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Victoria Ekanoye Illness and Health Update: What Really Happened to Victoria Ekanoye?

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Victoria Ekanoye Illness and Health Update

Victoria Ekanoye, a prominent English actress, captured the hearts of many with her versatile acting skills and charming presence. However, her life took an unexpected turn in November 2021 when she bravely shared her battle with breast cancer. This article dives into Victoria Ekanoye’s illness journey, her remarkable comeback to the entertainment industry, and her continuous advocacy for breast cancer awareness.

The Diagnosis and Courageous Decision

In November 2021, Victoria Ekanoye faced a daunting health challenge – a breast cancer diagnosis. The news sent shockwaves through her admirers and supporters. Faced with this life-altering situation, Ekanoye made a courageous decision to undergo a double mastectomy, a procedure aimed at removing both breasts. This choice was not easy, but it was a crucial step in her fight against cancer.

The Year-Long Hiatus

Following the surgery, Victoria Ekanoye took a year-long hiatus from her career to focus on her health and recovery. This period of self-care and reflection allowed her to gather her strength and resilience to face the challenges ahead.

The Triumphant Return

In 2022, after her year-long break, Victoria Ekanoye made a triumphant return to the screen, appearing in the popular TV series “Death in Paradise.” Her comeback was met with overwhelming support and admiration from fans and fellow actors alike. It was a testament to her unwavering determination and passion for her craft.

Victoria Ekanoye Filmography



2013 Dormant

Elle Fatale

Adots Apprentice

2015 Mop, Bucket and Cape
2017 Last Laugh
2015-2018 The Royals
2017–2019 Coronation Street
2019 Almost Never
2020 Doctors

The Worst Witch

2022 Death in Paradise

Christmas in Paradise

2023 Vera

The Real Full Monty

A Glimpse into Her Health Update

Fast forward to December 2023, Victoria Ekanoye shared a remarkable health update during an appearance on ITV’s “Loose Women.” She revealed that she had undergone a groundbreaking blood test to detect molecular circulating cancer cells. While the test detected a small amount of treatable cancer cells, Ekanoye remained positive and vigilant in her fight against the disease.

Advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness

Victoria Ekanoye’s journey with breast cancer has transformed her into an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Her personal battle, along with her family’s history of cancer, has intensified her commitment to encouraging regular health checks and early detection. She uses her platform not only to share her story but also to inspire and educate others about the importance of breast health.

Who is Victoria Ekanoye?

Victoria Ekanoye, born on December 11, 1981, in Bury, Greater Manchester, England, is a talented English actress. Her acting career, which began in 2010, includes notable roles in “Coronation Street,” “The Royals,” “Almost Never,” and “Death in Paradise.” Ekanoye’s dedication to her craft and her resilience in the face of adversity make her a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry.

Name Victoria Ekanoye
Born 11 December 1981
Age 42
Birthplace Bury, Greater Manchester,


Occupation Actress
Years Active 2010–present
Television The Royals, Coronation Street,

The X Factor: Celebrity

Children 1

Victoria Ekanoye’s Versatile Career

Throughout her career, Victoria Ekanoye has showcased her versatility in various television and film roles. She gained recognition for her portrayal of Angie Appleton in the ITV soap opera “Coronation Street.” Her credits also extend to shows like “Doctors,” “The Worst Witch,” and participation in TV shows such as “The Chase: Celebrity Special” and “The X Factor: Celebrity.” Ekanoye’s talent transcends boundaries in the entertainment landscape.

A Family History of Resilience

Victoria Ekanoye’s journey with breast cancer is not isolated within her own life. She comes from a family that has faced the challenges of cancer head-on. Remarkably, she is the ninth person in her family to be diagnosed with cancer, with five family members specifically battling breast cancer. Her mother, Candy, is a breast cancer survivor, and Ekanoye’s experiences have deepened her commitment to raising awareness and supporting those affected by this disease.

Age is Just a Number

Despite the health challenges she has faced, Victoria Ekanoye’s age, 42 years old as of now, is a testament to her strength and determination. Her resilience in the face of adversity, her commitment to her career, and her advocacy efforts all reflect her unwavering spirit.


Victoria Ekanoye’s journey through illness and her triumphant return to the entertainment industry is a testament to her resilience and determination. Her advocacy for breast cancer awareness serves as an inspiration to all. As she continues her fight against cancer, she reminds us of the importance of regular health checks and early detection.

Victoria Ekanoye Illness and Health Update – FAQs

1. What health challenges did Victoria Ekanoye face?

Victoria Ekanoye faced breast cancer, undergoing a double mastectomy in November 2021, and returned to acting in 2022.

2. What was her health update in December 2023?

In December 2023, Victoria Ekanoye shared she underwent a groundbreaking blood test detecting molecular circulating cancer cells, remaining positive about treatment.

3. Who is Victoria Ekanoye?

Victoria Ekanoye is an English actress known for her roles in “Coronation Street” and “Death in Paradise” and advocates for breast cancer awareness.

4. What is Victoria Ekanoye’s family background?

Victoria Ekanoye comes from a family with a history of cancer, being the ninth person diagnosed, and actively raises awareness about breast cancer.

5. Did Victoria Ekanoye have breast cancer?

Yes, Victoria Ekanoye was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2021, underwent a double mastectomy, and resumed her acting career in 2022.

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