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Total Enhance Rx review – A Supplement Which Increases The Male Enhancement

Today a lot of men want to enhance their sexual performance. There are a lot of supplements available for them which help in the improvement of their mood and energy. There are a lot of supplements for male enhancement that are available today in the market and you need to find the best for you which have no side effects.

Total Enhance Rx

These supplements increase the blood flow which leads to male enhancement. The energy is provided to men through these male enhancement supplements. Read on to know more about Total Enhance Rx.

What is Total Enhance Rx?

It is a dietary supplement that helps the men to boost the stamina, increase the natural size of men, and also improves the overall strength of men. It is also claimed by the men that Total Enhance Rx. It improves the mood and also boosts energy levels. This will lead to an increase in sex drive and sexual libido. It also provides succour to the sexual performance of the men through the natural blood flow increase to the penis. There will be a restoration of the natural level of testosterone in men.

The parent company which is providing Total Enhance Rx is Nature’s Nutrition. This is the parent company which is manufacturing this product. The products are sold to the public through retail stores and some online retailers. They believe that living longer is just not the motive but wellness should be. They believe in living better and this is what they may put in their supplements. It has also claimed by the manufacturer that all the ingredients used are natural and also have a commitment to your well being. No history about the manufacturer is available so they may be a newcomer to the supplement industry which deals with health and fitness.

What are the ingredients in Total Enhance Rx?

There are natural ingredients used in Total Enhance Rx which are divided into two categories. One is primary ingredients and then the other is a proprietary blend. Some of the details about the ingredients are provided as follows and the benefits of Total Enhance Rx are also described. 

Tongkat Ali – this acts as the natural defense against any anxiety and stress. There is a link between erectile dysfunction and stress which can further lead to problems in erections. 

L- Arginine – these ingredients succours in the increase in the flow of blood. This will help in the treatment of the problems related to erection. 

Zinc – this provides the benefit to prostate health which helps in hormone production.  

Maca – This ingredient helps in the improvement of sexual desire in men and also improves sexual performance.

Ginseng, Eleutherococcus blend – with the combination of the Gingseng supplements, it helps in the reduction of stress and also boosts your immune system. A lot of herbal extracts and supplements are there in the proprietary blend.

Pumpkin seed extract, astragalus, Sarsaparilla root, Muria Puama, and various others for the blend to this supplement. All these ingredients are used as it has aphrodisiac properties. A lot of these combined ingredients help in the better flow of blood to the penis. Some also offer support to the prostate health of males. With the natural herbs, extracts, and food, it has helped the men in erectile problems.

What are the pros of Total Enhance Rx?

  • When you will take Total Enhance Rx, the user will notice that their penis has grown longer.
  • The natural ingredients which are present in Total Enhance Rx help in providing a boost to the various other parts of the body.
  • No hormone is used in this product.
  • It is not a prescription medicine but only a supplement which may help you in the erectile tissues.
  • After taking Total Enhance Rx, your sexual desire may increase. 

What are the cons of Total Enhance Rx?

  • There can be some unwanted interactions by taking Total Enhance Rx with prescription medicines.
  • Some ingredients might affect blood pressure.
  • Total Enhance Rx is available only via third party retailers available online and no information about the manufacturer is available.
  • Total Enhance Rx provides all the benefits of male enhancement and the results of this supplement can vary.

Final verdict

After taking Total Enhance Rx, a lot of men have got good results and have improved their sexual performance. Some research doubts the working of the natural supplements for male enhancement. Before you take any supplement, you should always take the advice from your doctor as some of the supplements may harm your body. Total Enhance Rx has listed the dosage amount of its active ingredients. But you should also research these dosages before you take them.

Total Enhance Rx can be beneficial for those who have a deficiency in nutrients or some minerals. Before you buy, you must do a comparison with other products.


Some of the frequently asked questions 

Q. What is the return policy of Total Enhance Rx?

All online retailers have different return policies for their products. This will also vary among the different retailers.

Q. How Total Enhance Rx should be taken?

As per the label of the product, it is recommended 2 capsules must be taken daily to get the best results. It is not mentioned whether you should take the product daily or just right before sex.

Q. If there any free trial provided by Total Enhance Rx?

There is no information about the trial of Total Enhance Rx mentioned.

Q. What is the cost of Total Enhance Rx?

For the thirty day supply, it has been listed by the online retailer at $7.92 and for the two month supply; it is listed at $14.92. For three months, it is $19.92. If you order it from third parties, so you will be responsible for the shipping rates.

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