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Is Karren Brady Married? Who is Karren Brady Married? Who is Paul Peschisolido?

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Is Karren Brady Married
Is Karren Brady Married

Is Karren Brady Married?

Yes, Karren Brady is indeed married. In this article, we will delve into the details of her marriage, her spouse, and insights into their family life.

A Love Story That Began in 1995

Karren Brady, the prominent British businesswoman and TV personality, tied the knot with Paul Peschisolido back in 1995. Paul Peschisolido, a former Canadian soccer player and coach, made a name for himself in the soccer world, having played for clubs like Birmingham City among others during his illustrious career.

A Growing Family

Over the years, Karren Brady and Paul Peschisolido have nurtured a beautiful family. They are proud parents of two wonderful children. Their daughter, Sophia, and son, Paolo, complete their family circle.

A Multinational Love Story

While Karren Brady and Paul Peschisolido primarily reside in the Knightsbridge area of London, they also own a property in the charming village of Knowle in the West Midlands. Moreover, Paul Peschisolido has a house in Canada, adding an international dimension to their family life.

Juggling Careers and Love

Both Karren Brady and Paul Peschisolido have had demanding careers in their respective fields. Karren has made her mark in business, television, and politics, while Paul excelled in professional soccer and later transitioned into coaching. Their enduring marriage showcases their ability to balance their family life with their professional commitments, highlighting their shared commitment to support and grow together as a family.

So, to answer the question: yes, Karren Brady is married, and her marriage to Paul Peschisolido has been a significant and enduring aspect of her personal life.

Who is Karren Brady?

Now that we’ve explored her marital status, let’s delve into who Karren Brady is.

Full Name Karren Rita Brady
Birth Date April 4, 1969
Birth Place Edmonton, London, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Family Married to Paul Peschisolido (1995)
Children Daughter – Sophia, Son – Paolo

Karren Brady: A Woman of Many Accomplishments

Born on April 4, 1969, Karren Brady is a remarkable British business executive, TV personality, and a member of the House of Lords. She is best known for her background in football management, having served as the managing director of Birmingham City F.C. and currently holding the position of vice-chairman at West Ham United F.C.

A Remarkable Journey from London to Lords

Karren Brady’s journey started in Edmonton, London, where she was raised by her Irish father and Italian mother. She attended various schools, including Salcombe Preparatory School and Aldenham School. Today, she stands as a prominent figure in both the business and political arenas in the United Kingdom.

Karren Brady’s Impressive Career

Karren Brady’s career is a testament to her resilience, leadership, and advocacy. Starting as a trainee at Saatchi & Saatchi, she swiftly moved to the London Broadcasting Company before catching the eye of publisher David Sullivan. At just 23, she became the managing director of Birmingham City F.C., where she faced sexism but excelled in management, making significant strides in the business world.

Her tenure at Birmingham City propelled her into the limelight of English football. She later joined West Ham United as vice-chairman, orchestrating the club’s move to the iconic Olympic Stadium while ensuring financial stability. Beyond football, Brady chaired Kerrang! and held positions on influential boards, emphasizing diversity and mentorship.

Karren Brady’s advocacy for women in business is remarkable. She champions mentorship, urging established professionals to support aspiring female leaders. Her efforts extend to television, notably as Lord Alan Sugar’s aide on “The Apprentice.”

Recognized for her contributions, Brady was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her entrepreneurial endeavors and commitment to advancing women in business. Her career journey exemplifies determination, resilience, and a commitment to breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries. Karren Brady stands as a beacon of empowerment and achievement, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their aspirations despite challenges.

Karren Brady’s Family Life

We’ve discussed Karren Brady’s career, but her role as a mother is equally important.

Karren Brady: A Proud Mother

Karren Brady, the British businesswoman and TV personality, is a proud mother of two children. Her eldest child, Sophia, was born in 1996, marking the beginning of her journey into motherhood. A few years later, in the following chapter of their family story, Brady and her husband, Canadian soccer player Paul Peschisolido, welcomed their second child, a son named Paolo.

Despite her demanding career and numerous professional commitments, Brady prioritizes her role as a mother. After the birth of Paolo, she took around six weeks off work to dedicate time to her family and the new addition to their household. Together with her husband, Brady raises their children in London’s Knightsbridge area, where they call home.

The family also enjoys spending time at their property in the West Midlands village of Knowle, and Paul Peschisolido’s residence in Canada adds an international dimension to their family life. Brady’s dedication to her children underscores the importance of balancing career success with family values.

Who is Paul Peschisolido?

Now, let’s shift our focus to Karren Brady’s husband, Paul Peschisolido.

Full Name Paolo Pasquale Peschisolido
Commonly Known As Paul Peschisolido
Birth Date May 25, 1971
Birth Place Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Spouse Married to Karren Brady (1995)
Children Son – Paolo, Daughter – Sophia

Paul Peschisolido: A Canadian Soccer Icon

Born on May 25, 1971, Paul Peschisolido is a Canadian former soccer player and coach known for his career in professional football. He began his journey in the Canadian Soccer League with the Toronto Blizzard before transitioning to the Major Indoor Soccer League with the Kansas City Comets.

Peschisolido gained recognition in England, where he played as a forward for various clubs over 16 seasons in the Football League. Throughout his career, spanning 447 appearances, he scored 118 goals. Peschisolido’s clubs included Birmingham City, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers, Sheffield United, Norwich City, Derby County, and Luton Town.

A Transition into Coaching

After retiring as a player, Peschisolido ventured into coaching, notably leading English League Two club Burton Albion from May 2009 to March 2012. His contributions to Canadian and English soccer, both on the field and from the sidelines, have left a lasting legacy in the sport.


In conclusion, Karren Brady and Paul Peschisolido’s marriage is a testament to love, commitment, and balance. They have managed to build a beautiful family while pursuing successful careers in their respective fields. Karren Brady’s journey from business to politics, and Paul Peschisolido’s remarkable soccer career and coaching ventures, showcase their dedication and resilience.

These two individuals have made significant contributions to their respective industries and have inspired many along the way. Their love story is an example of how personal and professional success can coexist harmoniously.

Karren Brady FAQs

To provide you with more information, here are some frequently asked questions about Karren Brady:

  1. Who is Karren Brady? Karren Brady is a British business executive, television personality, and member of the House of Lords.
  2. Is Karren Brady married? Yes, Karren Brady is married to Paul Peschisolido, a former Canadian soccer player and coach.
  3. Who is Paul Peschisolido? Paul Peschisolido is a retired Canadian soccer player and coach known for his career in professional football.
  4. What is Karren Brady known for? Karren Brady is known for her roles as a former managing director of Birmingham City F.C., vice-chairman of West Ham United F.C., and as an aide to Alan Sugar on “The Apprentice.”
  5. Where was Paul Peschisolido born? Paul Peschisolido was born in Scarborough, which is now part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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