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What Is Christmas and When Did it Start?

Christmas is the annual Christian pageant celebrating Christ’s delivery, held on December 25 within the Western Church. The conventional date of December 25 goes again so far as A.D. 273. Two pagan festivals honoring the solar have been additionally celebrated on that day and it’s doable that December 25 was chosen to counteract the affect of paganism. To this present day some individuals really feel uncomfortable with Christmas as a result of they assume it’s by some means tainted by the pagan festivals held on that day. But Christians have lengthy believed that the gospel not solely transcends tradition, it additionally transforms it. In A.D. 320 one theologian answered this criticism by noting, “We maintain this present day holy, not just like the pagans due to the delivery of the solar, however due to him who made it.”

This content material was tailored from “Christmas Eve” by Dan Graves.

Why can we have a good time on December twenty fifth?

There are two particular theories for why we use the date of December twenty fifth for Christmas.

First, individuals and religions of the day celebrated some type of vacation round that point. From Jewish Chanukah to Pagan Winter Solstice to Germanic Yule to Roman Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birth of the Unconquered Sun); the sheer variety of celebration days with bushes, decorations, xmas logs, mistletoe and feasts appear to level to a season of celebration to which Christians added the delivery of Jesus as a counter-cultural occasion and probably even an escape from the pagan holidays for early believers.

December twenty fifth was the Saturnalia Festival of emancipation, present giving and the triumph of sunshine after the longest evening. The Christian sees the reality implicit on this pagan custom that displays: Christ the Light of the world, His conquer the evening of sin in Luke 1:78-79:

“…Because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising solar will come to us from heaven 79 to shine on these dwelling in darkness and within the shadow of loss of life, to information our toes into the trail of peace.”

The second idea facilities across the date “accepted” by the Western Church of March 25 because the Annunciation or Immaculate Conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb. December 25 is 9 months later and thus celebrated because the birthday of Jesus. Regardless of the doable causes for the date, the church calendar was set within the West throughout Constantine’s reign whereas the Eastern Church held onto the date of January 6 for a while.

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For centuries, Christmas was celebrated not as a single day, however as an entire season in elements of the world, starting with this present day, December 24, Christmas Eve. Perhaps the observe of celebrating the night earlier than the large day is an echo from historical Jewish reckoning. Among earlier Jews, a day started at six within the night and ran till six the next night. Had not Moses written: “An night and a morning have been the primary day”?

Christmas means “Christ-mass.” Although the date is a guess, the custom of observing it goes again to not less than the fourth century. Under the affect of the church, Christian traditions changed pagan solstice festivals all through Europe. Often the extra harmless pagan practices (akin to bringing in a Yule log, adorning with holly and the like) have been carried over into the Christmas observance, transfigured with new which means.

This content material was tailored from “Christmas Eve” by Dan Graves.

The Christian Meaning Behind Ancient Traditions

Evergreen Trees have been the image of everlasting life. Martin Luther launched them to the Reformation Church as an image of our countless life in Christ, by bringing in a tree to his household on Christmas Eve lit with candles (Isaiah 60:13).

Candles are an image that Christ is the Light of the world (John 8).

Holly speaks of the thorns in His crown (Matthew 27:29).

Red is a shade of Christmas that speaks of Christ’s blood and loss of life.

Gifts are a reminder of the items of the Magi to child Jesus. Each of them converse to a element of His incarnation: Majesty in life, Bitterest Agony in Death and He as God’s Perfect present to us (Matthew 2).

More Holiday Traditions

The Yule Log was a logo by which all the boys within the household would carry a log giant sufficient to burn for 12 days into the home. They have been figuring out with Christ and His Cross. The hearth was began with a fraction from the earlier years [this refers to the eternal existence of Christ before His birth] log. It speaks of heat, unity, pleasure and the safety of countless life.

Mistletoe was an historical image from the Roman occasions. It was below mistletoe that outdated enmities and damaged friendship have been restored. So Christ was the One who took away the enmity and gave us peace with God (Romans 5:1; Romans 8:1).

Bells are related to ringing out information. Christ is the excellent news, the very best information of all.

Modern Traditions

In 1822, Clement Moore wrote a poem for kids that has by no means been forgotten. It was entitled, “Twas the Night earlier than Christmas…”!

Santa Claus is a Dutch phrase that’s truly Sinter Claus, Saint Nicholas, in English.

Saint Nicholas was the supposed early Bishop of a church in Asia Minor [the modern country of Turkey]. He turned conscious of some determined wants in his congregation, and a household having to promote their youngsters into slavery, so one evening he got here and left cash on their doorstep. It was gold in a stocking.

Christmas Cards began in 1844. An English artist named William Dobson, drew up some footage in England to be used at this season. They discovered native use there and shortly unfold to America. In 1846 Cole and Horsley noticed the business potential of this rising custom and began the manufacturing of what’s now over a $1,000,000,000.00 trade, that sees 4 billion playing cards despatched annually in America alone.

This content material was tailored from the unique article “The Origin of Christmas Traditions and Christ’s Birth” by Dr. John Barnett.

The Origin of the Christmas Tree

Among the various accounts claiming to clarify the origin of the Christmas tree, the three hottest are from Germany — making it the likeliest fatherland. The tales span from the eighth to the sixteenth century. All three have some aspect of historic reality, and so they might even loosely join from one to a different.

1. The first story is about St. Boniface. In the eighth century, he was a missionary to a number of the remotest tribes of Germany. He might be greatest recognized for what known as the “Felling of Thor’s Oak.” It is alleged that upon getting into a city in northern Hesse (Hessia), Boniface realized that the individuals worshiped the god Thor who they believed resided in an amazing oak tree amongst them. Boniface decided that if he needed to earn an viewers with the individuals, he must confront Thor. He introduced earlier than the those that he was going to chop down the oak, and he overtly challenged Thor to strike him down. Miraculously, as Boniface started to cut the oak, a mighty wind blew and hurled the tree to the bottom. Tradition holds {that a} fir tree was rising within the roots of the oak, and Boniface claimed the tree as a logo of Christ. Needless to say, the individuals readily accepted Boniface’s message, and the tree ultimately got here to be related to the delivery of Christ and a celebration of the day when the mighty God (who may hurl a huge oak to the bottom) selected to humbly enter the world as a babe.

2. Another doable supply of the Christmas tree (and possibly the more than likely) comes from medieval spiritual performs in Germany. Among the most well-liked of those performs was the “Paradise” play. It began with the creation of man, acted out the primary sin, and confirmed Adam and Eve being expelled from Paradise (the Garden of Eden). It closed with the promise of a coming Savior, which made the play a specific favourite through the Christmas season. In the play, the Garden of Eden was most frequently represented by a fir tree hung with apples and surrounded by candles.

3. A 3rd custom concerning the origin of the Christmas tree attributes it to Martin Luther, an influential chief of the Reformation. Some say that on Christmas Eve, Luther was strolling by means of the woods close to his dwelling. He was struck by the fantastic thing about how the snow shimmered within the moonlight on the branches of the bushes. In an effort to re-create the magnificent sight for his household, he reduce down the tree, positioned it in his dwelling, and embellished it with candles.

This content material was tailored from the unique article “The Origin of the Christmas Tree” by Angie Mosteller.

6 Ways to Make Christmas about Jesus

  • Give a present to Jesus.
  • Like Christ, give to those that cannot repay you.
  • Pause to sense the darkness outdoors at evening, after which thank God for sending the sunshine.
  • Read the Scriptures to your loved ones.
  • Start some traditions that time to Christ.
  • Enjoy this excellent time of the yr, do not lose the season for the frenzy.

This content material was tailored from the unique article “The Origin of Christmas Traditions and Christ’s Birth” by Dr. John Barnett.

3 Christmas Carols that Tell the True Christmas Story

“The First Noel”

“Noel” derives from the Latin verb “nasci,” to be born, and ultimately trickled down into the French reference to the Christmas vacation. Defined, it actually means, “a Christmas carol” (Merriam Webster). The very world “Noel” is synonymous with Christmas.

It’s fairly doable that the tune of this track has been performed because the 1200s. Davies Gilbert added the lyrics within the 1800s, and it was printed in 1823. The track retells the story from Luke 2 of the angels telling the shepherds within the subject of the Savior being born, and the clever males following that very same star to deliver Him items.

Embracing Noel sends us touring again to an historical period, the place our timeless Savior was born. The phrase used to explain the day of His delivery turned an anthem in celebration of the day of His delivery. Though the angels sang in celebration of His delivery first, we get to share in that pleasure of His coming by singing alongside at the moment.

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”

Historically an Advent track, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” exudes the angst of a individuals ready for his or her Savior. With references to the Rod of Jesse and the Key of David, it envelopes the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ, which brings the New Testament into an excellent brighter gentle.

The first verse of the track speaks of the Son of God showing. When we sing this traditional Christmas carol, we’re lauding the Lord over stanzas of Scripture that took over 800 years to be fulfilled. Isaiah spoke of the Messiah’s delivery round 740-680 BC: “Therefore the Lord himself will provide you with an indication: The virgin will conceive and provides delivery to a son, and can name him Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). Centuries later, Matthew recorded these phrases: “The virgin will conceive and provides delivery to a son, and they’ll name him Immanuel” (which implies “God with us”; Matthew 1:23).

“Joy to the World”

Isaac Watts penned the lyrics to “Joy to the World,” however God Himself ordained the Scripture that’s referenced all through its stanzas. Psalm 98, Psalm 96:11-12 and Genesis 3:17-18 are all embraced within the lovely reality of what Christmas is admittedly about. Since 1719, we’ve had a melody to weave across the embrace of those guarantees. They are timeless and with out boundary.

“And so, let the heavens resound in gladness! Let pleasure be the earth’s rhythm as the ocean and all its creatures roar. Let the fields develop in triumph, a grand jubilee for all that dwell there. Let all of the bushes of the forest dig in and attain excessive with songs of pleasure earlier than the Eternal” (Psalm 96:11-12).

“Joy to the World” is a repetition of God’s guarantees; ones that we have to repeat to ourselves far past the Christmas season. The very definition of the phrase, “pleasure,” is “a supply or trigger of pleasure” (Merriam-Webster). “He reigns with reality and style.” He is righteous, He has come, and sits on the proper hand of the Father with authority.

This content material was tailored from the unique article “10 Christmas Carols that Tell the Real Story of Christmas” by Meg Bucher.

Christmas Bible Verses

“Therefore the Lord himself will provide you with an indication: The virgin will conceive and provides delivery to a son, and can name him Immanuel.” Isaiah 7:14

“The Word turned flesh and made his dwelling amongst us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and solely Son, who got here from the Father, filled with grace and reality.” John 1:14

“This is how the delivery of Jesus the Messiah took place: His mom Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, however earlier than they got here collectively, she was discovered to be pregnant by means of the Holy Spirit. Because Joseph her husband was devoted to the legislation, and but didn’t wish to expose her to public shame, he had in thoughts to divorce her quietly. But after he had thought of this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and mentioned, “Joseph son of David, don’t be afraid to take Mary dwelling as your spouse, as a result of what’s conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give delivery to a son, and you’re to provide him the title Jesus, as a result of he’ll save his individuals from their sins.” All this befell to meet what the Lord had mentioned by means of the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and provides delivery to a son, and they’ll name him Immanuel” (which implies “God with us”). When Joseph wakened, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary dwelling as his spouse. But he didn’t consummate their marriage till she gave delivery to a son. And he gave him the title Jesus.” Matthew 1:18-25

“For to us a toddler is born, to us a son is given, and the federal government will likely be on his shoulders. And he will likely be known as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the greatness of his authorities and peace there will likely be no finish. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that point on and eternally. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.” Isaiah 9:6-7

“But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, although you’re small among the many clans of Judah, out of you’ll come for me one who will likely be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of outdated, from historical occasions.” Micah 5:2

To learn extra Christmas Bible verses, click on right here!

This article is a part of our bigger Christmas and Advent useful resource library centered across the occasions main as much as the delivery of Jesus Christ. We hope these articles allow you to perceive the which means and story behind essential Christian holidays and dates and encourage you as you are taking time to replicate on all that God has performed for us by means of his son Jesus Christ!

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