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Tor vs DuckDuckGo

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When it comes to privacy, we all know how google is ill famous for tracking us and selling our data. Google is the most used Search Engine and the business model is Track user’s data which includes tracking which sites they visit, how much time they spend on it, how many times they use that specific website, and much more. And after that collecting, this data is sold to Marketing Services.

This data is used to advertise different products or services based on your search activity. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want someone tracking you, there can be no better option than using Tor or DuckDuckGo.

Now again there is much confusion regarding Tor and DuckDuckGo. Do not worry if you are confused too. This blog will help you to understand both the options available.

So Let’s Start:

Tor Project:

Tor comes under the The Tor Project. The initial release of The Tor Project was on 20 September 2002. The Tor Project motive is “to advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open-source anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding.”

Source: Tor Project Official Website

Under this project, it offers you software which is known as Tor Browser.

Tor Project

Tor Browser:

Tor Browser is written in C and Python Language. It can work across all platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux too. You can surf the web anonymously using The Tor Browser. This happens because Tor Browser changes your IP Address every time you use the internet. Some of the main features of Tor Browser are as follows:

Tor Browser


Tor provides encryption of the data you share every time you send or receive it on the internet. And to make your insecurities fade away, the Tor browser does this encryption process multiple times. So, you don’t need to worry about your data security and privacy.


Cross-Platform Availability:

Tor Browser is available across almost all platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS which means you can use it on all your devices. This makes you more comfortable and accustomed to Tor Browser’s theme and customization.

Cross-Platform Availability

Combination of Browsers:

Not many people know that The Tor Browser is a combination of Mozilla Firefox. If you love using Mozilla Firefox you will love the Tor Browser too. You can also configure Tor on Firefox. That’s why I call it an amazing browser.

Combination of Browsers

Unblock blocked websites:

If there are websites blocked in your country and you want to visit them, the tor browser is the best option. You can access all the blocked websites easily. People also say that Dark Web can be accessed using Tor browser. It is considered to be a special web browser for surfing such sites. You can even access Torrent sites using this browser.

Unblock blocked websites

Perform Tasks Secretly:

If you want to perform any online Task while maintaining secrecy, The Tor browser helps you in that too. You can easily visit websites to order something without revealing your IP Address. Tor is the best secure browser. It can be slow than other options. However, without using Tor network, this problem can also get solved.

Perform Tasks Secretly


The Tor browser is very popular among web developers. It can handle millions of users altogether.


Unlike other browsers, The Tor browser is completely free. It’s open-source so you can make some changes according to your choice. Tor Browser’s source code is available for free too. You can download it on:



Now coming to DuckDuckGo it is another option if you prefer privacy over google’s search engine. DuckDuckGo was initially released in 2008. Not many people know that it is also included in Apple’s Safari Browser too. Mozilla Firefox has the option to make DuckDuckGo as the first preferred search engine. In 2018, the company released its app and web extension across all the platforms. Now coming to DuckDuckGo features, they are innumerable still some of them are mentioned below:


Instant Answers:

DuckDuckGo provides you instant search for the results above any other websites. Like if you search for what rhymes with duck it will show the result as in the image below-


This feature is completely helpful for many users who need to use other search engines as well. For instance, if you want to search for Bluetooth Headphones on DuckDuckGo, just type in !a Bluetooth Headphones. And as simple as that you’ll land on amazon results. Such features make it a great choice for internet users.



Now let’s talk about privacy and security. If you want privacy while surfing the surface web, The DuckDuckGo browser is the best option available to you. It doesn’t track your data. It means the ads displayed on the websites are not based on data which is generally collected. In simple language It means, it doesn’t uses your browser search history and browser cookies to serve up ads. Moreover, Unlike Google, for now, it doesn’t have its own advertising platform. So you don’t need to worry at all.


DuckDuckGo and Tor are very much different though it may seem they provide the same motive. There are different benefits to each. It all depends on the user how they use them and for what purpose. Though there are some disadvantages too like DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a complete browser and it doesn’t hide your IP address completely. Also, Tor browsers are used by many criminals for illegal activities. It is also difficult to track hackers using Tor Browser. Therefore, one must be always cautious while surfing the web. Moreover, you can also use DuckDuckGo along with the Tor Browser which can help you be more secure and anonymous.

I hope this article would have helped you. Now all your queries and doubts would have been cleared about both the browser. If still, there is a query left, then you can leave your comments below. Also don’t forget to tell us about your experience if you are already using any of these browsers.

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