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Will There be a Season 3 of Hidden Assets? Hidden Assets Season 3 Release Date Plot, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know!

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Will There be a Season 3 of Hidden Assets

The fate of “Hidden Assets” Season 3 is hanging in the balance, leaving fans in eager anticipation. With no official announcement regarding its renewal, enthusiasts of the crime drama series are hopeful for a 2024 release. In this article, we’ll delve into the details, speculations, and what fans can expect if the show returns for another season.

Hidden Assets: A Brief Overview

“Hidden Assets” is a compelling crime drama TV series that hails from the collaborative efforts of Ireland, Canada, and Belgium. Helmed by directors Thaddeus O’Sullivan and Kadir Ferati Balci, the show boasts a stellar cast, including Angeline Ball, Simone Kirby, Nora-Jane Noone, and more. Spanning two seasons with a total of 12 gripping episodes, the first season premiered in November 2021, followed by the second season on September 3, 2023, on RTÉ.

The series revolves around intricate crime investigations and features a talented ensemble cast. With suspenseful twists and turns, the storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The hauntingly beautiful music is composed by Michel Corriveau. The show is produced by a team of executive producers, including James Mitchell, with Siobhán Bourke and Anna-Sue Greenberg among the producers.

The Burning Question: Season 3

The Current Status

As of now, there has been no official word on whether “Hidden Assets” will return for a third season. Fans are anxiously awaiting any updates regarding the show’s future. While the plot details for a potential Season 3 are shrouded in mystery, there are hints that the series may delve into the bombings in Belgium, promising a continuation of the suspenseful nature of the show.

Hopeful Signs

One ray of hope for fans is the potential return of the previous cast members. The show’s existing fan base eagerly anticipates seeing their beloved characters once more. Moreover, the possibility of introducing new characters adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

“Hidden Assets” is exclusively available for streaming on Amazon Prime, making it easily accessible to a global audience. The streaming platform has been the home of the series, and its suspenseful storytelling is expected to persist if the show returns for a third season.

Hidden Assets Cast

For those who need a refresher, here is a tabular representation of the cast for the series “Hidden Assets”:



Simone Kirby Bibi Melnick
Wouter Hendrickx Christian De Jong
Cathy Belton Norah Dillon
Aaron Monaghan Sean Prendergast
Gilles De Schryver Vince Thijs
Kwaku Fortune Josh Ola
Charlie Carrick James Melnick
Jane Brennan Eileen Gately Chief CAB
Maya Albert Mila Albert
Steve Geerts Viktor Maes
Angeline Ball DS Emer Berry
Nora-Jane Noone Detective Sergeant Claire Wallace
Peter Coonan Fionn Brannigan
Sophie Jo Wasson Siobhan Brannigan
Bert Kettermans Aubrey Cline
Michael Ironside Richard Melnick
Eva Kamanda Passent Hussein
Karine Vanasse Frances Swann

Hidden Assets Summary

Without giving away too many spoilers, here’s a brief summary of what viewers can expect if Season 3 becomes a reality:

A year later, the Criminal Asset Bureau (CAB) faces new challenges with a fresh leader and familiar adversaries. Claire Wallace from CAB clashes with Christian De Jong of CTU as they revisit the Antwerp investigation. Old enemies resurface, creating tension. The return of a familiar face raises questions about trust. The dynamic between the two agencies adds suspense to the ongoing crime drama. Will CAB and CTU overcome their differences to solve the Antwerp case, or will internal conflicts hinder the pursuit of justice? The storyline unfolds with intrigue, alliances, and the looming question of loyalty.

Where to Watch Hidden Assets

For those eager to catch up or revisit the first two seasons of “Hidden Assets,” you can do so on AMC+ Amazon Channel and AcornTV Amazon Channel. These streaming platforms offer a convenient way to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the crime drama series. Simply tune in to AMC+ or AcornTV through Amazon Channel and enjoy the suspenseful twists and intriguing characters from the comfort of your home.

Hidden Assets Season 3 Release Date: What We Know

As of now, the release date for “Hidden Assets” Season 3 remains unconfirmed. Given the recent release of the second season, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the third season. However, there’s a prevailing sense of optimism within the fan community that information about the highly anticipated third season will be revealed soon.

If all goes according to plan, fans can expect “Hidden Assets” Season 3 to potentially grace their screens in 2024. While specific details are currently limited, fans can bide their time by streaming the first two seasons on Amazon Prime. The anticipation for the third season is steadily growing, with the potential for new storylines and character developments. Enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for updates, holding out hope for the return of “Hidden Assets” in 2024.

Will There be a Season 3 of Hidden Assets – FAQs

1. Is there a Hidden Assets Season 3 trailer available?

  • No, a Season 3 trailer is not available yet.

2. Where can I watch Hidden Assets?

  • You can watch “Hidden Assets” on AMC+ Amazon Channel and AcornTV Amazon Channel.

3. When did the second season of Hidden Assets premiere?

  • The second season premiered on September 3, 2023, on RTÉ.

4. Who directed Hidden Assets?

  • “Hidden Assets” is directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan and Kadir Ferati Balci.

5. Is there a confirmed release date for Hidden Assets Season 3?

  • No, there is no confirmed release date for Season 3 yet, but it is anticipated in 2024.

Get ready to embark on another thrilling journey into the world of “Hidden Assets” as fans eagerly await updates on the show’s future. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, enjoy the suspense and excitement of the existing seasons on Amazon Prime.

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