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Pantherssa Com Review 2024: Is Pantherssa Scam Or Legit?

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Pantherssa Com Review
Pantherssa Com Review

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular, but with that comes the risk of falling victim to scams. is one such website that has garnered attention, raising questions about its legitimacy. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the details to determine whether Pantherssa is a trustworthy platform for your shopping needs.

Unveiling Pantherssa

What is the Pantherssa Website?

Pantherssa operates as an online retailer specializing in Glass Vase, Ceramics Vase, and Electroplating Vase categories. From Cute Little Monk to Flat Bottle Glazed Red, the website offers a diverse range of products catering to various preferences.

Website Credentials

The website was registered on 2022-11-07, with a commendable trust score of 92/100. This high rating suggests that Pantherssa is likely legitimate and reliable. However, further scrutiny is necessary to confirm its authenticity fully.

Evaluating Pantherssa’s Credentials

Important Specifications

Website Information:

  • Website Name: Pantherssa
  • Website Link:
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: 8212 Herndon Drive, Benbrook, TX 76116
  • Contact Number: +1 817-769-0802

Product Details:

  • Products Category: Glass Vase, Ceramics Vase, Electroplating Vase
  • Types of Products: Cute Little Monk, Black And White, Flat Bottle Glazed, and more

Payment and Delivery:

  • Payment Options: AMEX, Apple Pay, Diners Club, and more
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 business days for shipping, 5-7 business days for standard US shipping, 2 business days for expedited orders, and 2-4 weeks for international orders

Return Policy:

  • Pantherssa accepts returns within 30 days for unused items, with refunds issued to the original form of payment.

Positive Attributes

SSL Certificate and Payment Options:

Pantherssa prioritizes consumer safety by providing a valid SSL certificate and offering multiple payment methods, ensuring a secure transaction process.

Trust Score:

With a trust score of 92/100, Pantherssa exhibits reliability and legitimacy, instilling confidence in potential customers.

Red Flags

Negative Reviews:

Despite its positive attributes, Pantherssa has garnered negative reviews on other platforms, raising concerns about its credibility.

Website Age:

The relatively new domain registration date (2022-11-07) may pose trust issues for some consumers, highlighting the importance of thorough research before making a purchase.

Deciphering Pantherssa’s Legitimacy

Points to Consider

  1. Website Age: Registered on 2022-11-07
  2. Maximum Discount Offers: Free shipping on orders over $49.99
  3. Trust Score: 92/100, indicating legitimacy
  4. Contact Address Legitimacy: Verifiable address provided
  5. Customer Feedback: Limited reviews, hindering comprehensive evaluation
  6. Email Legitimacy: provided
  7. Returns and Exchange Policy: Standard 30-day return policy in place

FAQs About Pantherssa

Is Pantherssa a Scam or Trustworthy? Pantherssa offers a wide range of products and accepts various payment methods, indicating credibility. However, due diligence is advised before making a purchase.

What Is the Age of the Website? Pantherssa was registered on 2022-11-07.

What Payment Modes Do They Accept? Accepted payment modes include AMEX, Apple Pay, Visa, and more.

How Can I Contact Them? Contact details include an address, email, and phone number provided on their website.

What Is the Delivery Time? Delivery times vary based on location and shipping method, ranging from 3-5 business days for standard US shipping to 2-4 weeks for international orders.

What Discounts Does the Store Offer? The store provides free shipping on orders exceeding $49.99.


In conclusion, Pantherssa exhibits several positive attributes such as a high trust score and secure payment options. However, negative reviews and the website’s relatively new age raise valid concerns. While Pantherssa appears legitimate, conducting thorough research and exercising caution is crucial when making online purchases.

And read more if you ever get scammed about how to get a refund: How to apply for a refund from credit card scams.

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