How social media can play a positive role in online education?

Social media and technology have become the most important part of our lives. Individuals of 13 plus have their accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.The use of social media has introduced the easiest way to get an education, information, and communication online. Schools are also using them for improvement in learning and teaching. Icademy Middle East is an accredited; well-known and private American international schools of Dubai that provides a flexible model of education.

Social Media

This grand American school of Dubaioffers its students with an online learning opportunity that makes the educational methods easier through social media. It is the blend of traditional education with individual support and customized plans. We create a challenging learning environment for students and our qualified teachers are always available for students through social media to triumph such challenges.

Some of the benefits and approaches of social media are given below to explain its improvement and positivity in academic performance:

1. Communication and cooperation

Social media has provided the best way of communication. Students can get connected through any application like messenger, Whatsapp, etc through their Smartphone, tablet or computer, phone calls, or video calls. Students can exchange their questions too. They can solve their issues to communicate with their friends and professors without waiting and meeting teachers physically. Social media also promotes learning by sharing documents through Google Drive Box, Google Docs. Even teachers get connected live on Facebook in the evening to read bedtime stories for their students.

2. Finding actual Information Online

Social media and other websites have provided much more information like a newsfeed. Students can find related information and websites to follow the script in the loop. They can also find answers to their queries depending on interests. Children inspire through Tumblr and Pinterest for school projects or practical problems.

Social media learning also prepares students for their important lessons and concepts positively. Thus, social media also has the latest study material related to subjects, and students have a chance to get new knowledge. This is the era of Social media learning and social media is Wikipedia.

3. Parental participation

Social media also helps parents to get involved in a child’s good learning. Parents get updated notifications about projects and activities through Facebook or twitter feed.  The school teacher also gets connected through Skype with parents to share the progress report. Thus, parents also get informed about the activities of school and child learning through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Parents communicate with schools and observe their child’s learning activity. So, social media has a positive impact on students’ performance and parent’s involvement.

4. Enhanced Literacy, and Reading Proficiency

Students get usually bored with reading and writing but social media has provided various types of information. This information has eye-catch animation to which students get attracted. The information is provided by online messages, comments, news, articles, and books. Students get motivation and make extra efforts to spend their time in their learning. These online activities help children to develop skills of improvements in their writing abilities. Social media is the most attractive part that keeps the students busy.

5. Distance learning prospects

A distance learning option is another advantage of social media. This opportunity is best for such students who are not able to get regular classes in educational institutions. With the help of online tools, social media and modern education have attracted the students towards education through distance learning programs. Thus, social media and tools have become an advanced part of the modern education system.

Social media platforms like free voice calls, sharing documents, links, and other types of resources have highlighted effectively in improving the performance of students. Thus, these are the safest tips for kids learning online.

6. Inspired expression:

Students can express themselves with the help of social media platforms. It helps students to share their thoughts, photos, blogs, articles, videos, and audios without any fear. Students explore the hidden talent that allows them to raise themselves in the future according to their circumstances. Students do not have to follow the old methods of learning where they had to wait to participate in class events. Students get a beautiful picture of getting knowledge through social media. It is the best platform for students to show their talent and creative ideas. Many students have their channels on YouTube and blogs to write through which they also get paid.

7. Experience global revelation:

Students get connected with anyone in the world through social media. In this way, they get stuff of knowledge that proves beneficial for them. Students also get knowledge about different cultures, customs, lingo, lifestyle, and many other beautiful things. As well as related to studies, they also came to know about different courses in universities.

A student gets satisfied with different requirements with the help of online tools. In short, we can say that social media have made education hand in hand with the modern world.