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How to Use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

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QB Connection Diagnostic Tool is an excellently designed tool created by Intuit to help you troubleshoot network issues and user-related errors. These errors typically occur when users attempt to open the company files.

The errors could be within the QuickBooks company file, financial transactions of QBW program, data file, QBW, QB error codes, financial transactions, Computer-related Issues, File Repair, Data Recovery issues, Assertion failed, File recovery service, QuickBooks data migration, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks database, Payroll services, QuickBooks Premier, etc.

So, you must know how you can use the connection diagnostic tool of Quickbooks to repair and prevent these errors. By the end, you will know how to use this tool to efficiently repair the Quickbooks errors

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Advantages of Installing QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

Let’s take a review of the benefits of the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and the conditions under which this tool can be used. If you’re experiencing one of the issues listed below, try running the QuickBooks network diagnostic tool for fixing them.

  • Repair firewall ports related issues.
  • It is possible to fix your QB Database Connecting Issues by using this diagnostic tool.
  • If you can’t connect QB to the database, download the program to resolve the problem.
  • Fix H series and 6000 series errors with the tool.
  • Easy access to the QuickBooks Database.
  • The blank spaces on QB’s customer list.
  • Assists you to repair the damaged and corrupt QuickBooks company files.
  • The diagnostic tool can assist you in the situation when the entries are blank or lost from the employee’s, customer, vendor, etc list.

When is the Best Time to Use the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool?

There are some situations where you may use the diagnostic tool. Check out the following scenarios:

  • If you experience problems with the QuickBooks database.
  • Error caused by windows firewall.
  • Unexpected Quickbooks errors like 6000 series.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • You can utilize QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to repair problems where employees create certain entries which aren’t updated in QuickBooks.
  • For damaged QuickBooks files.
  • When there are multiple user errors, these typically fall under the H series category.

Downloading QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • The first step is uninstalling any older version of the sea tool if already installed. Tap “Control Panel”. Now hit “Programs & Features”. After that, uninstall it.
  • If you discover a different version then first uninstall it to prevent any conflict between the two programs.
  • Then, visit “Intuit Site” and download the connection diagnostic tool.
  • You must accept this Intuit License Agreement to move ahead. Then tap on “Next”.
  • Save the files downloaded in any preferred location.
  • When the download is completed, navigate to the location in which the downloaded file is kept. Now open it. After that, simply tap twice on the file to begin the installation.
  • Lastly, follow the installation instructions displayed on the screen to conclude the process.

Installing QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Select the location on your computer where you wish to install the tool. We recommend installing the program on the Local Disk C.
  • After the installation is completed, the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool will start automatically.
  • There is a chance the program does not open on its own because of your computer’s security settings. Here, navigate to the folder having the install told, then tap-twice on .eXE file. In this way, you can open the tool.

Running the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

After downloading and installing, you need to run the tool. Simply double-click to allow the connection diagnostic tool to run on the system. After this, you can follow the troubleshooting procedure listed below:

  1. Diagnose Connection

Diagnostic Connection allows users to ensure they can access the company data on the computer regardless of if it’s either a single user or multi-user. The error message appears repeatedly, if permissions aren’t set correctly or if there are blocked firewall ports.

  1. Firewall Status

This tab shows the basic details about the firewall on the screen.

  1. Test Connectivity

This tab of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool allows you to monitor the computer’s connectivity or the workstation.

Method to test your computer’s connectivity:

  • Firstly, the user will see a tab that allows them to find the company’s file, it is just beside the Company File area.
  • Choose the “Change Hosting Server” option if the server is configured on the Linux systems, and is operating in the Alternate mode.

Important: All statuses are expected to show as “Not Applicable” in the blue color before users conduct the connectivity test.

When you conduct the test for connectivity, you will either see the statuses in either Green or Red color. If you see the Green color, it indicates there isn’t an issue. If you see the Red color, it indicates that there is an issue detected. Then tap “Test Connectivity”.

  • There might be a scenario where h the test connectivity may fail if the status “File Open” appears as Red. Here, you will see the “Advanced” section having all the checked areas. Hit “What Actually Do These Mean?
  • After that, resolve the status and then run the tool once again. Once done, verify whether the issue is still present or not.
  • If the problem is still bothering you, and you click the status “File Open”. Afterward, a Successful message will cover the screen.

Final Words

We believe the above information regarding this QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is beneficial to you. You can now use the tool and ensure your system is free of errors.

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