Successful coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine test done on monkeys, conducted by China

China is believed to have successfully conducted the first ever Corona virus COVID-19 vaccine test on animals. The whole world is putting its efforts to develop an effective vaccine against the deadly corona virus that has infected and claimed millions of lives across the world.

China conducts first successful coronavirus COVID

Beijing: It has been reported that China has finally developed a corona virus vaccine. It is called PiCoVacc. It has proved to effective on monkeys. This vaccine, PiCovacc has been developed by Sinovac Biotech. It is based in Beijing.

The research scientists at Sinovac Biotech used a very typical method to prevent th virus from infecting life forms. It is by putting a crippled virus in an animal’s body. It forces the immune system of the animal to produce antibodies. These antibodies can kill the normal virus, when it invaded the animal.

The research scientists injected this vaccine into rhesus monkeys. It is a kind of monkey that originates in India. These injected rhesus monkeys were exposed to normal corona virus three weeks later.

The monkeys that took the largest dose of the vaccine did not have the virus in their lungs, even after a week later. It implies that this vaccine is effective. But all the monkeys that did not receive the vaccine PiCoVacc were infected by the virus and develop severe pneumonia.

This vaccine, PiCoVacc has been undergoing tests on humans since mid of April, this year.

This PiCoVacc is not the only COVID-19 vaccine that makes this world to make this world free from corona virus outbreak. It killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Another similar product has been developed by a Chinese Military Institution. This product is being tested on humans now. This product from Sinopharm is using the same method as PiCoVacc. It has entered the second phase of clinical trials.

But the research scientists may find it difficult to get human volunteers for conducting the clinical trials in near future in China. It is the current situation in China as the corona virus patients left in China is only in hundreds.  It is the same situation that prevented the development of SARS vaccine to a complete stop, back in the year 2003.

The ailing and frightened human population of the world that has come to a complete halt because of corona virus infection, may get a life giving relief by this new found ant corona vaccine, if all clinical trials finds it fit for use in humans.

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