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How to Resolve Outlook Reminders not Working Error?

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Are you currently attempting to resolve the Outlook reminders no longer working error? Are you currently searching for techniques to fix the Outlook calendar alerts no longer working issue? In case your reply is absolutely to these questions, then you’re in the right publish. Within this blog, we are particularly guiding you thru the techniques to repair the Outlook reminders error.

MS Outlook is among the most broadly used email clients that provide a number of services featuring. It comprises several features that enhance user productivity like calendars, tasks, notes, journals, contacts, reminders, etc. Outlook reminders are extremely vital because they contain alerts for reminding important occasions like conferences. Furthermore, it’s available in handy as possible advised with the aid of alarms for a number of occasions inside your hectic agenda.

However, for those who have set a indication also it eliminate, it may affect your scheduled occasions drastically. Do not concern yourself, once we provides you with the best techniques to fix the Outlook reminders no longer working issue. Before that, let’s check out the reason why for the similar. However, you should use professional tool to repair this Outlook event issue instantly.

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How come my Reminders no longer working in Outlook?

The below-pointed out points are the most typical reasons that mention the Outlook reminders problem.

If by human error, you decide on Dismiss All rather of hitting Dismiss for the event. It can result in switching off all future indication alerts.

A corrupt Outlook profile may also produce this error. The corruption within the profile can hamper the indication purpose of Outlook.

The program updates of Outlook may modify the indication services.

When the Show reminders choice is switched off, then Outlook won’t display a reminder for just about any set reminders. It’s really a reason behind the Outlook calendar notifications no longer working error.

All of the above reasons in the above list show the requirement to fix the Outlook reminders problem. Let’s now move ahead for the methods for the similar.

How you can Fix Outlook Reminders no longer working Issue?

We’ve provided the very best techniques that can resolve the problem. However, you have to make certain that the Outlook reminders are switched on before you begin using these techniques to fix this MS Outlook not responding issue. The below steps will show you to show the reminders on for various versions of Outlook.

1. Enabling Reminders in Outlook 2016

Feel the below steps to allow the reminders in Outlook 2016. It’s the first prerequisite to accomplish the procedure to solve Outlook 2016 reminders no longer working error.

Click the File tab towards the top of your window.

Then, select Choices to open the Outlook options tab.

Now, pick the Advanced option within the left panel.

Underneath the reminders section, tick the Show reminders option.

You may also select the indication alert seem of your liking by hitting Browse.

Finally, click Alright to complete.

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2. Enabling Reminders in Outlook 2010

  • Launch the MS Outlook 2010 application and begin by hitting the File tab.
  • Here, click Options within the left panel.
  • Within the new tab, pick the Calendar option.
  • Visit the Show bell icon and mark around the box next to it.
  • Finally, press the OK button to complete.

3. Enabling Reminders in Outlook 2007

  • Run Outlook 2007 striking the File tab.
  • Click the New icon and select the Appointment option.
  • Here, double-click a scheduled appointment to spread out it.
  • Now, visit the options menu underneath the Appointment tab.
  • Pick the time slot according to your requirement within the indication list that’s displayed.

When you complete the above mentioned steps for the particular form of MS Outlook, your reminders is going to be switched on, and also the issue might be fixed. Possibly, in case your issue persists, you are able to stick to the below methods.

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4. Clearing Reminders

Even when your Outlook reminders are switched on, you are able to face the Outlook reminders no longer working issue. It may be because of the corruption within the indication folder. We have to recover and connect the folder to solve the problem. You are able to take the aid of the below steps to complete exactly the same.

You have to exit the Outlook application if it’s running.

Hit the Home windows R keys concurrently in your keyboard to produce the Run dialog box.

Within the Run dialog box, type the command, outlook /cleanreminders.

Next, hit Alright to close the dialog box.

Now, launch the MS Outlook application, as well as your issue is going to be resolved.

It’ll obvious the corruption within the Indication folder and reset it. You may also feel the other techniques to resolve Outlook reminders no longer working issues.

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5. Creating New Outlook Profile

The corrupt and broken Outlook profile that’s getting used may also result in this error. Hence, you may create a brand new Outlook profile while using below steps.

  • Run the MS Outlook on your computer.
  • Now, pick the Account Settings option underneath the File tab.
  • Here, press the Manage Profiles button.
  • Next, choose the Show Profiles option striking the Add icon.
  • Within the new tab, type the reputation for the brand new Outlook profile striking OK.
  • Once it’s produced, restart your Outlook application.

6. Verifying and Disabling Outlook Add-ins

Although, some add-ins boost the serviceability of Outlook. Some add-ins being faulty hamper the help and may also result in different errors, such as the Outlook reminders no longer working error. The faulty add-ins can be taken off to guarantee the proper functioning of Outlook services. You are able to take the aid of the below techniques to steps to complete exactly the same.

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Begin by launching MS Outlook deciding on the File tab.

Underneath the File options, choose Options within the left panel.

Here. choose the Add-ins option within the left panel.

Now, press a tight schedule button at the end from the tab.

Here, you are able to select and deselect the faulty add-ins according to your wish striking OK.

Finally, exit the Outlook application and open it up again.

While you complete the above mentioned methods precisely, you’ll be able to solve the Outlook reminders no longer working issue.

Nevertheless, when the issue persists, then it might be because of the corruption within the Outlook PST file. The broken PST files may also result in several Outlook errors, also it hampers the correct working of Outlook. You are able to resolve this through the use of the Outlook PST Repair Tool.

The professional PST Repair software is capable of doing recovering corrupt and broken PST files. It may resolve various Outlook errors, including Outlook reminders no longer working, by repairing the PST files. In addition, you may also save your valuable retrieved data by using this tool into several file formats like MBOX, MSG, EML, etc.

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Here, we’ve emphasized the techniques to solve Outlook reminders no longer working errors. You can’t ignore this error as it can cause missing important occasions like conferences. The manual solutions pointed out within this blog can help you in fixing the mistake. Furthermore, when the error is appearing because of the broken PST files, you’ll be able to directly choose the automated PST Repair solution. It may fix the PST files effortlessly and resolve several errors such as this Outlook event error, Outlook rules working error, etc. Thank you for studying this web site.

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