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Is ‘Hustle 3’ Missing King Rocco a Massive Mistake?

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Why King is Not in Hustle 3

In the world of entertainment, transitions and decisions can often be perplexing for fans. One such instance that left fans puzzled was King Rocco’s absence from MTV Hustle Season 3. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind his departure, explore his age, career, and net worth, and get to know this rising star a little better.

Why King is Not in Hustle 3?

King, also known as King Rocco, won’t be seen in MTV Hustle Season 3 due to his prior commitments. In a heartfelt video shared on his YouTube channel, King explained his decision to step away from the show. He expressed a desire to dedicate more time to his burgeoning music career and personal projects. This candid revelation left his fans both surprised and understanding of his choice.

While this news disappointed many of his fans, King also expressed his gratitude to MTV Hustle for providing him with a platform to showcase his talent. He wished the participants of Hustle 3 the best of luck in their musical journey and assured his own fans that he would continue to create and release new music, promising more to look forward to from him in the future.

Who is King Rocco?

King Rocco, known by his birth name Arpan Kumar Chandel, is a rising Indian talent in the music industry. His journey to fame began when he appeared as a finalist on MTV’s reality show, ‘MTV Hustle.’ Hailing from New Delhi, King showed his passion for music from a young age and started building a fan base by sharing his rap videos on various social media platforms, eventually leading to the creation of his YouTube channel, ‘King Rocco.’

His remarkable skills in the rap and hip-hop genres earned him recognition and an association with Kalamkar Records. With his youth and undeniable talent, King Rocco has become a notable figure in the Indian music scene, promising an exciting future filled with more captivating music and performances.

Name Arpan Kumar Chandel
Stage Name/Alias King Rocco, King The Rapper
Profession Rapper, Producer, Singer
Date of Birth 1998
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Hometown New Delhi
Father’s Name Ashok Kumar Chandel
Mother’s Name Rani Chandel
Siblings Not Available
Height Approximately 6’00” (1.82 meters)
Weight Approximately 165 lbs (75 kg)

A Closer Look at King Rocco’s Age

As of 2023, King Rocco has turned 25 years old. Born in 1998, he falls under the zodiac sign of Aries. Despite his relatively young age, he has already left an indelible mark on the Indian music scene. With his prodigious talent and relentless passion for his craft, King Rocco has established himself as a promising figure in the industry. He continues to inspire and connect with audiences through his music, showcasing a maturity beyond his years.

The Journey of King Rocco

King Rocco’s journey in the music industry commenced with the creation of his YouTube channel, ‘King Rocco,’ back in 2012. Through this platform, he shared his compelling rap videos, gradually building a fan base. In 2019, his life took a transformative turn when he auditioned for MTV Hustle, a pivotal moment in his career. Making it to the top five contestants, King Rocco gained widespread recognition for his exceptional talent.

He further solidified his presence in the industry with the release of notable music albums, including ‘Circumstances,’ ‘The Carnival,’ and ‘Heartbreak, Made Me Do It.’ These albums have resonated deeply with fans and critics alike, underlining his unique prowess in the world of music. King Rocco’s artistic journey continues to evolve, promising even more captivating and inspiring musical endeavors.

The Supportive Foundation

King Rocco’s family plays a significant role in his life. He is the son of Ashok Kumar Chandel and Rani Chandel, and he was raised in Uttar Pradesh, India. While specific information about his siblings is not readily available, it is evident that his family has been a source of support and encouragement throughout his remarkable musical journey. Their unwavering belief in King Rocco’s talent has undoubtedly contributed to his success.

King Rocco’s Net Worth

King Rocco’s financial standing is a testament to his remarkable achievements and the significant value he has brought to the music industry. With an estimated net worth of an impressive 1 million dollars, King Rocco’s success is a reflection of his relentless dedication and hard work.

Despite his youth, he has made an immense impact in the music world, garnering recognition, accolades, and a substantial fan base. His net worth serves as a tangible marker of his outstanding career and the promise of an even brighter future as he continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional musical talents.

 Why King is Not in Hustle 3 – FAQs

1. Who is King Rocco?

King Rocco, known by his birth name Arpan Kumar Chandel, is a rising Indian talent in the music industry.

2. What led to King’s absence from MTV Hustle 3?

King decided to focus on his music career and had prior work commitments, which led to his absence from MTV Hustle Season 3.

3. What is King Rocco’s real name?

King Rocco’s real name is Arpan Kumar Chandel.

4. How old is King Rocco in 2022?

King Rocco is 25 years old as of 2023.

5. Do we know King Rocco’s net worth?

King Rocco’s estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars.

In conclusion, King Rocco’s decision to step away from MTV Hustle Season 3 was rooted in his commitment to his music career and personal projects. His age, career, and impressive net worth are testaments to his dedication and talent. As he continues to make waves in the music industry, fans can look forward to more exceptional music and performances from this rising star.

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