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Is John Harkes Leave the Role? The Mystery of John Harkes Leaving Unveiled!

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Is John Harkes Leave the Role

In a surprising turn of events, John Harkes, the Head Coach and Sporting Director of Greenville Triumph Soccer Club, has announced his decision not to renew his contract, marking the end of his tenure with the club. This article delves into the journey of John Harkes and the significant impact he has made in American soccer.

The Journey of John Harkes

John Harkes, a former captain of the US Men’s National Team, made headlines when he joined Greenville Triumph in 2018, shortly after the club’s inception. However, his journey as a coach began before his time at Triumph, where he previously served as the head coach of FC Cincinnati. Harkes’ remarkable success in Cincinnati was highlighted by leading the team to a playoff berth and earning a Coach of the Year finalist nomination.

Under his guidance, Triumph achieved tremendous success, even during their debut season, where Harkes built a competitive roster from scratch in under a year. This astonishing feat resulted in the team finishing as runners-up in League One, proving his coaching prowess.

A Legacy of Excellence

Harkes’ success continued as Greenville Triumph’s head coach, especially during the shortened 2020 season. The team consistently topped the league table, securing their first League One title. Harkes led Triumph to the USL League One Playoffs in each of his five seasons, reaching three consecutive League One Finals from 2019 to 2021.

Greenville Triumph stands as the only club to have made the postseason in each of the league’s first five seasons. Harkes was recognized as the league’s Coach of the Year in 2020 and received the Coach of the Month award five times. His squads were known for their elite defensive play, featuring strong goalkeeping and experienced lineups, including players with over 100 appearances for the club.

A Grateful Departure

In his departure statement, John Harkes expressed his gratitude for his time with Greenville Triumph and looks forward to the next chapter in his career and life. He remains a dedicated supporter of the club, its fans, and the community, ensuring that his legacy continues to thrive even as he takes on new challenges.

Who is John Harkes?

John Andrew Harkes is a former professional soccer player who has left an indelible mark on American soccer. Born on March 8, 1967, in Kearny, New Jersey, Harkes had a remarkable journey that began during his college years at the University of Virginia. In 1987, he received the prestigious Hermann Award, recognizing him as the best player in US colleges.

Harkes’ journey with the national team started in 1987, and he quickly became a vital part of the American midfield by 1990. He proudly represented the United States in multiple World Cups and international competitions, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Full name John Andrew Harkes
Date of birth March 8, 1967
Place of birth Kearny, New Jersey, United States
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Position Midfielder
Current team Greenville Triumph SC (head coach)

Achievements and Milestones

Harkes achieved several “firsts” for American soccer, becoming the first American to play in the English Premier League with Sheffield Wednesday. He was also the second American to score at Wembley Stadium and the first American to appear in the final of a major English tournament, the 1991 Football League Cup Final with Sheffield Wednesday.

Transitioning to Major League Soccer in 1996, Harkes clinched two MLS Cup titles with D.C. United and became a key player for the United States national team. His remarkable versatility, strong leadership, and unwavering work ethic earned him a special place in the hearts of fans.

A Dedicated Coach

In 2003, Harkes concluded his playing career and ventured into coaching in 2006. He worked at various levels, from youth to international, making a significant impact on developing young talents. In 2022, he assumed the role of head coach for Greenville Triumph Soccer Club, where he continued to display his coaching prowess.

John Harkes Stats







August 13, 1989 Los Angeles, California South Korea 1–2 1–2 Friendly
February 24, 1990 Palo Alto, California Soviet Union 1–0 1–3 Friendly
May 30, 1992 Washington, D.C. Republic of Ireland 3–1 3–1 1992 U.S. Cup
May 6, 1992 Chicago, Illinois Italy 1–1 1–1 1992 U.S. Cup
June 11, 1995 Boston, Massachusetts Nigeria 1–1 3–2 1995 U.S. Cup
June 18, 1995 Washington, D.C. Mexico 3–0 4–0 1995 U.S. Cup


1. Why did John Harkes decide not to renew his contract with the Greenville Triumph Soccer Club?

John Harkes chose not to renew his contract with the Greenville Triumph Soccer Club as he believed it was time to explore new opportunities in his career. After five successful seasons with the club, he decided it was time for a new chapter.

2. What were some of the key achievements during John Harkes’ coaching tenure at Greenville Triumph SC?

Under John Harkes’ leadership, the Greenville Triumph SC had remarkable success, including winning the USL League One title and consistently making the playoffs. His achievements as a coach are a testament to his skills and dedication to the sport.

3. How did John Harkes contribute to the growth of soccer in the United States during his playing and coaching career?

John Harkes played a crucial role in both playing and coaching capacities, helping elevate the level of soccer in the United States and nurturing young talents. His achievements as a player and coach have left a lasting impact on American soccer.

4. What significant events occurred during John Harkes’ playing career in England?

John Harkes’ playing career in England was marked by significant achievements, including becoming the first American to play at Wembley Stadium and playing in the English Premier League. These milestones highlighted his talent and dedication to the sport.

5. Why was John Harkes a pivotal figure in Major League Soccer (MLS)?

John Harkes played a crucial role in the early days of Major League Soccer, contributing to the success of D.C. United and the development of American soccer. His leadership and skills on the field were instrumental in the growth of the sport in the United States.

In conclusion, John Harkes’ departure from his role at Greenville Triumph Soccer Club marks the end of an era. His remarkable journey, both as a player and a coach, has left an indelible mark on American soccer, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of soccer enthusiasts. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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