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Michael Strahan: From NFL Stardom to Hollywood – Who is He Really?

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Where is Michael Strahan This Week

In the world of television and sports, Michael Strahan is a name that resonates with many. From his remarkable football career in the NFL to becoming a charismatic TV personality, Strahan has truly made a mark in various fields. This article delves into the life of Michael Strahan, shedding light on his current activities, career highlights, net worth, personal life, and the reasons behind his occasional absence from our screens.

Michael Strahan’s Car Collection

This week, Michael Strahan is making waves with his impressive car collection featured on the new Hulu show, “Drive with Swizz Beatz.” In a promotional video, Strahan proudly displayed his luxurious cars, revealing his lifelong passion for automobiles.

Full Name Michael Anthony Strahan
Date of Birth November 21, 1971
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, U.S.
Height 6 ft 5
Weight 255 lb
Position Defensive End
NFL Career New York Giants 1993 – 2007
Awards Two Daytime Emmy Awards

Commitments and “Good Morning America”

On October 13, Michael Strahan was notably absent from the “Good Morning America” show. His absence was due to commitments related to the NFL, where he once dominated as a defensive end, guest-judging on “Dancing With the Stars,” and promoting his clothing line with his daughter, Isabella.

Getting to Know Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan’s journey to stardom began on the football field. He spent a remarkable 15-year career in the NFL as a defensive end for the New York Giants. His accomplishments include seven Pro Bowl selections, four-time first team All-Pro, and winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2001.

NFL Records

In 2001, Strahan set an incredible NFL record with 22.5 quarterback sacks in a single season. This accomplishment solidified his status as one of the NFL’s most dominant pass rushers. He retired from professional football in 2008 and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Transition to Television

Following his illustrious football career, Strahan seamlessly transitioned into the world of television. He co-hosted popular shows like “Good Morning America” and “Live! with Kelly and Michael.” His engaging personality and deep football insights made him a favorite among viewers.

Space Travel with Blue Origin

In 2021, Michael Strahan took his adventures to new heights by going to space with Blue Origin. This thrilling journey added another feather to his cap, marking him as one of the few public figures to experience space travel.


Beyond the glitz and glamour of television, Strahan is known for his philanthropic work. He actively supports charities and is deeply committed to the betterment of young people and communities.

Michael Strahan’s Net Worth

With a net worth of approximately $65 million, Michael Strahan has made significant financial strides. His earnings from football, television, and hosting shows like “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and “Good Morning America” have contributed to his impressive wealth.

A Multifaceted Career

Strahan’s versatility in the entertainment industry has been pivotal in amassing his wealth. His tall stature and charisma have made him an icon in football and television. His journey even extended to space in 2021, adding to his diverse experiences.

Michael Strahan’s Personal Life

Michael Strahan has been married twice. His first wife was Wanda Hutchins, with whom he had two children, Tanita and Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 1996. His second wife was Jean Muggli, and they had twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. This marriage also ended in divorce in 2006, resulting in one of the most expensive divorce settlements in sports history.

Current Relationship

As of 2015, Michael Strahan has been rumored to be dating Kayla Quick. However, both Strahan and Quick prefer to keep their relationship private.

Why Michael Strahan’s Absence from Fox NFL Sunday

Michael Strahan’s absence from Fox NFL Sunday can be attributed to his multifaceted career. Apart from his role on Fox, he also has commitments on ABC’s Good Morning America and various other projects. These commitments can sometimes lead to scheduling conflicts.

Occasional Breaks

Additionally, Strahan’s busy schedule may require him to take occasional breaks from the show, which is not uncommon for TV personalities with diverse professional commitments.

Where is Michael Strahan This Week – FAQs

1. How much is Michael Strahan’s net worth?

Michael Strahan’s net worth is approximately $65 million.

2. How many children does Michael Strahan have?

Michael Strahan has four children: Tanita, Michael Jr., Isabella, and Sophia.

3. Why was Michael Strahan absent from Fox NFL Sunday recently?

Michael Strahan’s absence from Fox NFL Sunday may be due to various professional commitments and scheduling conflicts, such as his appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America and other projects.

4. Who is Michael Strahan’s current girlfriend?

Michael Strahan is rumored to be dating Kayla Quick since 2015. However, they prefer to keep their relationship private.

5. What are some of Michael Strahan’s career highlights in the NFL?

Michael Strahan was a dominant NFL player who achieved several career highlights, including being a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2001, and setting a single-season record for quarterback sacks with 22.5 in the same year.

In conclusion, Michael Strahan’s journey from the NFL to television has been nothing short of remarkable. His accomplishments in both fields and his philanthropic efforts have made him a beloved figure. While his occasional absence from Fox NFL Sunday may raise questions, his diverse commitments and personal life keep him occupied. Nevertheless, Strahan continues to be a captivating personality with a lasting legacy in American sports and entertainment.

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