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Perks and Incentives at Work: 8 Great Ideas for Employees

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Every employee loves to have perks and incentives at the workplace. It makes their journey and employee lifecycle more interesting. Internal studies show that perks at work help boost employee confidence, engagement, and job satisfaction level.

To reward your employees at work without using cash, refer to the great ideas mentioned below. Many of these can be utilised and exercised using modern uKnowva HRMS and engagement tools, even for remote employees.

Great Ideas On Perks At Work For Your Hardworking Employees:

Quirky polls

After a hectic day, your employees need to unwind. At times, they feel lonely and isolated. With quirky polls over the uKnowva intranet, you can bring better job incentive ideas to work. Employees will connect better by participating in polls.

They can cast their vote as they like. There would be total anonymity. Results from these polls can be unexpected. These help HR leaders improve the existing company culture for better advancements for the greater good of their staff.

Employees will also see the results. Often, they will be surprised by what other staffers of the organisations think like.

Pulse surveys

Employees need perks at work that help them unwind and rant. HR can be mindful and creative in creating and launching pulse surveys to assist their employees. Employees can let go of all the frustration and impending negative emotions by answering these surveys.

HR leaders use these surveys published the best HRMS software in India to gauge the realistic figure and emotions. Later, they reform their cultural policies depending on the results.

No employee is looked down upon because of these surveys. If admins want, they can ensure that every answer is anonymous so employees can let out all their doubts, worries, and unwanted emotions.

Switch job roles for a day

You can make employees, especially team members, switch roles for a day. It will be interesting to watch how employees perform these tasks. It could be riveting, energising, and pretty challenging for many.

However, employee perks can easily associate with these activities. For example, the team can win gift hampers if they perform well after the switch. HR admins and reporting managers learn how each team gets to know one another better.

Employees grow more empathetic toward each other. This type of harmony and sensitivity is a must for workers to be on the same page and feel like a part of the unit.

Happy hours at work

Give an hour or so to your employees after a hectic week at work to relax. Let them connect with their team members across regions or countries. This could be useful and more meaningful while using intranet tools.

Employees can brainstorm new ideas. Talk to their distant family members after a long. Make plans to catch up on the upcoming weekend. They basically live life better with their true happy hours.

Such perks at work enable them to feel happy and overjoyed, and be back at work with laser-sharp concentration.

Book club

Forming, initiating, and controlling book clubs is a great idea to revitalise your employees’ knowledge and skills. They can form a new habit by reading the same books together in a group setting or call. This could be a more engaging activity for the diverse workforce at your firm.

Such activity brings employees together from all over. They connect really well intellectually when they read the same book during a meeting or call. They have more points to discuss later on, which could be an ice-breaker for many employees in your teams.


Potluck is an interesting idea to gift each other the best edible item during team luncheons. Potlucks bring a sense of community, belongingness, and togetherness to teams. They grow sensitive and emotional toward each other when they share a meal.

Also, the office environment feels no less than a home when your teams frequently share a meal with a potluck as an excuse. During this activity, every member has to bring something to the table from their homes, literally.

It could be a fun and more memorable activity, bringing more employee perks at work like communication and strong bonding. However, HR teams can initiate the use of chat processes or social intranet features on the uKnowva HRMS for conducting a potluck luncheon hour.

This was the most fun activity during the pandemic around the world. It even brought remote workers together when they couldn’t be physically present.

Declaring star of the month

Job incentive ideas include this one for sure. By declaring the star of the month, the management boosts every team member.

Employees feel a sense of achievement and immense pride in front of the entire business organisation. They should as well feel that because of the projects, tasks, and implementations completed by them.

HRs must make this activity monthly to give an equal chance to workers across teams. They can declare multiple stars of the month for particular functional departments, so they always feel they are the best in their work.

Such activities can take place online using the best HRMS software in India: uKnowva. Later, management and HR leaders can post a note on the network for everyone to read. This will fill the winning employee’s (s) heart (s) with more pride and honour.

Conduct webinars or talk shows

Perks at work must include activities that help employees elevate their skill set and knowledge. Hosting, conducting, and monitoring webinars could be that incentivised idea for your overachieving employees.

Let them participate, talk on the webinars, and host or monitor the same. When you give such opportunities to your employees, they feel lucky and get a boost in confidence. They improve at communicating, presenting themselves, and researching for debating, teaching, or narrating fresh ideas.

Such talk shows and webinars are helpful for employees to get rid of their mental inhibitions. They get better at expanding their professional perception and become reliable sources and assets to the firm.


Encourage your employees to participate in these activities listed above to win free gift hampers, luncheons, a better mood, and a high productivity rate. They get better at their work and feel more engaged/involved as the topmost perks at work.

Most of these ideas are tech-friendly to implement in your globally recognised firm where you hire talent from all over. Use the uKnowva intranet to enrich the employee experience for the success of every great idea listed above.


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