Some technology tools which may assist special needs children

In today’s era, educational institutes offer disabled students with prospects to appreciate their potential. Special needs children can take part in education in the same way as the students having no disabilities can take. There is no discrimination between the two now. Due to the advancement in the IT business, new digital technologies have been introduced in the market which are easily available and allow the students new chances.

Some technology tools

International online schools give a chance to disable students to pick any latest technology tool, which helps them in the study. Some adaptive tools are quite fancy and some are low-tech. Here are some examples of the latest technology tools:

Audio players & Recorders

This tool helps the student to listen to words so that the child can read and write them on a page. There are many e-books accessible, which have audio files. A software named “text-to-speech” can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets that can read loudly on a child’s screen. If the student wants to make notes, the audio recorder saves the teacher’s instruction so the student can listen to it again and again.


Wristwatches and hourglass timers are low-cost gadgets that help those students who have problems with rapidity. Timers can be used as visual aids that show the students how much time is left behind to finish the doings. The child having a problem of “transitioning from task to task”, timers assist him mentally set up to make the switch.

Reading guides

Students who have problems with visual tracking or need assistance staying focused on the page, reading guides are the best tool for them. Highlighted plastic strips the single line and hiding of surrounding lines help to lessen the distraction. The strip is easily moveable on the page.

Seat cushion

A hot-air balloon seat cushion helps the student in sensory processing and attention problems. The cushion is quite comfortable that gives a child enough stimulation without getting tired during the study. The child does not need to get up and walk around to relax his back.

FM listening systems

The FM system reduces background noise and amplifies the teacher’s instruction. It can assist in auditory processing and attention problems. The teacher speaks in the microphone which transmits on speakers in the classroom or to a personal earpiece worn by the child. FM systems are also used for those kids who have autism spectrum disorder, hearing destruction, and language processing problems.


If the child has any issue in math, it is the best tool for him. Calculators are available with a large display and talking features. A talking calculator can read the symbols, numbers, and operation keys due to the built-in speech output software. It assists the child to confirm that he has pushed the correct button.

Writing supports

Many children have writing problems. Basic word processing software has features that help the child with spelling and grammar problems. For learners whose judgment race ahead of their skill to write them down, special types of software can assist. Word prediction is software that helps the child to write the first few letters and after that software gives word options that start with those letters. The child speaks and speech recognition software allows that text display on the screen. Many smartphones and tablet computers have built-in software features.

Graphic managers

A student can print different designs, which helps the kids to systematize their views for a writing assignment. These are sophisticated gadgets that help the child to organize his views.

Alternative keyboards

This programmable keyboard has a special feature that modifies the look and function of a regular keyboard. Those students who have trouble typing can take advantage of its customization that lessens input options, group keys by color, and insert graphics to aid conception.

Information data manager

This gadget helps a person plan, arrange, accumulate, and recover his calendar, task record, contact information, and other data in electronic form. Personal data managers may be handy, hand-held policy, computer software, or a grouping of those tackle working simultaneously by “sharing” data.

Abbreviation expanders

Word processing software allows a user to make, store, and use abbreviations for frequently-used terms or phrases. This can save the user keystrokes and make sure the correct spelling of vocabulary and expressions he has coded as abbreviations.

Freeform database software

This tool helps the user to make and store electronic notes by “jotting down” related data of any size and any topic. Students can recover the information by typing any section of the inventive note.

As technology develops with time, new gadgets and tools are invented related to educational purposes. Now, special needs kids can learn and get an education with normal children in regular schools. Online High schools also give suggestions about the tools related to the special child’s problems.