Diesel Price is hiked from Rs 62.29 to Rs 69.39 at Delhi.

New Delhi. Price of petrol in Delhi, the National capital, was hiked by Rs 1.67 per litre on Tuesday, the May 5th, 2020. The price of diesel saw a steep increase of Rs 7.00 per litre, effective from the same day.

Petrol and Diesel Price costlier by Rs 1.67 and Rs 7.00 per litre

This price hike was as a result of Delhi Government raising local tax or value Added Tax (VAT) on these two fuels.

The price of petrol at Delhi is now Rs 71.26 per litre. It was Rs 69.59 per litre a day before. It is reported by sources from our oil industry.

The diesel price is now Rs 69.39 per litre as against Rs 62.29 per litre at Delhi, which was effective just on the previous day, in the national capital.

This is as a result of Delhi government’s decision to raise VAT on petrol by 3%. It is now 30% from 27% previously. In case of diesel, VAT is now almost double. It is now 30% from 16.75%, as it was effective previously.