Pakistan is Going to Use Military Spy Agency to Track Corona Cases

Nowadays, the whole world is fighting against the adverse impacts of the coronavirus. First, it started in China. Now, the adverse impacts of this pandemic disease have flourished across the world. After China, America and Italy have suffered a lot from this pandemic disease. Till now, its vaccine is not discovered. Thus, the care and the lockdown are the solutions to save from this disease. That’s why we are seeing lockdown across the world. All the flight operations have cancelled and public transports are also closed. Moreover, different businesses are also suffering due to the impacts of the coronavirus. Lots of people have lost their jobs due to the adverse impacts of the coronavirus on the economy.

Military Spy Agency in Pakistan

According to the new report of WHO, Pakistan and India can be the new targets of the coronavirus. In Pakistan, we are observing that the cases of the coronavirus are increasing day by day. To track the cases of coronavirus has become a challenge for Pakistan. That’s why Pakistan has decided to use military spy agency to track the coronavirus cases. The military spy agency of Pakistan has got lots of successes against the war of terrorism. Military spy agency of Pakistan has developed a contact tracing system. They are going to use this system to track the coronavirus cases in the country. According to Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan, the coronavirus has continued to spike in the Asian countries.

As we know that ISI (Inter-Service Intelligence) agency of Pakistan is considered as one of the world’s most famous and successful intelligence agencies. The Pakistani government has assigned this task to the ISI. The ISI has started to support the government. For this reason, they gather the biodata of the people whom coronavirus tests are positive. After gathering their biodata, they are tracing and tracking the people who were in contact with these people. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has also acknowledged the services of the ISI for tracking and tracing the coronavirus cases. In a live telethon on Thursday, he has asked that ISI has given us the great system of tracking and tracing the coronavirus cases.

Moreover, he has also asked that they have used this system successfully against the terrorists. Now, they are getting positive impacts of this system to track and trace the coronavirus cases. Amnesty International has also acknowledged the services of the ISI. They have asked that ISI has used its rights successfully against the terrorist groups. In the fight against the terrorists, they were serving their nation. Nowadays, ISI is also serving the nation by using its services. According to Amnesty International, they are getting useful results of this tracking system. Some other countries are also using similar systems to track and trace the coronavirus cases. Anyhow, according to WHO and Amnesty International, lockdown is the only solution to this adverse situation.

Like other countries, in Pakistan, the businessmen are also facing lots of problems. Most of the businesses are closed across the country. Government has permitted some businesses to start their operations. Moreover, the government has also warned them that if they want to run their businesses during this pandemic disease, they have to follow the SOPs of the government. If they will not follow the SOPs of the government, the government will close their businesses. In an interview, prime minister Imran Khan has also asked that the track and trace system of ISI will also be helpful for them to reopen the businesses. Its reason is that with the help of this system, they can track the affected people in time and they can quarantine them.

Told by a researcher of a dissertation help company, along with the track and trace system of ISI, the Pakistani army is also helping the government to overcome the impacts of this pandemic disease. For this reason, General QamarJavedBajwa has also given an interview. In this interview, he has asked that the Pakistani army will use all of the resources to fight against the coronavirus. The military is also supporting the civil government in all the sectors. Pakistani army troops are ensuring the lockdown along with police in the big cities. They are also ensuring the law and order situation in the country along with the civil government. With the help of the military, it is expected that the Pakistani government will get control over this pandemic disease.

According to Western officials, the telecom spy system of the Pakistani army is also impressive. Moreover, the intelligence system of the Pakistani spy agency is also the strongest in the world. Now, the most interesting thing is that the Pakistani army and government have also decided to use these telecommunicating systems to fight against the coronavirus disease. For this reason, they have devised the special telecommunication system. With the help of this telecommunication and spy system, they are detecting the people. They detect the people when they are moving from a specific quarantine centre.

The Pakistani army has also reversed specific portions of their military hospitals. These portions have reserved for coronavirus patients. The medical team of the Pakistani army is also serving the coronavirus patients. In the quarantine centres of the Pakistan army hospitals, the Pakistani troops are also paying the security services. In the quarantine centresat different places in the country, the army troops are also paying the security services. In different hospitals, some checkpoints are prepared. On these checkpoints, the army soldiers are also checking the coronavirus patients. Pakistani civil government is also trying to increase the capacity of the coronavirus test. For this reason, the army is also helping the civil government. Army has reserved its five laboratories to increase the testing facilities in the country.

The numbers of cases in Pakistan are not at their projections. It is due to the combined efforts of the civil government and military. Now, the government has also decided to implement smart lockdown in the country. In the smart lockdown, the military spy agency will also be helpful for the civil government. Smart lockdown means that government will seal only those areas which are more affected by this disease.