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Is Samantha Robertson Married? Who is Samantha Robertson? Who was Samantha Robertson Married to? and More!

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Samantha Robertson: From Trace Ayala’s Marriage to a New Relationship with Jay Cutler

In the world of entertainment and sports, relationships often make headlines as much as the professional achievements of the individuals involved. Samantha Robertson, once married to Trace Ayala, has been in the spotlight recently due to her new relationship with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. In this article, we will delve into Samantha Robertson’s background, her past marriage to Trace Ayala, and her current romance with Jay Cutler.

Full Name Jay Cutler
Date of Birth April 29, 1983
Place of Birth Santa Claus, Indiana, USA
Height 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)
Weight Approximately 233 lbs (105.7 kg)
Position Quarterback (Retired)
NFL Career 2006 – 2017
College Vanderbilt University
College Career 2002 – 2005
Marital Status Divorced (Previously married to Kristin Cavallari)
Children 3 (Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor)

Who is Samantha Robertson?

Samantha Robertson is the new girlfriend of Jay Cutler, a former NFL quarterback. Their relationship recently went public on Instagram, where Samantha shared a photo of them together. The picture portrayed a happy couple enjoying a beautiful sunset. While the exact duration of their relationship remains uncertain, it’s evident that they are relishing each other’s company.

Before embarking on a romance with Jay Cutler, Samantha Robertson was notably married to Trace Ayala. Notably, Trace Ayala is a close friend and business partner of the renowned singer Justin Timberlake. Samantha and Trace share daughters from their past union. It’s important to mention that this article predominantly focuses on Samantha Robertson’s relationship with Jay Cutler and may not provide extensive details about her background or career.

Is Samantha Robertson Married?

As of now, Samantha Robertson is not married. Although she was previously married to actor and fashion designer Trace Ayala, the couple is no longer together. Samantha confirmed her relationship with NFL star Jay Cutler through an Instagram post, signaling her entry into a new romantic phase of her life. While her previous marriage to Trace Ayala did result in two children, Samantha currently remains unmarried.

Robertson seems to be prioritizing her acting career in Hollywood and often shares glimpses of her life on her Instagram account, which boasts around 12,000 followers. However, she has not made any explicit mention of her current marital status on her social media platforms.

Who was Samantha Robertson Married to?

Samantha Robertson was previously married to Trace Ayala, who is both an actor and a fashion designer. During their time together, Samantha and Trace welcomed two children into the world, named Sophian and River. However, their marital journey took a different turn, and Samantha is now in a new relationship with NFL star Jay Cutler. The couple made their relationship official on Instagram in September 2023.

Before Samantha, Jay Cutler was married to Kristin Cavallari, with whom he also shares children. These past relationships bring an intriguing dimension to Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler’s union.

Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler’s Relationship

Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler are in a budding romantic relationship. Jay Cutler was previously married to Kristin Cavallari, but their marriage ended in divorce three years ago. The couple decided to make their relationship public through an Instagram post featuring a caption about enjoying sunsets in Montana together.

Samantha Robertson’s previous marriage to Trace Ayala, a close friend of the famous singer Justin Timberlake, adds an interesting layer to their relationship story. It’s worth noting that Kristin Cavallari, Jay’s ex-wife, has shared insights about her relationship with Jay after their divorce. She mentioned that they went on a few dates post-divorce but decided it wasn’t the right fit for her, as she preferred not to be in a complicated relationship.

Who is Jay Cutler?

Jay Cutler is a former American football quarterback renowned for his 12-season career in the NFL. Born on April 29, 1983, Cutler made significant contributions to the sport during his tenure. He spent most of his professional career with the Chicago Bears, where he achieved several franchise records in passing yards, passing touchdowns, attempts, and completions.

Cutler’s football journey began at Vanderbilt University, where he garnered recognition as a standout player and earned the SEC Offensive Player of the Year award in his senior year. In 2006, he entered the NFL Draft and was selected in the first round by the Denver Broncos. During his time with the Broncos, Cutler made a Pro Bowl appearance in 2008.

In 2009, Jay Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears, where he played for eight seasons. His standout year with the Bears was in 2010 when he led the team to a division title and an NFC Championship Game. Cutler concluded his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins and was acknowledged as one of the 100 greatest Bears of all time in 2019.


Samantha Robertson’s transition from a marriage with Trace Ayala to her current relationship with Jay Cutler has captured the interest of many. This article has provided insights into her personal life, past relationships, and her journey into a new romance. While her previous marriage brought her two children, Samantha is currently unmarried and seems to be focused on her acting career in Hollywood.

The love story of Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler, both with their own previous marriages, showcases the complexities of modern relationships. It’s a tale of two individuals who found love after navigating the challenges of past unions.


1. How did Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler meet?

The details of how Samantha Robertson and Jay Cutler met have not been disclosed publicly. They made their relationship official on Instagram in September 2023.

2. What is Samantha Robertson’s profession?

Samantha Robertson is known for her career in acting in Hollywood, although specific details about her professional life are limited.

3. How many children does Samantha Robertson have from her marriage to Trace Ayala?

Samantha Robertson and Trace Ayala have two children together, named Sophian and River.

4. Did Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have children during their marriage?

Yes, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have children together from their marriage.

5. What are Jay Cutler’s career achievements in the NFL?

Jay Cutler achieved several franchise records during his NFL career, including records in passing yards, passing touchdowns, attempts, and completions, primarily during his time with the Chicago Bears.

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