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Where is Adam Johnson Now? A Peek into His Past, Present, and Future!

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Where is Adam Johnson Now

As of the present, Adam Johnson, the disgraced former professional footballer, remains in a state of limbo, unable to secure a position within any professional club since his release from prison in 2019. Despite his previous stints at Middlesbrough, Manchester City, and Sunderland, his reputation was irreparably marred following his dismissal by Sunderland in the aftermath of his guilty plea for misconduct with a child. This grave offense resulted in a six-year prison sentence, of which he served three years before being released on license after completing half of his original term.

Johnson’s attempts to re-enter the world of football have been significantly hindered by the complexities arising from the nature of his conviction, ultimately leaving him in a situation where even lower-league clubs within his geographical proximity have expressed a reluctance to consider his signing. Despite his reported optimism during his time in prison about a potential comeback, his family is said to have discouraged him from penning an open letter to all English clubs, fearing the potential backlash it might invite. Consequently, as of now, Adam Johnson remains without a professional footballing opportunity, grappling with the ramifications of his past actions.

Who is Adam Johnson?

Adam Johnson is an English professional footballer who rose to prominence through his exceptional skills as a winger. Having emerged from the Middlesbrough youth academy, he marked his presence at the youthful age of 17 during a UEFA Cup match, displaying his innate talent and potential. With 120 appearances for Middlesbrough, Johnson’s career trajectory also included impactful loan spells at Leeds United and Watford, where he continued to showcase his prowess on the field.

In February 2010, Johnson’s career took a significant turn as he transitioned to Manchester City, a move that proved to be a pivotal point in his journey. During his tenure at the club, he earned notable achievements, including clinching the prestigious FA Cup in 2011 and triumphing in the Premier League the subsequent season, solidifying his position as a skilled and accomplished footballer. His contributions to the sport were further amplified when he was signed by his hometown club, Sunderland, for a substantial fee of £10 million in 2012. Johnson’s impact transcended club football, as he also made significant contributions while representing England at various levels, earning 12 caps at the senior level.

Specifications Details
Full Name Adam Johnson
Date of Birth July 14, 1987
Place of Birth Sunderland, England
Nationality English
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Current Age 36 years old (as of 2023)
Occupation Former Professional Footballer
Clubs Played For Middlesbrough, Manchester City, Sunderland
Position Winger
International Career England (12 caps, 2 goals)

Adam Johnson’s Career

Adam Johnson is an English former professional footballer who began his career at Middlesbrough’s youth academy. After joining Middlesbrough at the age of 12, he quickly made an impact and was part of the squad that won the 2003–04 FA Youth Cup alongside teammates such as David Wheater, Tony McMahon, and Andrew Taylor. He made his senior debut for Middlesbrough at the age of 17 in the UEFA Cup and later made his Premier League debut, showcasing his potential as a young talent.

Johnson had loan spells at Leeds United and Watford, where he gained valuable experience before returning to Middlesbrough. He became a crucial player for the team and played a vital role in their matches. His impressive performances caught the attention of other clubs, and he eventually moved to Manchester City in 2010, where he made a significant impact. During his time at Manchester City, he won the FA Cup in 2011 and the Premier League in 2012.

In 2012, Johnson returned to his hometown team Sunderland, where he continued to display his skills and talent. He scored crucial goals for the team and played a significant role in their matches. However, his career took a negative turn when he was suspended by Sunderland in 2015 following his arrest. Despite the charges against him, he initially pleaded not guilty and continued to play for the club. However, after pleading guilty, his contract was terminated, effectively ending his professional football career.

On the international stage, Johnson represented England at various levels, including the under-19 and under-21 teams. He made his senior debut in 2010 and scored two goals during his time with the national team. Adam Johnson’s career is marked by his early promise and talent, as well as his contributions to the clubs he played for before his career was derailed by legal issues.

Adam Johnson Early Life

Adam Johnson hails from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, and spent his formative years in Easington, County Durham, located in the North East of England. His early football journey commenced with his involvement in the Cleveland Juniors Football Club, where he began to showcase his natural talent and enthusiasm for the sport. Johnson’s academic pursuits led him to the Easington Community Science College, where he continued to foster his passion for football, honing his skills both on and off the field.

Notably, his remarkable performance, marked by scoring two goals at a Wembley Stadium seven-a-side school match, caught the attention of the esteemed Johnny Haynes, who lauded Johnson’s abilities, acknowledging him as “a great little player” with a “lovely left foot.” Johnson’s educational path further intertwined with his football aspirations as he engaged with the academies of Sunderland and Middlesbrough, setting the stage for his eventual rise in the world of professional football.

Adam Johnson Personal Life

Adam Johnson’s personal life saw significant fluctuations, marked by various developments and changes in his familial and residential circumstances. Prior to his incarceration, he resided in Castle Eden, County Durham. During this time, he welcomed a daughter, born in January 2015, with his former partner Stacey Flounders. However, their relationship encountered turbulence, as Flounders revealed during Johnson’s trial in February 2016 that they had separated, citing his admission of infidelity with other women.

While serving his prison sentence in 2017, Johnson made the decision to sell his residence, Tollgate Lodge, for a substantial sum of £1.7 million. Interestingly, the property was purchased by the renowned Durham and England cricketer, Ben Stokes. Following his release from prison, Johnson returned to live in Castle Eden, residing in a seven-bedroom home that he had constructed during his time behind bars. Furthermore, he and Stacey Flounders expanded their family with the birth of a son in July 2021, signifying a new chapter in their personal journey.

Adam Johnson Net Worth

Adam Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. His main source of income during his professional football career came from his contracts with various clubs, including Middlesbrough, Manchester City, and Sunderland. As a professional footballer, he earned a substantial salary and likely received bonuses and incentives based on his performance and the achievements of the teams he played for.

Additionally, endorsements and sponsorship deals with various brands and companies may have contributed to his income. Many professional athletes, especially those who achieve a significant level of success and recognition, often enter into partnerships and endorsement agreements with businesses, which can be a significant source of supplementary income. It is important to note that following the legal issues that led to the termination of his contract with Sunderland, his income from professional football significantly diminished.

Adam Johnson Age

As of 2023, Adam Johnson is 36 years old, having experienced a notable journey in his life and career. Throughout his trajectory, he encountered various highs and lows, showcasing his resilience and adaptability. Despite the challenges, Johnson’s age reflects a significant period of growth and maturity, marked by both personal and professional milestones.

Adam Johnson Height

Adam Johnson stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). His stature places him at an average height for a male, providing a balanced physical presence. Johnson’s height has not hindered his success in the realm of professional sports, where his skills and abilities have shone through. Despite not being exceptionally tall, Johnson has proven himself as a capable and accomplished athlete, showcasing his talents on various platforms throughout his career.

Where is Adam Johnson Now – FAQs

1. Where is Adam Johnson Now?

As of the present, Adam Johnson, the disgraced former professional footballer, remains in a state of limbo, unable to secure a position within any professional club since his release from prison in 2019.

2. What clubs did Adam Johnson play for during his professional career?

Adam Johnson played for Middlesbrough, Manchester City, and Sunderland during his professional football career.

3. Did Adam Johnson have any international caps for England?

Yes, Adam Johnson earned 12 caps for the England national team and scored 2 goals during his international career.

4. What was the reason for Adam Johnson’s suspension from Sunderland in 2015?

Adam Johnson was suspended by Sunderland in 2015 following his arrest and subsequent charges.

5. What was Adam Johnson’s position on the field during his football career?

Adam Johnson primarily played as a winger throughout his professional football career.


Adam Johnson’s journey in the world of football is one of remarkable promise, success, and eventual downfall. While he once shone as a talented footballer, his conviction for misconduct with a child has left his career in ruins. As of now, he remains in search of a second chance in professional football, but the complexities of his past actions continue to haunt his prospects. His story serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of one’s actions on and off the field.

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