UNICEF reports that 116 million babies will be born during this Corona Virus COVID-19 pandemic

The expecting mothers and the new-born babies will be experiencing containment measures being adopted against corona virus outbreak all across the world. These measures include lockdowns, curfews, overworking and overcrowded health centres, shortages of supplies and equipment, and a shortage of sufficiently skilled birth attendants. UNICEF has given such a statement on Thursday May 7th, 2020, as quoted by Xinhua News Agency.

UNICEF reports that 116 million babies

The United Nations Children’s Fund or the UNICEF has made an estimate that 116 milllion babies are expected to be born across the world, when this world is under the attack of Corona virus COVID-19.

This report was published two days before the World’s Mother’s Day. It is observed on May 10th this year by about 128 countries in all over the world.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said. “Millions of mothers all over the world embarked on a journey of parenthood in the world as it was,”

She further added “They now must prepare to bring a life into the world as it has become – a world where expecting mothers are afraid to go to health centres for fear of getting infected, or missing out on emergency care due to strained health services and lockdowns.

“It is hard to imagine how much the coronavirus pandemic has recast motherhood,” She said.

This organization has given an alert call to all the governments and health care provider organizations to be prepared and proactive in this matter. They must help the pregnant women with regular check-ups and medical care during and after delivery. All the birth attendants and health care workers must work with proper personal protective equipment.

UNICEF urged the world to be prepared to provide a healthy environment to the new-borns and their mothers, when the threat of corona virus has become overwhelming.