Andhra Pradesh follows Delhi, ups liquor prices by 50% from today

Following the Delhi government’s move to charge a ‘special coronavirus fee’ of 70 percent on liquor, Andhra Pradesh’s government also hiked liquor prices by 50 percent, taking the overall price hike to 75 percent.

The revised rates will come into effect from today afternoon, reported ANI.

The total 75 percent price hike will be charged on the maximum retail price or the MRP of the bottle. This would mean that a bottle of liquor costing Rs 1,000 would now cost Rs 1,750.

The AP government has strictly imposed the price hike on liquor to discourage people from consuming alcohol.

Hours after the shops opened on Monday, thousands turned up to stand in long queues without following social distancing guidelines. This led the authorities to shut many of the shops in no time.

On May 2, the Ministry of Home Affairs declared that alcohol, besides tobacco and pan, will be allowed to be sold in all zones with certain riders.

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