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Start Life Style Blog With 6 Easy Step & Make Money

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If you wish to get on the path to blogging fortune and glory, then finding out how to begin a lifestyle blog ought to be a starting point. Together with your interesting existence and activities, a life-style blog is a superb way of getting into pole position to obtain more traffic.

A life-style blog has highly visual quite happy with a large concentrate on a number of subjects that is all introduced together round the blogger along with a particular hook. Your hook could be everything from beauty towards the atmosphere however it must bring everything together to link content according to your interests, your existence, as well as your world view.

Whether you need to begin a lifestyle blog on your own, or you need to transition to some lifestyle blog from the niche, this informative guide will highlight how to begin a life-style blog in six easy steps:

Choose your hook

What exactly is it regarding your existence which will pull readers in? What exactly are you knowledgeable and enthusiastic about?

Think of a name that’s available like a domain

Exactly what is a appealing and memorable reputation for your site? Is it possible to have it because the website name?

Pick a host and install WordPress

How will you choose a good host? Which platform is the best for beginning a life-style blog?

Decide on a theme to manage the way your site looks

Just how much control do you want over your theme? Do you know the essentials for just about any lifestyle blog?

Install plugins for added functionality

How will you have an Search engine optimization edge? How you can allow readers to talk about posts? And how will you accelerate your website if you have a lot of images?

Monetize your site

How to earn money from the lifestyle blog?

1. Choose your hook

Before you consider the technical facets of how to begin a life-style blog, you will have to determine what your way of life blog covers. In case your existence is exactly what separates the life-style blog using their company blogs, then your hook is exactly what helps separate it from the personal blog.

When it comes to promotion, the hook has three valuable aspects. It can help you…

  • Locate an audience.
  • Keep your momentum and motivation to carry on your way of life blog.
  • Create a content strategy and editorial calendar.

We all know that at its most fundamental a life-style blog is all about your everyday activities and existence. But what exactly is it regarding your existence which will attract readers? And, how can you think it is? It comes down to two questions:

What exactly are your talent?

If you have a great listing of your interests and skills, utilize it to consider 3-4 blog niches you are able to cover (these may also make up the grounds for building your groups and content strategy). You will begin to visit a pattern emerge that will reveal your hook.


IAmGalla is really a men’s lifestyle blog which began like a fashion blog. The blog covers fashion, travel, grooming, decorating, and style. But, should you browse the webpage, you can observe how heavily they lean into fashion-travel hook for wider appeal.

2. Get your own domain name suitable for your way of life blog

Among the neglected stages in how to begin a life-style blog is finding your website name. With a decent website name, you’ll allow individuals to remember your site and share it using their buddies.

Discovering that perfect name could be a challenge, but it’ll considerably simpler should you:

Build a summary of keywords, ideas, and seed words. Sit lower making a mind map, make use of a thesaurus, consider your nickname to construct a summary of seed words.

  • Keep your name between 6 and 14 letters – not very lengthy.
  • Allow it to be simple to say and spell and steer clear of words with multiple spellings.
  • No hyphens. No figures. Both could be confusing and appear spammy.
  • Hint in the subject within the name instead of cram a keyword in.

Be memorable and appealing.

After you have a great word list, I suggest using your own domain name generator like Domain Wheel for 2 reasons:

It may provide clever, creative suggestions according to your keyword which you’ll then use to help refine the name.

It provides you with suggestions that are offered for sale, in addition to link you to definitely hosting providers so that you can get your website name.


DeliciouslyElla is really a vegan lifestyle blog that has recipes, products, living tips whilst discussing an uplifting entrepreneurial journey. The name, while lengthy, shows the themes covered around the blog and it is both appealing, and memorable. Could it be brandable? You’ll find Deliciously Ella products in 6,000 stores over the U.K. (including Starbucks).

3. Choose your platform & host

When you are getting to this point into finding out how to begin a lifestyle blog it’s vital that you think about your platform and hosting options. There’s an abundance of either and there are also free blogging sites for the lifestyle blog.

However, if you are planning to earn money out of your blog and you need to have versatility for tweaking your site when needed, we advise WordPress.

Other available choices, like Squarespace, may also provide you with a bundled hosting, domain, and editing experience but in a slightly greater cost and with no dedicated community.

You’ve two choices with WordPress – either the .com or .org approach. There are several subtle variations backward and forward but mostly it comes down lower to .org being self-located and, overall, cheaper. Self-located WordPress also is actually the best choice for total freedom.

Fortunately, it is extremely simple to get began with self-located WordPress since most major website hosts provide a simple one-click solution for installing WordPress. We advise WordPress since it is highly customizable, and contains the biggest community support of all of the major site builders.

Some quick tips about selecting the very best host for the new WordPress site:

Make certain your host supports you as the site will get larger and larger and seriously consider cost jumps between packages.

Search for reviews regarding their support team because quick, timely support with WordPress understanding is important to keeping the site ready to go. Check their documentation and blog to determine just how much WordPress-centric advice they provide.

Status is a great guide, even though everybody has trouble every so often, consistently poor comments are an indication that you ought to run.

For novices, we advise Site Ground because:

They’ll install WordPress in your account instantly. You don’t need to get it done by hands.

They’ll also sell you your own domain name during setup. Which means that you are able to take proper care of everything all at once, rather of purchasing a website in one company and hosting from another.

4. Choose a theme

Your WordPress site’s theme controls the way it looks to visitors.

When you initially thought on how to begin a lifestyle blog, you might not have recognized the length of time you’d must find the style of your dreams. With 11,000 styles on ThemeForest alone selecting the right WordPress theme could be time intensive. You may make it much simpler with the following advice.

Choose a photography theme, like Benson, Hestia, or any theme which has layouts that favor images.

Consider the weblog to determine what kinds of layouts it provides and just how easily you are able to switch together.

A listing layout will provide you within their printed order printed.

A grid-based layout will arrange the information as blocks around the page and set more concentrate on images.

Control of the amount of posts can help you organize your articles to focus on the featured image.

You’d like to be capable of place groups in various areas, like beneath or over the headline, that will help you highlight them.

A sticky menu might help your potential customers navigate the page easily.

Wonderful these factors, I will recommend Hestia. It’s a wise decision for any lifestyle blog because it offers a superior the liberty to change between list and grid layouts.

It also provides you with the opportunity to select the amount of posts within the grid which will help you to display images in various sizes. You may also see during these images that Hestia comes with an choice for a masonry style to be relevant to your site page.

5. Essential non-apparent plugins

WordPress plugins assist you to add new functionality for your lifestyle blog.

Knowing anything about blogging, then you’ve heard that you simply 100%, absolutely, need Yoast Search engine optimization included in a great Search engine optimization toolkit. However, if you wish to develop a effective lifestyle blog, you will have to concentrate on social networking to create traffic. Social networking discussing and person to person are likely to assist you to construct your audience around focused keywords.

For social networking discussing, you need to opt for Orbit Fox. Orbit Fox is our free wordpress plugin which provides you use of simple social discussing buttons in your posts.

I adore images yet? Images are among the most significant aspects of your way of life blog. If you’re attempting to highlight your way of life, then you have to be in a position to show it for your users.

When thinking about how to begin a life-style blog, you have to keep in mind that images can make your page heavy. Image optimization is a vital consideration. For any total solution, you utilize Optimole because you’ll have probably the most choices for image optimization.

Aside from individuals, additionally, it is sensible to include some side plugins which will further increase your options with regards to integrating your website with platforms for example Instagram and Facebook. Two ideas:

  • 5 methods to integrate WordPress with Facebook
  • 5 methods to integrate WordPress with Instagram
  • 6. Monetize

The ultimate and many exciting part of your how to begin a life-style blog journey is, most importantly, making it cash. The good thing is that there’s many different ways to show your site into money. Actually, you will find a minimum of 17 efficient ways to earn money from lifestyle blog, but listed here are 4 of the greatest:

Internet affiliate marketing is the surface of the list since your lifestyle blog is really a natural method to promote services and products.

Backed posts really are a strong contender if you have a sizable enough audience. You may create a marketing page as well as join systems like TapInfluence.

Sell ad’ space in your site. AdSense is simple to integrate in your site and needs virtually no upkeep.

Make your own merch then sell it using WooCommerce.


You’ve now learned how to begin a life-style blog and you’re prepared to start the entire process of getting before readers. As the process might appear difficult, finding a crowd for the lifestyle blog is certainly still possible.

Once you discover the life-style you’re enthusiastic about promoting you’ll be able to start discussing it using the world.

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