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McDonald’s New Galaxy Caramel Pie: A Christmas Delight!

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Mcdonald’s New Galaxy Caramel Pie is Coming This Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, McDonald’s has some exciting news for its customers. Say goodbye to the beloved Festive Pie and welcome the scrumptious Galaxy Caramel Pie. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this delectable dessert and take a brief look at McDonald’s history and offerings.

Introducing McDonald’s Galaxy Caramel Pie

McDonald’s has always been known for its delicious menu items, and this Christmas is no exception. The much-anticipated Galaxy Caramel Pie is set to make its debut on November 22nd, delighting taste buds for six weeks straight. Priced at just £1.99, this dessert is a sweet steal.

What’s Inside?

The Galaxy Caramel Pie boasts a crispy chocolate pastry shell that encases a generous helping of tantalizing Galaxy Caramel sauce. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, blending the rich, creamy caramel with the satisfying crunch of the chocolate crust. It’s a dessert lover’s dream come true.

Replacing the Festive Pie

While some may lament the absence of the Festive Pie, a beloved Christmas treat filled with apple, sweet mincemeat, and custard, McDonald’s is determined to spread holiday cheer with the Galaxy Caramel Pie. This new addition is bound to be a crowd-pleaser, and it doesn’t come alone.

A Galaxy of Flavors

In addition to the Galaxy Caramel Pie, McDonald’s is introducing two delightful McFlurry options that are sure to dazzle your taste buds. The Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry and Galaxy Caramel McFlurry, both adorned with Galaxy milk chocolate stars, are perfect companions to the main event.

The McDonald’s Christmas Menu 2023

The festive menu, including the Galaxy Caramel Pie, launches on November 22nd at 11 am and will be available for six weeks. Customers can also look forward to special offers through the Festive Wins promotion on the McDonald’s app throughout November.



Big & Cheesy Burger 100% beef patty, two slices of cheese, red onions, crispy onions, cheese sauce, snowflake flour-dusted bun.
Big & Cheesy with Bacon Big & Cheesy burger with added bacon.
Chicken Big Mac Triple-layered bun, two chicken patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, Big Mac sauce.
Cheese Melt Dippers Camembert-based dippers with tangy tomato dip.
McDonald’s Christmas Sharebox Includes 20 McNuggets, 10 Chicken Selects, four Select dips, and four standard dips.
Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry McFlurry mix with Galaxy Chocolate Stars and Galaxy Chocolate sauce.
Galaxy Caramel McFlurry McFlurry mix with Galaxy Chocolate Stars and Galaxy Caramel sauce.
Galaxy Caramel Pie Crispy chocolate pastry filled with Galaxy Caramel sauce.

A Glimpse into McDonald’s History

Before you indulge in the Galaxy Caramel Pie, let’s take a moment to appreciate the history of McDonald’s.

The Birth of a Fast-Food Icon

McDonald’s traces its roots back to 1940 when it started as a humble burger joint in San Bernardino, California, operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The iconic Golden Arches logo made its debut in 1953, and from there, the journey of this fast-food giant took off.

Ray Kroc’s Vision

In 1955, Ray Kroc, a visionary businessman, joined the McDonald’s journey. He recognized the potential of the brand and purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers. This marked the beginning of McDonald’s global expansion and solidified its status as a symbol of fast food.

A Global Phenomenon

Today, McDonald’s is a global phenomenon, with its headquarters in Chicago since 2018. It holds the title of the world’s largest fast-food chain, serving millions of customers daily in over 100 countries. McDonald’s has left an indelible mark on the food industry but has also faced its fair share of criticism concerning health and employment issues.

McDonald’s Mouthwatering Offerings

Now that you know a bit about McDonald’s history let’s explore the mouthwatering offerings that have made this fast-food giant a household name.

Burgers and Chicken

McDonald’s is renowned for its mouthwatering hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and an array of chicken sandwiches to satisfy all tastes.

Fries and Sides

No trip to McDonald’s is complete without the iconic french fries. They also offer healthier sides like salads, fruit, and a variety of desserts.

Drinks and Shakes

Quench your thirst with soft drinks, shakes, and coffee. Keep an eye out for special seasonal items like the Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick’s Day.

Menu Variety

The menu caters to all preferences with options like hotcakes and wraps. Some regions even feature unique items, such as the McRib sandwich, available seasonally in the U.S.

Healthy Choices

In response to changing dietary preferences, McDonald’s has taken steps to include healthier options by removing artificial additives and offering salads, grilled chicken, and reduced-sugar items.

Plant-Based Options

Embracing the shift towards plant-based diets, McDonald’s introduced the McPlant burger and plans to expand its plant-based menu with alternatives for chicken and breakfast sandwiches.

Localized Menus

McDonald’s understands the importance of catering to local tastes and taboos. As a result, their menus are tailored to different countries, offering items like rice-based meals in Asian countries and regional burgers in specific areas.

McDonald’s New Galaxy Caramel Pie is Coming This Christmas – FAQs

  1. What is McDonald’s known for? McDonald’s is famous for its burgers, fries, and global presence.
  2. How can you order at McDonald’s? You can order at the counter, through the drive-thru, or online.
  3. What are some special areas at McDonald’s? McDonald’s has special areas like McCafé for coffee lovers.
  4. Can you customize your meal at McDonald’s? Yes, you can customize your meal with various options.
  5. What are some recent menu additions at McDonald’s? Recent menu additions include the Big & Cheesy burger, Chicken Big Mac, Cheese Melt Dippers, and the Galaxy Caramel Pie.

In conclusion, while the Festive Pie may be taking a break this Christmas, McDonald’s is making sure you have plenty of reasons to celebrate with the introduction of the delectable Galaxy Caramel Pie. With a rich history and a diverse menu to choose from, McDonald’s continues to be a favorite destination for food enthusiasts worldwide.

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