make Naver account without a real phone number entering, it’s high time to discuss where such phones are found.

The Internet flourishes with dozens of offers from service providers that allow connecting fake numbers. Thus, the sequence of steps is the following:

  1. Surf the Web to pick several potential service providers. Compare their terms and conditions and study price policies.
  2. Select the most suitable resource that satisfies your needs.
  3. Create an account by entering all the asked information.
  4. Make a deposit to buy a virtual phone. Before you invest money, calculate how much you need to cover the cost of the number and a subscription.
  5. Decide on what period you need the phone (a month, a couple of months, or a year).
  6. Decide how many numbers and from what countries you need.
  7. Fill out a purchase form specifying all this information.
  8. Make a purchase.

When you receive a confirmation letter, you can start using the phone as you wish.

Features of the Naver Platform

The portal features the following services:

  1. News and Weather forecast. Current world news is daily published in this section. The Weather Service forecasts is the platform for the weather for upcoming days.
  2. The service allows translating texts from and to the Korean language.
  3. This category has all the up-to-date information about cinema novelties, teasers for the most wanted movies, and movies for online watching with Korean subtitles.
  4. This section embraces all sorts of entertaining videos, funny cartoons, TV shows, cooking shows, and other relaxing content.
  5. The Naver marketplace offers thousands of goods, starting from electronics and household appliances up to pet accessories, books, and spare parts for machines.
  6. Here, users can read stories on various topics, have discussions in comments with other users, share their opinions, and find soul mates.
  7. These are Korean comics with sound effects and animation, which are designed for reading via smartphones.

Naver is a useful Korean portal. Users can experience any activity on it and entertain themselves. The platform is rather popular, but many people are afraid of registering accounts on it due to frequent hacker attacks on Web resources. A fake online number is an excellent solution to withstand scammers and feel safe when surfing the Internet. If you buy a virtual phone once, it can serve you for months or even years. It is a convenient tool that provides unlimited opportunities for private life, business, and Internet activity.

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