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Top Features of an Online Event Platform

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As virtual events are gaining popularity, so are the numerous virtual event platforms striving to grab attention. However, not all platforms are equivalent in terms of their quality and the number of features offered. So, it becomes a daunting task to choose the best one among plenty of online event solutions.

Virtual Event Platform Features

Customization for Brand Awareness

Customization is the key feature that your virtual event platform must-have. It enables the event planner to customize the event website, registration page, chat rooms, marketing emails, and in-app networking with their branding. In short, the idea behind total customization is to create strong brand awareness. Make sure you incorporate your branding and logos everywhere throughout the virtual event.

Automation Feature for saving time

Automation makes the tasks easier for the event planner as well as saves time and money. While hosting the virtual event, look for an online event platform that has automation features. Ask the platform developer about how long it takes to register and upload data. Determine whether creating event pages is automated; and if yes, then how long it takes?

Virtual spaces with diversity

It is ideal to set up different virtual spaces in the event, for instance, lobby, networking lounge, exhibit halls, auditoriums, meeting rooms, etc. for seamless networking. Moreover, it also helps in engaging the attendees and amplifying their virtual experiences. In addition, it offers you opportunities for more branding and sponsorship.

Live Streaming for real-time experience

The Best Virtual Event Platform offers seamless live streaming features to the users. If you are hosting a virtual event then a few of your sessions might need to live stream for better engagement and draw more attendees to the event. In addition, attendees can also connect virtually via tools like Q&A sessions, surveys, live polling, and live chat. Thus, it is a must for a virtual event solution to have a live streaming feature to provide real-time experiences to the audience.

Broadcast Pre-recorded Content 

Not all the sessions can stream live. The online event solution must have the ability to record the videos and store them for future broadcast. The pre-recorded content is required when the speaker is busy on the day of the event, so he can pre-record and roll out the video during the event. Moreover, sometimes attendees can’t attend the event due to the different time zones. Therefore, pre-recorded content is a must feature to incorporate for every virtual event.

Virtual Engagement and Communication features

The major goal of attendees to attend the event be it in-person or online is to network and engage more. The virtual event platform must incorporate engagement features like Q&A, live polls, feedbacks, surveys, etc.

An online event software like Dreamcast also curates additional features like a social wall, gamification, AR photo booths, and live contests to bring out more engagement opportunities.

Moreover, the platform must also provide communication features like 1:1 chat and group chat to the attendees. Furthermore, audio/video functionality eases the communication between the attendees and speakers.

Social Media Integration

The essence of social media can make or break the success of an event. Having this feature is essential for your Digital Event Platform to have to market and promote the event. Above all, while selecting the platform, make sure it can integrate with various social media channels like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Integrated social media enables the audience to register through the same login credentials, share quotes, screenshots, images, and videos. In short, social media can create buzz before and after the event among the audience.

Data Backup for Repurpose

The virtual events comprise precious data like live streaming videos, pre-recorded content, presentations, webinars, files, documents, and so on. Irrespective of the content type, it is crucial for the platform to store the data for future use. In fact, this is the big advantage of hosting virtual events to repurpose the content in different ways. Hence, it is vital to choose the Best Virtual Event Platform like Dreamcast for organizing your event.

Efficient Customer Support

After all, the primary goal of an event manager is to think about attendees’ experiences. Therefore, the customer support offered by the platform must be reliable and efficient enough to provide immediate solutions to the attendees. Especially, when the virtual event is live, it is vital to resolve the issues of the attendees quickly. It ensures they have a seamless experience.

Make sure that your virtual event platform has a dedicated support team to deal with the customers through live chat/calls.

Data Analytics and Reporting

For every event, it is essential to measure its success through data metrics. Data Analytics gives the ability to determine the ROI metrics about the participants’ engagements and behavior throughout the event. Before choosing the virtual event partner, ensure it provides not only data but also insights for better evaluation of event KPIs. Data includes the number of attendees, number of messages exchanged, number of video views, number of downloads and so on. You could get better-refined data if the platform is integrated with analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


Monetization is a crucial feature that facilitates the event manager to generate the funds through different ways like-

  • Display the ads at various virtual spaces
  • Place logos at the event home page and registration page
  • Sell tickets for registration
  • Sell sponsorship and configure personalized booths for exhibitors
  • Promote sponsors in the email signature
  • Video recordings with short ads
  • Sell products at a virtual trade show and share a link to the online catalog
  • Monetize the content of past events

A good virtual event partner must perform the above tasks to generate revenues for the event manager.

Wrap Up 

The virtual events are here to stay, so are the virtual event platforms too. Choosing the platform with the above key features will help you in making your virtual event successful with flying colors.

The amazing news is that you can access all these features on a single virtual event platform, Dreamcast. Take a demo tour now!

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