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Love Island Australia 2023: Which Couples are Still Together? Where to Watch Love Island Australia?

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Love Island Australia

Love Island Australia 2023 continues the tradition of the popular dating reality show, which is based on the international Love Island franchise. The show features a group of single contestants, referred to as “islanders,” who reside together in a luxurious villa, isolated from the outside world. The primary goal for these contestants is to find love, and throughout the series, they form couples to avoid elimination from the villa.

The Australian Influence

Australia plays a significant role in the dynamics of the show, as viewers from the country vote for their favorite islanders, influencing who gets to stay in the villa. The format includes the departure of old islanders and the introduction of new ones, creating an ever-changing and dynamic environment within the villa.

The Hosts

Sophie Monk continues to serve as the presenter of Love Island Australia, bringing her charm and wit to the show. The narrative aspect is handled by Stephen Mullan from Season 3 onwards, providing insights and commentary on the unfolding relationships and drama within the villa.

Evolution of the Show

The history of Love Island Australia includes its initial airing on Nine’s secondary channel, 9Go!, and on the streaming service 9Now in mid-2018. Subsequent seasons were broadcast on Nine Network’s main channel, with the second season airing in late 2019 and production relocated to a villa in Fiji.

After a hiatus in 2020, Love Island Australia returned for its third season in 2021. Production plans initially included a villa on the Gold Coast, but due to border closures, the location shifted to Northern NSW and eventually settled in Byron Bay, as confirmed during Nine’s 2022 upfronts. The fourth season premiered on October 31, 2022, and the show continues to evolve and capture audience attention.

As of 2023, the fifth season is underway, with filming taking place in Mallorca. The season, which started in August 2023, promises new twists, turns, and undoubtedly, plenty of romantic entanglements as the islanders vie for love and the chance to be the winning couple, determined by the final vote from the Australian audience. Love Island Australia 2023 maintains its reputation for being a captivating and entertaining reality show, showcasing the highs and lows of modern dating within the confines of a picturesque villa.

Where Love Blossoms

Now, let’s get to the juicy part – which couples from Love Island Australia 2023 are still together?

Love Island Australia Overview

Title Love Island Australia
Genre Reality
Created by ITV Studios
Based on Love Island
Presented by Sophie Monk
Narrated by Eoghan McDermott, Stephen Mullan
Country of origin Australia
Original language English
No. of seasons 5
Executive producers Alex Mavroidakis (ITV Studios), Tina Diaz (Nine Network), Majella Wiemers (ITV Studios), Jaala Webster (ITV Studios)
Production locations Mallorca, Spain (2018), (2022), (2023); Fiji (2019); Byron Bay (2021)
Running time 60 minutes
Production Company ITV Studios Australia
Network 9Go! (2018); Nine Network (2019–2021); 9Now (2022–)
Release 27 May 2018 – present

Nate Page and Georgia Murray

Despite facing the label of “least compatible” from their co-stars on Love Island Australia 2023, Nate Page and Georgia Murray have proven that their connection goes beyond the villa. Following their departure, the couple experienced a brief split upon returning to Sydney due to hectic post-show life. However, they rekindled their romance, with Georgia sharing that their journey is far from finished. The couple, as she expressed, “fit back like a glove,” showcasing the resilience of their love.

Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns

Lucinda Strafford, a UK star, and her Kiwi partner Zac Nunns faced a few challenges, notably during Movie Night on Love Island Australia 2023. Despite the hiccups, the couple seems to have navigated the hurdles successfully. Lucinda revealed in December that they were “doing quite well at the moment.”

The duo even reunited in the UK, packing on the PDA in London. Friends close to Lucinda shared her enthusiasm for making the long-distance relationship work, indicating that a potential move might be on the horizon.

Tyra Johannes and Kale Roberts

Fan-favorites Tyra Johannes and Kale Roberts, known for their adorable connection on Love Island Australia 2023, have left fans delighted with signs pointing to their continued romance. After expressing regret for not pursuing Tyra during his initial exit from the villa, Kale returned for a second chance at love.

Reports and sightings, including an encounter at Sydney airport and sharing a burger Lady and the Tramp style at the ARIA awards, strongly suggest that the couple has successfully translated their on-screen chemistry into a real-world relationship.

Love Lost

Unfortunately, not all love stories from Love Island Australia 2023 have a happy ending. Here are the couples who didn’t make it:

Nakia Pires and Andy Cosgrove

In a surprising twist, Love Island Australia 2023 contestant Nakia Pires, who chose to pursue a relationship with Andy Cosgrove over Kale, faces heartbreak towards the end of the experience. Nakia will be dumped by Andy, signaling an unexpected turn in their romantic journey. Despite leaving her initial connection for a new one, it appears Nakia’s quest for love takes an unforeseen and disappointing turn.

Reid Polak and Chloe Jackson

Love Island Australia 2023 contestants Reid Polak and Chloe Jackson appeared deeply in love, but it seems their relationship did not stand the test of time. Reid, known as the “bomb diffuser,” indirectly confirmed his single status at the 2023 ARIA Awards, hinting at his participation in the show for “fame and followers.”

Insider sources disclosed that Reid admitted to “faking it” with Chloe to advance in the competition. Chloe’s mother’s social media activity further hinted at her daughter being single, emphasizing Chloe’s focus on her role in the Australian Navy.

Where to Watch Love Island Australia?

Love Island Australia is available for streaming on Hulu, providing a convenient platform for viewers in the United States to enjoy the dating reality show. For audiences in India, the series is accessible on Jio Cinema, offering an opportunity to follow the romantic escapades of the islanders.

Whether you prefer the diverse content library of Hulu or the accessibility of Jio Cinema, both platforms cater to fans eager to catch up on Love Island Australia’s latest season. Tune in to Hulu or Jio Cinema to immerse yourself in the drama, love stories, and entertaining twists that the show has to offer.

Love Island Australia 2023 Which Couples are Still Together – FAQs

  1. Are Nate Page and Georgia Murray still together after Love Island Australia 2023?
    • Yes, despite being voted “least compatible” on the show, Nate Page and Georgia Murray are still together. They briefly split after leaving the villa but rekindled their romance and are now going strong.
  2. How is the relationship between Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns progressing post-Love Island?
    • Lucinda Strafford and Zac Nunns are doing well after Love Island Australia 2023. Despite facing challenges, they have maintained a cross-continental connection, with Lucinda expressing her desire for the relationship to progress.
  3. Is the adorable pairing of Tyra Johannes and Kale Roberts still a couple in real life?
    • Signs and sightings strongly suggest that Tyra Johannes and Kale Roberts are still together in real life. Encounters at Sydney airport and the ARIA awards, along with social media activity, indicate that the fan-favorite couple has made it work.
  4. What happened to Reid Polak and Chloe Jackson’s relationship post-Love Island 2023?
    • Reid Polak and Chloe Jackson’s relationship did not last post-Love Island. Reid indirectly confirmed his single status at the ARIA Awards and was reported to have participated in the show for “fame and followers,” admitting to “faking it” with Chloe.
  5. Did Nakia Pires and Andy Cosgrove’s relationship survive after Love Island Australia 2023?
    • Unfortunately, Nakia Pires and Andy Cosgrove’s relationship took a surprising turn. According to insider information, Nakia will be dumped by Andy towards the end of their Love Island experience, indicating a disappointing outcome for the once-promising couple.
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