Playing The Cricket Game Online For Fun Playing

Play fantasy cricket online, fantasy cricket playing 11

People love to play games on the playground. But they cannot always visit a playground due to different reasons. Sometimes, the weather condition is not conducive. Many people do cannot spend time visiting a park. Some parks are always crowded and hence they cannot play a game successfully. Everybody cannot attain a championship in a cricket game. But, everybody can play a cricket game online and win the game. People feel disappointed when they lose the game with someone. But online, they can play the game joyfully without any competitive spirit. So, a person can play fantasy cricket online and win the game.

Playing the cricket game online

Playing the cricket game online

They should become a member to play cricket game online. A person can play cricket game online using user-friendly devices such as mobiles or laptops. The person who wants to play online cricket should follow some rules. They should learn to play the game and then even read the rules and regulations of the game. They can download the app by entering their mobile number.

How to play the game?

The online player should manage the players of the team. This team contains batsmen, bowlers, all-rounder, captain, star player, and wicket keepers. They should manage all types of players.  This game also contains 7 squads from the single team. They can choose test matches or one-day international matches. The member of the team should provide points for each run. If the batsmen scores 4 runs, they should be allotted 2 points. So, for 6 runs, they should be provided 3 runs. For every duck, they should get -3 points. For every 30 runs, they get 3 extra points. For 100 runs, they get 10 additional points. For golden duck, they get -4 points and for platinum duck, they get -5 points. The players should learn about the strike rate that is provided for every balls faced. The bowler also gets points based upon the type of throw. Usually for maiden, the player may get 5 points, so similarly for per wicket, they get 20 points. When the bowler successfully catches the ball, it is wicket. So, for wickets, they get certain points. For egg. If they catch 3 wickets, then they get 15 points and for 5 wickets, they get 20 points. They also provide points for every minimum point to be bowled. The points for test matches and one-day international are different. The fielders also get certain points. For per catch, they get 5 points and for direct run out, they get 8 points. They also get certain points for throwing and stumping. The player can read the rules of the game to understand how many points to be allotted for each play.

They can provide economy rate only for bowlers and all-rounder. They can provide strike rate to all rounder’s, batsman and wicket keepers. If the captain is earning some points, then they should select the upper value of the point.

Enjoy the online cricket team

People can enjoy many types of cricket games online, but fantasy cricket game is really amazing. They can manage a team of players and act as a manager. Today, children and adults both love to play cricket game. The players can spend some time online and play the cricket game joyfully. They can play the game from different junctions such as mobile phones, PCs, or the portable play stations. The cricket game is designed so powerfully that it contains powerful graphics, high-quality animation and audio-video effects. This game gives chance to every player even who is a beginner. People who want to become cricket players can play this online fantasy cricket game. Some people want to play cricket outside, but they are nervous to play on the ground. So, they can practice this game online and learn the techniques of controlling ball or bat movements. They can learn how the other players play the game and hence learn the techniques of winning the game. The people feel the sensation of playing and they develop confidence.

When, they play the game, they learn the various levels of difficulties in the game. So, they learn to face every challenge that they experience at the time of playing. They can learn to control the batsman, fielder and bowler and they can learn the game in a best manner. They can choose a balanced team when they are playing the game. They can learn to manage the team of the batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and all-rounder’s to play the game in the right way.

They can play different types of cricket games. In some games, they can also select if they should play with single or multiple players.

People should play fantasy cricket online because it is one of the famous games with several fans. They can download this software for free and enjoy the thrill of playing. They are provided with different formats according to the convenience of the players. They can also enjoy certain features to play the game online. The players can create a squad based upon their sports knowledge. The squads score points based upon the real matches. They can wish cash and win some goodies. In the game, for every 1000 points, they are provided with a gem.

The players can learn the techniques of winning also and they can use their sports knowledge to win some cash prizes. To play the fantasy cricket playing 11, they should first register and log-in to win the game. They can select the match and click on the suitable option. Then, they can create a squad of 11 players. Then, they can choose the star options and the star players. Once, the match starts, then the players start earning points based upon the actual performance. Then, they should select the batsmen and earn maximum points. Then, by looking at the previous records, they should select the players. Then, they should select the openers and pick up each one from the team. Then, the batsmen choose the bowls also. Then, they should select the batsmen and then the 3rd batsmen and the rounders and bowlers.

The fantasy cricket playing 11 is a game that can be played with great techniques and joy.