Robert Griffin III’s time in Washington, from Rookie of the Year to injury-filled sophomore slump and release

Robert Griffin III's time in Washington, from Rookie of the Year to injury-filled sophomore slump and release

For starters glorious rookie season, Robert Griffin III was worth everything. The draft picks that Washington had traded to choose its franchise quarterback made an appearance as though chump change in comparison with accurate arm, magical legs and brilliant smile that Griffin brought to D.C.

Then came the knee injuries, as well as the sophomore slump, plus much more injuries, as well as the benchings. Griffin went from Rookie of year and Pro Bowler to 3rd around the depth chart which incorporated Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins. He didn’t even ensure it is the entire of his rookie contract until you are released and sent to drift just like a journeyman.

This is often a reminisce at everything – the very first highs as well as the concluding lows to RG3’s in time Washington, the type of drastic career shift that leaves everyone wondering some variation from the “Let us say?” question. We’ll have no idea the reply to any kind of individuals hypotheticals, though. All everyone knows is what happened.

2012 Nfl Draft

Washington wanted Griffin, nevertheless the St. Louis Rams held no. 2 pick inside the 2012 Nfl Draft. It’d possess a trade to make certain Griffin performed inside the nation’s capital.

The Rams guaranteed a higher payment: 2012’s No. 6 overall pick yet another-rounder, along with first-round picks in 2013 and 2014. That allowed Washington to move up four picks and take RG3.

There had not been question who’d trigger the board while using first pick that year: Stanford’s Andrew Luck was considered a generational quarterback prospect. But Griffin, from Baylor, appeared that need considering a higher prospect plus a good pick at No. 2 overall. Bleacher Report gave Washington a b – grade due to its selection and authored this:

What elevated a few eyebrows later because 2012 draft was who Washington selected inside the fourth round. Kirk Cousins, from Michigan Condition, grew to become part of Griffin in Washington’s 2012 rookie class, moving that wouldn’t show it is a fact extended-term implications until later.

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Rookie of year

Griffin will be a star immediately. Within the Nfl debut in the Saints, Griffin completed 19-of-26 passes for 320 yards and a pair of touchdowns while hastening 10 occasions for 42 yards in the 40-32 win. That outing earned him NFC Offense every week honors.

The truly amazing occasions stored on coming: 82 hastening yards with two scores on the ground in Week 2, 138 hastening yards with two more scores in Week 6, 304 passing yards with four touchdowns to overcome the Cowboys on Thanksgiving four days after tossing four TDs in the Eagles. Luck may have been the NFL’s future face, but RG3 was the league’s exciting new present.

Adding towards the rookie success of Griffin was the capacity to keep his turnovers in check, tossing just five interceptions and losing two fumbles the entire season. He transported by helping cover their 3,200 passing yards and 20 touchdowns using the air while adding 815 hastening yards and seven TDs on the ground. In those days, Griffin increased to get the NFL’s rookie record-holder for season quarterback rating and touchdown-to-interception ratio (Dak Prescott broke both).

Overall, Griffin earned 2012 Nfl Offensive Rookie of year honors twelve several weeks after Cam Newton attempted the identical. It made an appearance as though Washington’s trade up was useful.

Kirk Cousins era

Griffin was again the starter inside the 2014 opener, but he dislocated his left ankle in Week 2. That stored him out until each week 9 return that was immediately interspersed with three straight losses. That introduced with a benching meant for Colt McCoy.

McCoy went lower getting a season-ending injuries that allowed Griffin to start again in Days 16 and 17, and the man had decent days using the air while neglecting to top 20 hastening yards in both game.

The 2015 preseason was essentially the conclusion in Washington for Griffin. He suffered a concussion and Cousins was eventually named the starter. At some stage in September, it absolutely was reported that Griffin was practicing just like a safety round the scout team, and the man ongoing to become third round the depth chart the entire season, not playing only one snap.

On March 7, 2016, under four years after Washington traded around draft Griffin, he premiered.