Partial easing won’t mend fractured supply chains, says industry

Mumbai New Delhi: The company community reacted very carefully with lots of mentioning the partial relaxation from the lockdown will not be enough to correct the fractured logistics. Industry leaders, however, stated they understood the government’s predicament.


“49 times of lockdown makes record sense. Complete opening before that duration might have been dangerous. Case four days beyond 49 days. It’s, actually, a calibrated preamble or pre-opening strategy. So, this is preferable to I’d wished,” Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra stated.

“But it will not solve the availability chain condition in this pre-opening phase. Hence, I only hope the exit publish-May 17 will indeed be pan-India and comprehensive,” he stated.

“Post May 17, red zones and containment zones ought to be by exception only and full interstate movement of individuals and workers ought to be opened up up. Which will ‘join the dots’ from the logistics network. If consecutive opening of various areas continues then, when i have stated earlier, industrial is going to be shateringly slow. In manufacturing, if even one feeder factory continues to be locked lower, then your final product set up is going to be stalled,” Mahindra told ET.

Maruti Suzuki’s chairman RC Bhargava, empathising using the challenges prior to the government, stated: “The reason the condition is distributing is the fact that individuals are not following government rules. When the lockdown wasn’t extended, even districts that are now orange and eco-friendly risk turning into red zones. Can you want that to occur?”

Bhargava stated the federal government has specified activities which could take place in certain zones and the organization needs to assess the new measures that have been announced. Others weren’t so hopeful. “There’s no reason. They’re not able to simply accept their mistake. Rather, they’re saying victory and go for partly opening when cases are greater than in the past,” an industrialist who didn’t wish to be named stated. Many fear that consecutive opening of various areas won’t enable industrial activity to resume easily.

However It hardware companies say they were requesting the federal government for this type of move. “It is a great move,” stated the India Chief executive officer of the MNC IT hardware firm without attempting to be named. He’d not comment if the firm would resume production saying he’d not went through notification.

Industry lobby groups are also asking the federal government for any strong stimulus. “With restricted economic activities, the imperative for any fast and powerful economic support package for that market is much more compelling now. CII has recommended instituting a government spending package equal to 3% of GDP which may add Rs 6 lakh crore towards the available firepower. Enhanced debt to GDP ratio could be a way to avoid it for adding fiscal space at any given time once the debt to GDP ratio is modest in India,” stated Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII. Cell phone sellers are going to reopen stores because the government eases limitations.

“All standalone (single) shops, neighbourhood (colony) shops and shops in residential complexes are allowed to stay open in cities, with no distinction of essential and non-essential,” the secretary of state for home matters stated on Friday.