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Russell Watson Illness Health Update: What’s the Latest on His Condition?

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Russell Watson Illness Health Update


Russell Watson’s health journey is marked by significant challenges, beginning in 2005 when he started experiencing debilitating headaches described as “like a knife being pressed into the bridge of my nose.” Despite seeking medical advice, initial misdiagnoses attributed the symptoms to stress. However, as his peripheral vision was affected in late 2006, a specialist in Los Angeles discovered a developing pituitary adenoma, the size of two golf balls. Watson, on the eve of his 40th birthday, faced the shocking reality of a brain tumor, confirming his long-standing premonition.

The Diagnosis and Surgery

In September 2006, Watson underwent a five-hour emergency operation at St George’s Hospital in London to remove the eight-centimeter tumor pressing against his optic nerve. The surgery, which involved removing the tumor through his nose, left him physically debilitated and emotionally challenged. The tumor had impacted his pituitary gland, leading to mood swings and low energy levels. Despite a difficult recovery, Watson’s love for his daughters and a renewed appreciation for relationships became central to his changed perspective on life.

Setbacks and Triumphs

While recording his album “Outside In” in 2007, Watson faced another health crisis when he became incapacitated, revealing a regrowth of the tumor with bleeding into his brain. Emergency surgery at the Alexandra Hospital in Greater Manchester followed, and he spent time in critical condition in the Intensive Therapy Unit. After being discharged on October 31, 2007, Watson underwent an extensive rehabilitation program, including radiotherapy at the Christie Hospital in Manchester. Remarkably, the experience not only renewed his outlook on life but also gifted him with a deeper and richer voice, marking a transformative chapter in his health and musical journey.

Who is Russell Watson?

Russell Watson, an English tenor, first captivated audiences with his powerful and versatile vocal abilities that seamlessly blend operatic and pop genres. His journey in music began during childhood, and he gained recognition after performing at a working men’s club. In 1999, Watson rose to prominence with memorable renditions like “God Save the Queen” at the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final and “Barcelona” at the Premiership season finale between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Notably, he delivered a full set of songs at the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich in Barcelona.

Debuting in 2001 with “The Voice,” Watson went on to release several albums, with his plans in 2006 disrupted by the discovery and subsequent removal of a benign pituitary tumor. Overcoming this health setback, he released “That’s Life” in 2007. Despite facing health challenges, Watson continued his musical journey with albums like “Outside In” (2007) and “La Voce” (2010), marking a triumphant return to the spotlight after overcoming the brain tumor. His extensive discography includes thirteen studio albums, including the latest collaborative effort with Aled Jones, “Christmas with Aled and Russell,” released in November 2022.

Russell Watson Career

Russell Watson’s career is a remarkable journey marked by early struggles, pivotal moments, and an enduring passion for music. In the early 1990s, he gained recognition by winning a Search for a Star contest organized by Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio. A significant turning point came in 1998 when, arranged by the manager of the Bistro French restaurant in Preston, he was scheduled to sing at Old Trafford during a memorial football match for the Munich air disaster, a privilege for the lifelong Manchester United fan. Despite the last-minute cancellation, this led to a management deal with Ian Boasman, alongside comedian Bobby Ball and businessman Keith Chadwick.

The late 1990s and early 2000s witnessed Watson’s rise to fame under the management of Perry Hughes. His debut album, “The Voice,” released in 2001, showcased a mix of operatic arias and pop covers, topping the UK classical chart and reaching number five on the UK Albums Chart. Watson’s unusual collaborations, such as with Shaun Ryder and Faye Tozer, reflected his versatility. Awards, including Album of the Year at the Classical BRIT Awards, marked his success.

Beyond his solo career, Watson ventured into diverse projects, contributing to the opening theme of the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise and participating in Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds stage adaptation. He also engaged in reality TV, winning “Just the Two of Us” in 2006 with partner Siân Reeves. The mid-2000s saw him release singles like “Nothing Sacred – A Song for Kirsty” for charitable causes.

Health setbacks in the mid-2000s, including a brain tumor, temporarily paused Watson’s career. However, his triumphant return included the release of the album “That’s Life” in 2007 and subsequent projects like “Outside In.” Watson’s autobiography, “Finding My Voice,” released in 2008, provided insights into his life and career.

From judging Last Choir Standing to touring and performing, Watson’s career expanded into various facets. His involvement in the musical “Kristina från Duvemåla” earned praise, showcasing his diverse talents. Watson’s participation in “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2020 and his role in the UK tour of “Chicago” in 2022 demonstrated his enduring presence in the entertainment industry.

In 2022, Watson, alongside Aled Jones, released the successful album “Christmas with Aled and Russell.” His commitment to charitable causes, highlighted by a charity concert in 2022 and the announcement of a posthumous medley benefiting cancer research in 2023, underscores his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his musical accomplishments. Russell Watson’s career is a testament to resilience, versatility, and a deep connection with audiences spanning several decades.

Russell Watson Early Life

Russell Watson, born on November 24, 1966, in Irlam, Lancashire, England, spent his early years in relative obscurity regarding details about his parents and siblings. Raised in Irlam, he attended ‘Irlam Endowed Primary School’ and later enrolled at ‘Irlam and Cadishead High School.’ However, his academic journey was cut short as he chose to drop out. Seeking opportunities, Watson secured a job as a bolt-cutter in an Irlam factory near Manchester through the ‘Youth Opportunities Programme.’

In 1993, Watson entered into marriage and soon became a father. Faced with the responsibilities of supporting his family, he turned to his passion for music, performing cover versions of Elvis Presley’s songs at clubs in the North West. This not only allowed him to showcase his talent but also served as a means to earn additional income. During this time, he also had a brief stint working at ‘St. Ambrose College’ in Altrincham. Watson’s early life reveals a journey marked by resilience and a dedication to his craft, laying the foundation for his later success in the world of music.

Russell Watson Marital Life

Russell Watson’s personal life has seen the highs and lows of a successful career, marked by the challenges of work pressure and the complexities of relationships. At the pinnacle of his career, Watson’s first marriage to childhood sweetheart Helen Watson faced strain due to immense work pressures. The couple divorced in 2002, shortly after the release of his debut album, “The Voice.”

Controversies surrounded the breakup, with accusations of Watson ending the marriage over the phone during a North American tour in March 2001. He vehemently denied these claims, asserting that Helen had initiated the divorce and discarded his belongings in a fit of anger. Despite the challenges in his first marriage, Watson is the proud father of two daughters with Helen—Rebecca, born in 1995, and Hannah, born in 2000. Despite the initial difficulties, Watson has later embraced fatherhood as a paramount aspect of his life, expressing that it holds more significance to him than his musical career.

In the aftermath of his divorce, Watson was rumored to have dated Joy Montgomery, a Canadian barmaid he met during a tour in North America. However, his romantic journey continued as he found love with New York-based receptionist Roxanna Valerio in 2001. Despite professing his love, the relationship eventually ended in 2005 due to apparent incompatibility.

Currently, Watson is happily married to Louise Harris, a former receptionist, with whom he tied the knot after the end of his previous relationships. Notably, Louise is only six years older than Watson’s daughter Rebecca. Despite the ups and downs in his personal life, Watson has found stability in his current marriage.

In addition to his family life, Russell Watson has been actively involved in various charitable endeavors. He has lent his voice and talent to numerous charitable trusts and campaigns, including ‘The Prince’s Trust,’ the ‘Katy Holmes Trust,’ ‘Soccer Aid 2010,’ and several others. His commitment to using his musical influence to support noble causes reflects his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the stage.

Russell Watson Net Worth

Russell Watson Net Worth is £ 4 million. His primary source of income is derived from his successful career as a professional tenor and recording artist. His earnings come from various avenues within the music industry, including album sales, concert performances, and royalties from his recorded music. Watson’s debut album, “The Voice,” released in 2001, marked the beginning of his commercial success, and subsequent albums contributed significantly to his financial standing.

Concert tours and live performances have been another substantial source of income for Watson. As a renowned and accomplished vocalist, he has attracted audiences worldwide, performing in solo concerts, collaborative events, and musical productions. The revenue generated from ticket sales, merchandise, and associated endorsements during these performances contributes to his overall income.

In addition to his music career, Watson has diversified his income through various ventures, including his autobiography, “Finding My Voice,” released in 2008. Appearances on television shows, participation in reality competitions like “Last Choir Standing,” and involvement in projects such as the musical “Kristina från Duvemåla” have also contributed to his financial portfolio.


1. What illness did Russell Watson have?

Russell Watson was diagnosed with a developing pituitary adenoma, a type of brain tumor. He faced health challenges related to this condition.

2. Did Russell Watson have a brain tumor?

Yes, Russell Watson had a brain tumor. In 2006, he was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma, which required emergency surgery to remove.

3. How did the brain tumor affect Russell Watson’s health?

The brain tumor affected Watson’s health significantly, causing severe headaches, pressure inside the skull, and impacting his peripheral vision. He underwent surgeries and rehabilitation.

4. What was the outcome of Russell Watson’s brain tumor diagnosis?

The tumors were found to be benign, and after emergency surgeries in 2006 and 2007, along with subsequent treatments, including radiotherapy, Watson has continued to overcome health challenges.

5. Is there a health update on Russell Watson’s condition?

As of the latest available information, Russell Watson has successfully undergone treatments for his brain tumor. He has shown resilience and even discovered a new, deeper voice after his health journey.

In conclusion, Russell Watson’s journey is a testament to his resilience, both in overcoming health challenges and pursuing a successful music career. His ability to triumph over adversity and his commitment to making a positive impact through charitable endeavors have endeared him to fans worldwide.

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