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Top 15 Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow 2020

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Influencers originate from every niche imaginable. But you will find couple of domains that they can produce a huge effect on consumer decisions. Lifestyle is actually one of these.

Now, lifestyle is really a rather broad classification. From fashion to visit, interior decor to food – it’s about achieving personal goals and living a much better quality of existence. Lots of people imagine living up and lifestyle influencers contain inspiration, ideas, and strategies for them.

They provide impeccable taste and eye for everything beautiful on the planet. They aim to inspire diverse audiences with blogs regarding their everyday lives and interests. They’re central to several influencer marketing campaigns simply because they seem genuine and relatable people.

So, if you are searching for any daily dose of inspiration, or anyone to strengthen your lifestyle brand, then these influencers ought to be your go-to individuals. Let’s check out 15 from the top lifestyle bloggers you need to follow.

15 from the Top Lifestyle Bloggers you need to Follow:

1. Mariam Ezzeddine

Mariam Ezzeddine is really a food influencer and also the lady behind Cookin with Mima. She studied criminal justice attending college, but eventually required her desire for food and switched it into her very own business. Her page is definitely among the largest food blogs on Instagram together with her 2.5 million supporters.

We have an variety of food porn from diverse cultures. Each publish posseses an easy-to-make and healthy recipe within the caption. What really sets Mariam apart may be the importance she gives to audience feedback. She does her best to hear what her supporters are saying, and implement the feedback and concepts she receives.

2. Amanda Stanton

A Los Angeles resident, Amanda Stanton is really a single mom to her two kids, Charlie and Kinsley. This classy influencer includes a type of her very own and likes to express herself through everything design related.

Her Instagram feed is stuffed with pictures of her searching gorgeous in fashionable outfits. It is also peppered with cute photos of her adorable kids. An old Bachelorette, she likes to blog about topics like fashion, interior planning, and makeup. Amanda frequently partners with a number of ecommerce brands like Third Love, Ripar Cosmetics, and Great, Fit, Fun.

3. Anna Nystrom

With 6.a million supporters on Instagram, Anna Nystrom is Sweden’s greatest influencer based on Statista. She’s an exercise trainer and amateur model that has grabbed lots of attention because of her amazing looks and fitness programs. Being an influencer, she’s labored with brands like Daniel Wellington, Kapten & Boy, Lush, and thin Mint Tea.

She’d a hard journey to the peak, where she transformed health problems that stored her during sex. Anna Nystrom continues to be featured in gossip columns like Maxim and Sports Highlighted. She inspires individuals to power through their struggles by discussing her very own story on social networking.

4. Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher may be the man behind I’m Galla, your blog targeted at supplying styling ideas to men. He’s been carrying this out for a while now. He began his blog after finding the best-outfitted award in high-school. An enthusiastic traveler, he frequently posts photos of themself searching dapper from stunning destinations.

Adam also offers a penchant for photography, a talent he frequently showcases on his blog. In the realm of men’s fashion, he shines because of his unique style. He blends his sharp New Yorker elegance together with his native Californian style to create the very best of rustic and complicated fashion to his supporters.

5. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is really a beauty magnate with 25.3 million supporters on Instagram. She also runs her cosmetics blog and business – Huda Beauty. She’s considered the very first influencer to possess built her very own company without using any traditional channels.

An elegance blogger, she offers tips about the correct use of makeup and inventive hacks to remain beautiful. Her claim that they can fame was her YouTube funnel that has 2.3 million subscribers. Huda loves to keep things real. In addition to the regular makeup tutorials and trendy photos, she posts beauty memes in addition to satirical videos.

6. Ella Mills

Lifestyle and food blogger, Ella Mills, is really a British entrepreneur who began her very own brand – Deliciously Ella. Her blog began off like a personal platform that documented her journey of maintaining a healthy diet. Since that time, she’s converted it right into a rather effective business enterprise that features partnerships with retail giants like Tesco.

She’s even the author of probably the most effective diet cook book series. She regularly leverages Instagram to talk about recipes and cooking tips together with her 1.3 million supporters. Along with her husband, Ella also runs her very own deli working in london.

7. Murad and Nataly Osmann

Both of these Russian Muscovites take the travel photography industry by storm. They went viral this year accidentally when Murad published a photograph of then-girlfriend Nataly on Instagram. It portrayed her leading him by hands to roam the roads of Barcelona. What adopted was a remarkably recognizable #FollowMeTo series.

The work has morphed right into a proper blog in addition to business for that doting couple. It helped that they are two first individuals to develop a business for this theme. They’ve partnered with top brands like Macy’s and Beringer Vineyards to produce enthralling ads. The pair has additionally began their very own travel accessories line and jewellery brands since that time.

8. Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines is really a designer, effective entrepreneur, loving mother, and host of Fixer Upper on HGTV. Together with her husband Nick, she creates beautifying and renovating homes. While her husband takes proper care of the development aspect, she leverages her knowledge of design to assist customers.

Fixer Upper provides them an chance to showcase the renovations they’re doing as proprietors of Magnolia Homes. Furthermore, she leverages Instagram to help promote the show as well as their business. With 7.5 million supporters, she’s among the greatest home-decor lifestyle influencers.

9. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen could be best referred to as a YouTube sensation who sports 3.8 million subscribers. Her claim that they can fame was a number of videos detailing makeup methods and methods for ladies. Her funnel has changed recently to include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics too.

MissGlamorazzi (as her funnel was formerly known as) was her method of challenging herself to beat anxiety when speaking in public. The wonder powerhouse has her very own Instagram page with 1.5 million supporters. She leverages it to advertise various cosmetics and sweetness product brands. Even while doling out fashion and beauty ideas to her fanbase.

10. Meghan Rienks

For six years, 22-years old Meghan Rienks continues to be an online starlet. Since she was 16, she’s been discussing the good and the bad of her existence on her behalf blog. She’s received a reasonably big followership on social networking too, with 1.two million fans on Instagram alone.

A fast scroll through her feed, and you’ll notice how neat and appealing it appears. She incorporates lots of white-colored and negative space in her own photos combined with vibrant colors. The transition in one photo to a different is seamless adding an attractive flow towards the feed.

An actress and food blogger, she showcases various facets of her existence. Especially mouth-watering food images having a preference for baked desserts. On her behalf blog, you’ll find recipes to any or all her delectable creations. But her rise to fame was her YouTube videos documenting her awkward teenage life.

11. Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is really a Brazilian beauty blogger boasting 7.two million supporters on Instagram. She posts and blogs about tips about beauty, makeup, and fashion both in British and Portuguese. She’s sometimes known for supplying travel ideas to promote tourism in her own native country South america along with other South American countries.

Additionally to Instagram, she’s a sensation online too where she posts makeup tutorials on her fans. Camila is really a self-professed beauty addict that even labored like a makeup artist just before beginning her blog.

12. Julie Sarinana

Julie Sarinana is better noted for her fashion and lifestyle blog, Sincerely Jules. Her motto in existence? “Dream, Believe, Achieve.” Her blog began off being an outlet to talk about her daily ideas, inspirations, and photos from her day. Julie’s sophisticated California style has attracted 4.5 million devout supporters on Instagram.

What began off like a simple blog in ’09 has changed right into a major place to go for lifestyle and fashion inspiration. Additionally to becoming an influencer to find the best worldwide fashion brands, Julie runs her very own clothing line. She strongly believes within the philosophy that success originates from investing one’s mind and energy into everything they are doing.

13. Katie Stauffer

What began off like a curious search for Instagram has snowballed into something a lot more for Katie Stauffer. She’s a separate professional photographer, an Instagram celebrity, and first and foremost a loving mother. She’s built a 3.9 million fanbase onto it by discussing creative photos of her five children. Her twins, Emma and Mila, have practically developed on Instagram.

Katie’s one of individuals moms who’ve had the ability to turn family moments right into a business. She also runs her very own blog showcasing all of the beautiful and inventive recollections they’re making. Her three-year-old, Mila, has switched into quite the starlet herself – doling out existence advice in their innocent way. No question brands will always be approaching the Stauffers for collaborations.

14. Louis Cole

Forbes rated Louis Cole as among their Top Ten travel influencers this past year. The British vlogger is definitely an explorer who lives a nomadic existence, discussing pics and vids from the stunning locations he visits. He’s rose misty mountain tops, trekked through jungles, and circumnavigated the world. All of the that they even upon his blog.

A journey lover, he encourages his 1.4 million Instagram supporters to search out unique and enthralling adventures. His travel funnel online has received two million subscribers. Unlike other travel photographers, he doesn’t publish photos of luxury tropical destinations. Rather he clicks vivid, thought-provoking portraits from the locals and unfrequented locations.

15. Cassey Ho

Another Forbes certified influencer, Cassey Ho was voted among Top Ten fitness influencers through the magazine. She’s won numerous awards like a personal trainer and entrepreneur. She’s even the lady behind certainly one of YouTube’s top female fitness channels with 4.a million subscribers.

She’s a significant hit on Instagram, where she regularly posts workout tips, explainer videos, and inspirational messages. She’s featured in several media platforms like Cosmopolitan, The Brand New You are able to Occasions, Dr. Oz, and Hello America. Apart from collaborating with famous labels like Samsung, she also runs her blog and business Blogilates.


The celebrity-brand collaboration scene is continuously evolving. 10 years ago, nobody might have believed that people could be going foot to foot with celebrities. But that’s how it’s today. You’ve seen fitness experts, moms, fashionistas, as well as pets dominate the marketing world.

Experts in their own individual legal rights, they’ve displayed the capability to help over consumer decisions like nobody might have imagined. These lifestyle experts, if a person decides to give them a call that, are inspiring huge numbers of people daily. From the brand perspective, they’re a less expensive and interesting method to interact with their target audiences, when compared with celebrities.

Even though there are many such experts available, these 15 are our top chioces. Knowing any others you would like put into their email list, comment below.

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