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Ronald Acuna Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is Ronald Acuna Now?

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Ronald Acuna Net Worth 2023: A Closer Look at the Venezuelan Baseball Outfielder

In the world of professional baseball, few names shine as brightly as Ronald Acuna Jr. This talented Venezuelan outfielder has captured the hearts of baseball enthusiasts worldwide with his exceptional skills and remarkable achievements on the field. But aside from his impressive performance, many wonder about Ronald Acuna’s net worth in 2023. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of his career, earnings, and the factors that have contributed to his financial success.

Name Ronald Acuna
Net Worth( 2023) $5 Million Dollars
Monthly Income And Salary $0.5 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $20 Million +
Profession Venezuelan Baseball Outfielder
Date of Birth 18 December 1997
Age 25 years old
Height 183 cm (6 Feet)
Weight (200 lbs) 93 kg
Birthplace La Guaira, Venezuela
Nationality Venezuelan

Who is Ronald Acuna?

Ronald Acuna Jr. is a gifted Venezuelan professional baseball player, known for his outstanding contributions to the Atlanta Braves. Born on December 18, 1997, in La Guaira, Venezuela, Acuna embarked on his baseball journey at a young age. In 2014, he signed with the Braves as an international free agent, and this signing came with a price tag of $100,000.

Acuna’s debut in Major League Baseball (MLB) occurred on April 25, 2018, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. In his debut season, he achieved a significant milestone by winning the National League Rookie of the Year Award in 2018.

Real Name Ronald José Acuña Blanco Jr.
Date of birth 18 December 1997
Age 25 years old
Height 183 cm (6 Feet)
Weight (200 lbs) 93 kg
Birth Place La Guaira, Venezuela
Gender Male
Profession Venezuelan Baseball Outfielder
Religion Roman Catholicism
Nationality Venezuelan
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Ronald Acuña, Leonelis Blanco
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The Powerhouse of Acuna

What sets Acuna apart in MLB history is his extraordinary combination of power and speed. He made history by becoming the first player to accomplish the feat of hitting 40 home runs and stealing 70 bases in a single season. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the only player to record at least 50 home runs and 50 stolen bases within his first two MLB seasons.

Acuna’s impact isn’t limited to regular-season play; he made postseason history as well. At just 22 years and 293 days old, he became the youngest player in baseball history to hit a leadoff home run in a postseason game. This memorable achievement occurred in Game 1 of the Division Series, showcasing Acuna’s remarkable talent and promise for the future in the world of baseball.

Age and Achievement

Born on December 18, 1997, Ronald Acuna is currently 25 years old. His age is a testament to his early success in MLB. Bursting onto the scene as a rookie sensation, he has consistently performed at an elite level. His blend of power hitting, blazing speed, and exceptional fielding abilities make him a key asset for the Atlanta Braves.

The Physicality of Acuna

Standing tall at a height of 183 cm, which translates to 6 feet 0 inches, Ronald Acuna’s stature is well-suited to his role as an outfielder in Major League Baseball, where agility, speed, and efficient ground coverage are crucial. In addition to his height, Acuna boasts a solid build, weighing 93 kg, equivalent to 200 lbs. This weight provides him with the necessary strength to excel in various aspects of the game, including power-hitting, base running, and throwing accuracy. His physique reflects the rigorous training and conditioning required to compete at the highest level of professional baseball.

Ronald Acuna’s Nationality

Ronald Acuna Jr.’s nationality is Venezuelan. He was born in La Guaira, Venezuela, a country known for its deep passion and rich tradition in the sport of baseball. Acuna’s Venezuelan heritage is a fundamental part of his identity and has played a pivotal role in shaping his baseball journey.

Venezuela has a storied history of producing exceptional baseball talent, and Acuna has continued that legacy with his remarkable skills and achievements in Major League Baseball (MLB). His success on the diamond serves as a source of pride for his homeland and inspires aspiring Venezuelan ballplayers.

Stay Updated with Ronald Acuna’s Net Worth

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Ronald Acuna’s Career Stats

Ronald Acuna Jr. has been a cornerstone player for the Atlanta Braves, showcasing his potential since he signed with the team as an international free agent in 2014. His journey into the MLB began in 2018, marking the start of his professional career. Over the course of six seasons with the Braves, Acuna has compiled an impressive set of career statistics:

  • A stellar .289 batting average highlights his consistent hitting ability.
  • With 728 hits to his name, he has shown his knack for getting on base and contributing offensively.
  • A formidable 149 home runs underscore his power-hitting prowess.
  • His 375 runs batted in (RBIs) demonstrate his ability to drive in runs for his team.
  • Crossing home plate 513 times reflects his speed and capability to score runs.
  • A remarkable 8.1 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) emphasizes his overall impact on the game.
  • His .416 on-base percentage (OBP) and .596 slugging percentage (SLG) showcase his ability to get on base and produce extra-base hits.
  • A stellar 1.012 on-base plus slugging (OPS) highlights his offensive prowess.

Acuna’s Awards and Achievements

Acuna’s achievements extend beyond statistics; he has garnered several accolades:

  • He earned the prestigious National League Rookie of the Year Award, attesting to his immediate impact upon entering the league.
  • With four MLB All-Star team appearances, he has consistently been recognized as one of the league’s top talents.
  • Winning two Silver Slugger Awards further emphasizes his excellence as a hitter.
  • Leading the league in stolen bases twice showcases his incredible speed and base-running ability.
  • In the current season, Acuna stands as the frontrunner for the National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, demonstrating his continued growth and importance to his team’s success.

Ronald Acuna’s Notable Awards and Achievements

Here are some of Ronald Acuna’s notable awards and achievements:

In 2017, he was honored as the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year, recognizing his outstanding performance in the minor leagues as a rising star.

The following year, in 2018, Acuña made a significant splash in the MLB, securing the National League Rookie of the Year Award. His debut season was indeed remarkable.

He further solidified his rookie status with a spot on the prestigious Topps All-Star Rookie Team in 2018, showcasing his exceptional rookie campaign.

Acuña’s All-Star status continued to shine through as he earned the nod four times in the National League, with selections in 2019, 2021, 2022, and 2023, highlighting his consistent excellence on the field.

His excellence extended to the All-MLB second team, where he was recognized in both 2019 and 2020, underscoring his position among the league’s top players.

Demonstrating his prowess at the plate, Acuña clinched the Silver Slugger Award twice, in 2019 and 2020, as one of the league’s premier offensive performers.

Acuña’s speed on the basepaths was undeniable, as he led the league in stolen bases on two separate occasions, showcasing his agility and base-stealing acumen.

He was also recognized as the Arizona Fall League MVP in 2017, receiving the Joe Black Award for his outstanding performance during the fall league season.

In 2018, he continued to earn accolades with a spot on the MLB All-Rookie Team, further validating his impact as a young talent in the league.

Additionally, Acuña’s remarkable speed and base-stealing abilities allowed him to etch his name in the Braves’ modern era record books, setting the bar high with 73 stolen bases, a testament to his exceptional athleticism and contribution to the team’s success.


Ronald Acuna Jr. is not only a baseball sensation but also a symbol of determination, talent, and perseverance. His journey from Venezuela to the MLB is a testament to his dedication and passion for the game. As he continues to dazzle on the field and rack up accolades, his net worth reflects the value he brings to the Atlanta Braves and the world of baseball as a whole.

For the latest updates on Ronald Acuna’s net worth and career, stay connected with us. Follow his journey as he cements his place in baseball history.


1. What is Ronald Acuna’s current age?

Ronald Acuna was born on December 18, 1997, making him 25 years old as of 2023.

2. What is Ronald Acuna’s height and weight?

Ronald Acuna stands at 183 cm (6 feet 0 inches) tall and weighs 93 kg (200 lbs).

3. What is Ronald Acuna’s nationality?

Ronald Acuna Jr. is Venezuelan, born in La Guaira, Venezuela.

4. How has Ronald Acuna performed in his MLB career?

Ronald Acuna Jr. has had an impressive MLB career, with achievements that include winning the National League Rookie of the Year Award and earning multiple All-Star selections.

5. What are some of Ronald Acuna’s notable awards and achievements?

Ronald Acuna has received numerous awards, including the National League Rookie of the Year Award, Silver Slugger Awards, and recognition as the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year.

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