How to watch today’s Joe Wicks’ PE workout live on YouTube

Hello, and well done for taking on PE with Joe Wicks in this, the seventh week of jumping around with Joe. Although, as he’s recovering from an infection in his hand, he’s in a sling and his wife Rosie Wicks is performing the routines instead.

How to watch today's Joe Wicks

If you want to join along (and we assume you do, hence clicking on this article) then it’s simple: scroll down and we’ve got the link embedded for you to get cracking today from 9AM BST.

However, we’re more than just a link across to Joe Wicks on YouTube – we’ve also got guidance on how to pump the video from your smartphone to your TV, and how to use tech to get you that little bit fitter during the lockdown.

Remember to bookmark this page if you’re a regular PE with Joe Wicks fan – we’ll be linking to the live video every day. if you’re new to it, well, just bookmark it anyway and commit to getting fit during isolation.

We’ve watched and jumped along with all the sessions Joe has offered – some days it’s a traditional twenty minute session broken into two 10 minute halves, with a two minute rest in between.

Just follow what Joe Wicks says at these points and you’ll be fine – Monday was a simple circuit repeated once, although it began with the semi-regular fitness test of squats, press ups and burpees, so was a bit longer.

We’re anticipating today to be a bit more ‘standard’ in terms of the exercises, although previously Joe has added sessions where he’ll spin a wheel, toss a coin or play ‘higher or lower’ with cards to work out which exercises will be coming up.

(New to PE with Joe? If doing these sessions feels like too much to start with, Joe has just created a beginners’ workout – you can check that over on his YouTube channel now).

And every time you watch a Joe Wicks PE workout on YouTube, those adverts at the start are generating money – and all that cash is going to the NHS, as Joe is donating it all straight across.

So it’s a good workout in more ways than one – and he’s announced that, combined with the t-shirts he’s selling, PE with Joe has raised over £200,000.

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We’d recommend doing the workout in front of a TV rather than an iPad or smartphone – and we’ve picked out the tech you’ll need to do so. Most smart TVs can connect using the ‘cast’ icon (more on that below), or you can get an additional unit for cheap.

And definitely get a fitness tracker to show yourself how much fitter you’re getting (and you can get some brilliant cheap fitness trackers), smart scales to follow your fitness journey, and some smart other accessories like a yoga mat to make jumping around the living room that much simpler.