Time-Saving Tech Tips And Tricks For You, Friends And Your Family

In modern technological times, each and every person is interested in saving their time and for doing so they find more and more shortcuts. If you’re also interested in saving your time, then read out article. We will provide you some time-saving tech tips and tricks. Have a look to know everything in detail.


1. Search on Google with a right-click

Are you reading something on the internet and suddenly a word appears in front of you whose meaning is unknown? This happens with us any time, if you also face this problem then you should use this trick. You must be thinking that you can easily open Google in a new tab and can search for the meaning but no. If you are interested in saving your time, then you should select that difficult word from your article and right-click over it. After right-clicking, you will see some options and from that menu, you should click on search meaning. After that, the web browser will directly open the meaning of that word in a new tab.

2. Use scroll wheel to open a new tab

If you are watching or reading something and want to open a new link in a new tab, then there is no need to manually open the tab. You can just save your time by using the mouse, let’s discuss what you will have to do? You will have to scroll down the page to the link you want to open and after that click on the link, you want to open. Therefore, this is very much easy and you can do it whenever you want to open a new link in a new tab. Go and try this out.

3. Use the handy list of shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcut keys are there for decades, there are so many shortcut keys that can be used by the people. Let’s talk about a few: Ctrl + B= Bold the text, Ctrl + V= Paste, Ctrl + C= Copy and many more. These shortcut keys will help you in saving you time because there is no more need to click on the toolbar of your notepad, word, and other typing pages. One of the best things that you should know is that there are more than 20 shortcut keys that people can use for saving and making their time valuable.

If you want to know about the different type of shortcut keys, then you can search them on the top tech blogs in India.

4. Find stuff easily on your PC using the Natural Language

This is one of the best time-saving tricks that can be used by people, let’s discuss how this tip can help people to make their time valuable. For example, you are not able to find your file and you are searching for it in all the folders and files. Then there is no more need to waste your time because you can easily find the files and folders just by using the natural language. For using this trick, you will have to open the start menu and there you will see and options find. In that find option, you will have to type the name of your file and folder. There you go, this is one of the easiest ways to find your things on laptops and PC.

5. Quickly access to emoji page using MAC operating system

If you are having no more words to say and are find for emoji pad in MAC then you should use this tip. For opening the emoji pad directly, you will have to hold three buttons together. The buttons that you will have to hold are CTRL, Command, and Spacebar. After pressing these three you will easily be able to open your emoji pad on the macOS. Just use this trick and tell about these others as well.

6. Try remote desktop to do many things at a time

Did you forget to send your important file to your client? If yes, then you can use this trick because using this will help you in sending the things through your phone as well. The only thing you will have to do is to open a remote desktop on your phone as well as on your laptop and PC. After opening that you will have to open the PC id on your phone as well and now you can easily send the important data of your PC using your phone easily. So, there are no more worries to send the forgotten files to your client. Try this out and let your friends also know about this.

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7. Quickly close all your mobile apps-

Sometimes your phone gets hanged due to heavy usage and you are not able to close all your apps. In this case, you can easily close your apps just by one click. This will also help you in saving your time and making it valuable. If you want to know how to close all apps just by one click, then have a look. You have to click on the left button or key on your phone and after that, you will see all your apps line by line. Then a cross option will also be seen, you can easily click on that option to close all your mobile apps. This is a very simple trick to use it to free up your GB’s and also tell your friends about this.

Therefore, these are a few tips and tricks of technology that can be used by the people to save their time and make it valuable. If you want to know more about these tips and tricks then you can easily search it on some of the best tech blogs India. If you want to know more in detail, then let us know.