Roaring Business done by Liquor Shops across the country on Tuesday

Lockdown 3,0 witnessed a roaring business done by all liquor shops across India on Tuesday, May 5th, 2020.

Liquor Shops across the country on Tuesday

New Delhi. Liquor sales soared across the country on Tuesday, May the 5th, this year, during the lockdown 3,0. This happened after the government allowed sale of liquor during lockdown. All the major cities witnessed kilometres long queues in front of the liquor shops. It was a chaos all through the day.

Mumbai could not make anything good out of it. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation decided to withdraw the relaxation given in the Mumbai city on Tuesday. The scenes made them afraid that it may deteriorate the corona virus infection state here to much further down.

The relaxation followed by very large gathering of crowd near liquor shops. No one bothered to follow the regulation of maintaining social distancing norms even on the second day on Tuesday. People rushed to the liquor shops fearing that the shops may close down suddenly.

Tuesday, May 5th witnessed booming sales of liquor in the green and safe zones across the state of Maharashtra. Indian made foreign liquor, country liquor, wine and beer worth Rs 62 crores was sold on Tuesday. It is a new record as reported by a senior bureaucrat.