The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claps for health workers fighting corona virus infection and says Thank You

It has turned out to be a a weekly tradition. The United Kingdom clapped for the workers of National Health Service for eight straight weeks in a row. The Clap for our Carers campaign has gained in momentum and popularity. This campaign has been participated by several British Ministers and Celebrities. The Royal Family also participated in this campaign.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claps

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson clapped for the health workers on Thursday, May 15th, 2020. He was himself infected by COVID-19 in the month of April this year. He has since recovered and posted a video on microblogging site Twitter. He was seen outside his official residence, clapping for the health workers.

He wrote ‚ÄúThank you to those wonderful people who care for all of us when we need it the most. Tonight, we clapped for all of you. #ThankYouNHS #ClapForCarers.”

This Clap for Our Carers campaign involves Britons across the country. They all applaud the National Health service Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, and other healthcare staff who are doing their duties on the frontline of the fight against corona virus pandemic.

This campaign started on March 26th. It took the social media by storm. Now it is a regular event that takes place every Thursday at 8 PM. This corona virus pandemic continues to affect the day to day life in the United Kingdom.

There are 2,33,151 cases of infection in the United Kingdom and 33,614 people have died from this infection so far.