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Is Steve Davis Married? Know Who is Steve Davis’s Wife?

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Is Steve Davis Married

In this article, we will delve into the personal life and illustrious career of Steve Davis, the renowned English snooker legend. We will answer the burning question, “Is Steve Davis Married?” and provide insights into his life, achievements, and more.


Steve Davis, born on August 22, 1957, in Plumstead, London, is a multifaceted individual known for his exceptional skills in snooker, as well as his ventures in music, radio, and literature. This article will explore his journey, from his early years to his present status, addressing the question of his marital status along the way.

Full Name Steve Davis OBE
Birthdate August 22, 1957
Birthplace Plumstead, London, England
Nationality British
Achievements 6-time World Snooker Champion (1981-1989)
3-time Masters Champion
6-time UK Championship Winner
Notable Titles 1980 UK Championship, 1981 World Championship
1982 Masters, 1983 UK Championship
1984 World Championship, 1985 UK Championship
1987 World Championship, 1988 UK Championship
World Number One Seven consecutive years (1983-1989)
Major Wins World Championships, UK Championships, Masters
Career Highlights Completed the Triple Crown in a single season
Other Achievements 4-time World Doubles Champion
4-time World Team Cup Winner (representing England)
Retirement Retired from professional snooker in 2016
Post-Retirement TV analyst for BBC’s snooker coverage
Continued participation in pool and poker
Honors Awarded OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2001
Nickname Nicknamed “Nugget” in the early years of his career
Current Role Television Analyst, Snooker Coverage (BBC)
Additional Skills Proficient poker player, chess enthusiast
Recent Recognition Reached the quarterfinals in the 2010 World Championships
Won the World Seniors Championship in 2013

Steve Davis’s Marriage

Steve Davis’s marital status has been a subject of curiosity for many. He was previously married to Judith Davis, with their union commencing in 1990. However, after 15 years of marriage, the couple decided to part ways, and they officially divorced in 2005.

Life Post-Divorce

Since his divorce from Judith Davis, Steve Davis has remained unmarried. He is currently single and has chosen to channel his energies into a variety of interests, showcasing his versatility beyond the snooker table.

Steve Davis’s Career

Steve Davis’s career is nothing short of legendary. He began his journey into snooker at the tender age of 12, under the guidance of his father, Bill Davis, who was an avid snooker player himself. The sport quickly became Steve’s passion, and he honed his skills at the Lucania Snooker Club in Romford.

Recognized by Barry Hearn, the club manager, Steve Davis turned professional in 1978, becoming the youngest professional snooker player at the time. He experienced swift success, winning the 1980 UK Championship and his first World Snooker Championship in 1981.

Steve’s domination of snooker continued throughout the 1980s, where he achieved remarkable milestones, including televised maximum breaks and a rare Triple Crown victory in a single season. His career was marked by resilience, and he secured his sixth world title in 1989.

Despite the challenges and shifts in the snooker landscape in the 1990s and early 2000s, Steve Davis’s commitment to the sport remained unwavering. Beyond snooker, he explored other interests, such as pool, poker, and chess. His retirement in 2016 marked the end of a 38-season career, but he continues to contribute as a commentator and analyst, ensuring his enduring presence in the snooker world.

Steve Davis’s Age

As of 2024, Steve Davis is 66 years old, born on August 22, 1957. Despite stepping away from professional snooker, he remains an influential figure in the sport, actively participating in exhibitions, punditry, and various endeavors that showcase his multifaceted career.

Steve Davis’s Net Worth

Steve Davis OBE, the English professional snooker player, has achieved a substantial net worth of $10 million. His incredible success during the 1980s, where he clinched six World Championships and held the world’s top ranking for seven consecutive years, played a significant role in establishing snooker as a millionaire’s game.

Apart from his on-table accomplishments, Steve Davis has ventured into writing books, competed in pool and poker, and received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2001. He presently serves as a BBC television analyst for professional snooker coverage.


1. Is Steve Davis currently married?

No, Steve Davis is not currently married. He divorced his first wife, Judith Davis, in 2005 after a 15-year marriage.

2. Who was Steve Davis married to?

Steve Davis was married to Judith Davis from 1990 to 2005. They have two sons, Greg and Jack.

3. How many children does Steve Davis have?

Steve Davis has two sons: Greg, born in 1991, and Jack, born in 1993.

4. Did Steve Davis’s son, Greg, become a professional snooker player?

Greg Davis attempted to join the professional snooker tour in 2012 but did not succeed.

5. When did Steve Davis retire from professional snooker?

Steve Davis retired from professional snooker in 2016 after a remarkable 38-season career.

In conclusion, Steve Davis’s journey from a snooker prodigy to a multifaceted personality has been nothing short of remarkable. While his marriage to Judith Davis ended in 2005, his enduring legacy in snooker and beyond continues to captivate fans worldwide. His life story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and individuals with diverse interests.

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