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Matt Landry Missing Update: What Really Happened to Matt Landry?

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Matt Landry Missing Update


The mysterious case of Matthew “Matt” Landry, a 21-year-old Detroit resident, still haunts the memories of many. Matt was a vibrant young man with a passion for drumming and an adventurous spirit, but his life took a tragic turn on August 9, 2009. In this article, we delve into the perplexing disappearance of Matt Landry and the heartbreaking events that followed.

A Musician’s Life

Matt Landry was not just any ordinary young man; he was a talented drummer and a member of a local band. His passion for music was evident in the way he lived his life. Friends and family remember him for his vivacious personality and love for rock music.

Matt Landry Details



Name Matthew Robert Landry
Date of Birth October 26, 1987
Birthplace Chesterfield Township, Michigan
Occupation Musician, Pizza Delivery
Relationship Status Dating Francesca Bommarito
Family Parents: Robert L. Landry (deceased), Doreen Landry; 4 Siblings
Disappearance Date August 9, 2009
Discovery Date August 13, 2009
Cause of Death Gunshot wound to the head
Perpetrators Robert Taylor (16) and Ihab “IHOP” Maslamani (18)
Outcome Both sentenced to life in prison without parole for abduction, robbery, and murder of Matt Landry

A Fateful Day

On that ill-fated day in August, Matt did something sweet for his girlfriend, Francesca Bommarito. He brewed tea for her and prepared a relaxing hot bath. Little did they know that this would be their last interaction. After attending to Francesca, Matt left for errands, promising to return soon. However, as hours turned into an agonizing wait, Francesca grew concerned and initiated a search for him.

Growing Concern

As the hours stretched into days, worry turned to panic. Francesca, fearing for Matt’s safety, contacted local authorities and hospitals to inquire about his whereabouts. Something was clearly amiss.

Mysterious ATM Withdrawals

Disturbingly, the first significant clue came when Matt’s mother, Doreen Landry, discovered three suspicious withdrawals of $100 each from his bank account. These transactions occurred at an ATM on 7 Mile, an area notorious for its high crime rates. The withdrawals were made shortly after Matt’s disappearance, raising questions about his well-being and the circumstances surrounding his absence.

The Grim Discovery

The search for Matt Landry took a tragic turn on August 13, 2009. His lifeless body was discovered in an abandoned house in Detroit. Matt had suffered a gunshot wound to the head, a grim and chilling conclusion to a case that had captured the attention of an entire community.

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Matt Landry Missing – FAQs

  1. What was Matt Landry like?
    Matt was a passionate drummer, a rock music enthusiast, and a lively individual known for his adventurous spirit.
  2. When did Matt Landry go missing?
    Matt Landry went missing on August 9, 2009.
  3. How was Matt Landry found?
    Matt’s body was tragically discovered in an abandoned house in Detroit on August 13, 2009.
  4. Who were the suspects in Matt Landry’s case?
    Robert Taylor (16) and Ihab Maslamani (18) were arrested and convicted for his murder.
  5. What happened to the suspects in Matt Landry’s case?
    Both Robert Taylor and Ihab Maslamani received life sentences without parole for their involvement in Matt Landry’s disappearance and murder.


The case of Matt Landry remains a haunting mystery, with unanswered questions about the events leading to his disappearance and tragic end. His vibrant spirit and love for music continue to be remembered by those who knew him, while justice has been served with the conviction of the individuals responsible for his untimely demise.

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