Types and Significance of Home Exterior Painting

The types of painting depend on the results of the paint and its withstanding ability against the harsh weather and furious sunshine. It is the only paint of the home areas that have to remain in sun heat and sunlight exposure for a longer period. Aside from the sun and weather, the exterior home paint is the category that bears rains, thunderous sleet, hail, and snowfall. This is not only the case but just imagine what about the clouds of dust that float around your home, and ultimately they land and get deposited on the home exterior paint. You must have seen that windowpanes of the big buildings are cleaned regularly, the same applies to the exterior paints of the buildings. This is why, the home exterior paint is more significant than interior paints in terms of resistance against the weather and the fierce sun.

Home Exterior Painting

Following, we are discussing some of the best exterior painting types.

Primer Exterior Painting

In fact, it is not a true paint, as the primer works as the superficial or base coat to better enable your exterior painting surface for the new color over the coat. The benefit of the primer paint is that it sticks and stays on the surface for years along with increasing the durability of the exterior paint. It’s also important to use the best quality primer paint with a favorable kind of paint. This is a backend holder of the frontal paint. Thanks to the primer paint—the exterior paint could retain its shine & worth.

Oil-Based Paint

This type of paint is a finish of the exterior paint. Though Oil-based paint helps create a sturdier and more hard-wearing finish followed by the baseline paint under the finish. Its performance is awesome making it an ideal choice for the exterior paint projects. The lower sides or lower parts of the boundary walls are that they consume more paints for a longer period to cure as opposed to the water-based paints. The lower side of the walls or home due to being more prone to moistures and mold need thicker coats of the paint. Therefore the oil-based paint is used oftentimes by mixing with harsh chemicals to help retain the longevity of the paints.

Flat Finish Paint

This painting type is really useful for homes with an open place like a roadside home. It absorbs more dust and doesn’t reflect light. Therefore, it is suitable for snowy areas although the Home Painting Services also recommend it for the general areas because of its feature to resist against the specks and dust.

5 Signs That Your Home’s Exterior Needs A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Whether you are planning to live in your home for years to come or considering the option of selling it anytime soon, the paint job is a must. You must think of painting your exterior at least twice a year because it is the first thing that is noticed by guests or potential buyers. Moreover, when you come back to your home after a tiring day at the office, your home’s exterior is the first thing that you notice. If it is painted fresh, the mere look of your home will make you feel rejuvenated. However, if the paint colors are fading, it will further destroy your mood.

Besides, repainting the exterior of your home is also important for protecting the material from direct sun exposure and preserving the value of your home. If you are not sure when to hire exterior painting services for your home, look for these signs that indicate how badly your home’s exterior requires a fresh coat of paint.

Paint Starts Peeling

You may have done the previous paint job a few months ago but the paint started peeling or cracking. This usually happens when you use low-quality paint material. In low-quality paint material, the elements of the paint do not bond properly with the wall, and peeling starts soon. In such situations, you have no other choice but to paint your exterior with new paint colors. Even if the paint is of good quality, due to extreme weather conditions, peeling occurs and you are bound to repaint your exterior.

Paint Starts Fading

This is another indication that your home’s exterior needs a fresh coat of paint. Usually, the fading occurs over the years and it is mainly due to continuous sun exposure. You may have noticed that the interior walls of your home do not fade even if you painted it at the same time when you painted the outside of your home. `

Gaps In The Sealing Areas

When you start seeing gaps in areas around the sealing, it is a sign that your home’s exterior needs repainting. If ignored for long, you might feel like the outside walls of your home are pulling away from the door. To fill in the gaps, you must think of painting again your walls because these gaps need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Mildew & Algae Spots On The Walls

The moment you notice there are black or gray spots on the walls, it means mildew and algae are destroying your exterior. It needs to be treated as soon as possible, otherwise, it might cause the paint to peel. It also gives an unsightly look to your home and if it damages the wooden frame of your door, the repairs become costly. Remember one thing, when treating with mold that you first have to inhibit the source of humidity, so that the new layer of paint remains intact.

Blistering On The Wall

When there is continuous exposure of sunlight or there is a continuous leakage of water at some point, you will notice blistering over there. Bubbles start forming in the paint which becomes the main reason for the paint peeling. To avoid this problem in the future, you must let the wall completely dry before you coat a new layer of paint on it. You are also recommended to hire professional home painting services so that there are no problems with blistering later on.

Final Thoughts!

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to repaint your exterior. However, before you start the paintwork, make sure that the weather is optimal for it.