Do these 5 Pilates moves both at home and use-up more calories than running

If you depend only on hardcore cardio sessions for weight loss, then give Pilates a try and feel the difference. The best part? You could do them in your own home.

5 Pilates moves at home and burn more
Nikita Bhardwaj | Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

The better you run or pace your exercise, the more weight you are going to lose.

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this one before but here’s breaking it to you: this is probably the most popular weight-loss myths. That’s why the very first thing concerns your brain when you think of weight-loss is running or some HIIT module.

But the fact is that a simple Pilates regime can shed more calories than your regular running.

Actually, Ruchika Rai, a Mumbai-based women’s fitness and health coach along with the founding father of the combat yogini programme states that the slower you move, concentrating your muscles while exercising, the greater weight-loss results you will definitely get.

And Pilates is all about that.

Maybe that’s why from the-list stars like Alia Bhatt and Sara Ali Khan on the leading fitness coaches in India, everyone absolutely loves this fitness routine.

In fact, according to a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Pilates is one of the best fitness routines that will not only work on your weight loss goals effectively but it will also keep you away from joint injuries.

Another study published from the Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, claims that 8-week of Pilates shows major improvement in obese people.

But which can be these Pilates exercises that may hit the correct areas and assist you to lose fat faster? Well, let’s learn.

Listed below are the 5 most reliable Pilates exercises you can do at your house to lose maximum calories:

1. Pilates push-up

Well, warm-up is additionally crucial in Pilates. This one is not going to just work towards your upper arms and body but it really will involve your legs and core too.

This is how you are doing it – Stand straight and raise your arms upwards. Now bend down, crawl together with your palm and go in a push-up position. Now perform the push-up. Do five repetitions, crawl backup, stand straight, and relax.

2. Swimming

Everyone knows some great benefits of swimming. Sadly, we don’t have access to a swimming pool right now but to get this done Pilates move we don’t require one. Swimming move is definitely the fast solution that may give your chiseled back along with a well-toned butt.

This is the way you need to do it – Lay down on to the floor (your chest touching the ground). Now lift your hands, upper chest, and legs. Now, move your arms the way you move them when freestyle swimming, and flutter your legs without touching them on the ground. Count till 20 and then relax.

3. V-ups

This pose is really a fat killer, particularly in your abdomen area. It works on the entire muscle group at once. That’s the best part. But if you have back issues we would not recommend you to choose it.

This is how you are doing it – Lay down on the floor (your back touching the floor). Now, you must make a ‘V’ by lifting your legs up and simultaneously, lifting your upper body. Once your body has formed the ‘V’, just hold that pose for five seconds and relax. Now repeat again! Do 10 such repetitions four times.

4. Plank Jacks

If you do this Pilates move daily, no more love handle blunder. The system functions wonderfully well on your own core and oblique giving you the flat tummy you typically desire.

This is how you need to do it – Go in a very high plank position. Now the way you move your legs in jumping jacks you have to move them in the same fashion. So basically, your legs will move sideward and then they will come back in. First of all doing a minimum of 25 reps and four sets of plank jacks.

5. Swan pose

Well, it looks the same as the cobra pose that’s carried out yoga there is however a small difference that helps you stretch more and burn fat.

This is how you are doing it – Lay down on to the ground (along with your chest touching the floor). Now lift your torso with the help of the hands and extend backward (around it is possible to). Your legs will remain wide apart and touch the floor. Keep inhaling and exhalingexhaling and feel the stretch inside your muscles. Hold this pose for 10 seconds after which slowly fall and relax.

So, there you go ladies.

Also, you must know that Pilates is about moving your system inside a certain way where you have the maximum contraction in your muscles. The greater the muscles contract, the greater number of weight you are going to lose. You must stay give and focused all this to achieve the right pose.