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Who are Bobby McCain Parents? Get to Know Bobby McCain’s Parents, Tosha and Bernard Lawler!

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Who are Bobby McCain Parents

When it comes to our favorite sports stars, we often find ourselves curious about their personal lives, including their family background. In this article, we will delve into the family life of Bobby McCain, the talented American football cornerback. Let’s explore who Bobby McCain’s parents are and gain some insights into his journey from his early days to becoming a prominent figure in the NFL.

Early Life and Background

Bobby McCain, born on August 18, 1993, is a professional American football player celebrated for his versatility and skill in the defensive secondary. His journey in the world of football started at a young age, and he soon began to exhibit his immense talent and unwavering dedication to the sport.

Real Name Bobby Marcellous McCain
Nick Name Bobby McCain
Date of birth 18 August 1993
Age 30 years old
Height 175 cm
Weight 89 kg (196 lbs)
Birth Place Sylacauga, Alabama, United States
Gender Male
Profession American football cornerback
Nationality American
Education University of Memphis
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Bernard Lawler, Tosha Lawler
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College Career and NFL Draft

McCain’s career took a pivotal turn when he played college football for the University of Memphis. Excelling in positions as a cornerback and safety, his remarkable athleticism, football intelligence, and adept coverage skills quickly drew the attention of NFL scouts.

In the 2015 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins selected Bobby McCain, setting the stage for his professional career as a defensive back.

Versatile Defensive Player

As a versatile defensive player, McCain’s contributions were invaluable to the Dolphins. He was not limited to one role; his ability to cover receivers, provide run support, and adapt to various defensive schemes made him an integral part of the team’s defense.

Leadership and Work Ethic

Beyond his athletic abilities, McCain emerged as a leader in the locker room, displaying commendable work ethics and an unwavering commitment to his team. His presence went beyond the field, impacting both his fellow players and the coaching staff.

Bobby McCain’s Nationality

Bobby McCain proudly represents the United States as his nationality. His roots and identity are deeply ingrained in American football culture. His journey through the sport developed within the American landscape, shaping his career and professional identity.

Transition to New York Giants

Currently, Bobby McCain plays as a safety for the New York Giants in the National Football League (NFL). Although he was initially drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the fifth round (145th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft, McCain has also made contributions to other teams, including the Washington Football Team/Commanders.

Bobby McCain’s Impressive College Career

During his college years at Memphis, McCain was a three-time All-American Athletic Conference selection. His exceptional performance led to being named the AAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2014. This recognition served as a testament to his outstanding abilities and potential in the world of American football.

Bobby McCain – A Regular Starter

Bobby McCain’s NFL journey commenced with the Miami Dolphins in 2015, and he made an impact from the start. Playing in all 16 games during his rookie season, he registered 68 tackles and two interceptions. His strong performance ensured that he remained a regular starter for the Dolphins in the following seasons, solidifying his position as one of the team’s top defensive players.

Joining the Washington Football Team

In 2020, Bobby McCain signed with the Washington Football Team, where he continued to shine. During his first season with the team, he played in all 16 games, amassing an impressive 71 tackles and three interceptions. Once again, he proved himself to be an essential part of the team’s defensive lineup, maintaining his status as a regular starter.


In conclusion, Bobby McCain is not only an accomplished American football player but also a remarkable individual with a strong work ethic and leadership qualities. His journey from his early days in Memphis to his current role with the New York Giants is a testament to his dedication and talent.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into Bobby McCain’s family background and career. If you want to stay updated on more intriguing stories about your favorite sports figures, visit DigitalVisi for the latest news and entertainment updates.

Bobby McCain Parents – FAQ

1. Who are Bobby McCain’s Parents?

According to Our Latest Research, Bobby McCain’s Parents are Tosha Lawler and Bernard Lawler.

2. Who is Bobby McCain?

Bobby McCain is an American football cornerback.

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