8 Street Foods in Weddings at Kolkata

Despite the differences in culture and community. India is United by food. Especially when it is Kolkata street food. Differences in financial backgrounds do not affect the demand of street foods in Kolkata. 

street foods in Weddings at Kolkata

The best caterers in Kolkata know how to place the right food at the right place, but most of the time it is the street foods. Today, we are here to disclose the mostly consumed street foods at any Kolkata Wedding.

Puchka : When it comes to street foods especially in Kolkata, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is puchka.It is a must try. The puri is stuffed with mashed potatoes with some spices, pudina with pickled water and the typical flavour of kolkata makes it one of the best street foods.

Weddings nowadays are incomplete if there is no puchka centre. Some of the best places to order Puchkas in Kolkata- Maharaja chaat centre in Southern Avenue, Ram Gupta’s stall at Victoria Memorial, Dilip Das’s puchkas in Vivekananda Road.

Papri Chat : The flat papris used as a dish, that is dressed with curd, tamarind sauce, onions, potato and chat masala. 

A must have on the streets of Kolkata, but also a personal favourite appetizer at a wedding. This is a recent favorite dish for the best caterers in Kolkata. 

Dahi Vada : Dahi vada is basically famous in south India but the North Indians find it unique and they love it which makes it  one of the best street foods, and also to the best caterers in Kolkata.

The wada is dipped in sweet dahi, sprinkled with cinnamon, a pinch of red chilli and jeera powder.

Chai : When it comes to beverage the kolkata people prefer tea(chai) over any other drinks, be it morning or evening. The creamy milk, a pinch of sugar and a dose of masala served in a flimsy clay cup is enough to make it one of the best street foods here. Milk tea, lemon tea are favourites among the Kolkata people

Rabri and Jalebi : Not exactly a street food, but this is a must have for anyone who desires to taste the authenticity of Kolkata.

The hot jalebi dipped inside a sweet sugar syrup, layered on top of a cold malai. A deadly combination, for the food lovers in town. 

Vegetable chop : Authentic, yet original. The vegetable chops are just the must have food on the streets of Kolkata. The bread crumbed coating of the chop, has a red stuffing of mostly potato, beetroot, and carrots. 

Mostly used as a starter by the best caterers in Kolkata. But this is mostly a vegetarian dish in the Weddings. 

Beguni : Sliced eggplant pieces are dipped in the batter of chickpeas powder (Besan). Then it is deep fried in refined oil. 

A similarly consumed snack like the vegetable chop, at Weddings. 

Alur Chop : Mashed potato stuffing, dipped in besan and fried similarly like Beguni. It is a beautiful concoction of potato and besan that melts in the mouth. 

Beyond all these dishes, Kolkata is the hub to many other sorts of chops, pakoras and snacks. The best caterers in Kolkata know how to place the right snack at the right place of the menu.