Saudi Arabia imposes 24 hours curfew for corona virus at Eid

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia government plans to impose a round the clock curfew throughout the country during the Eid al Fitr holidays, that lasts for five continuous days in the nation. This celebration is going to be held later in this month and this measure is to fight the corona virus outbreak. It was reported by the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile the corona virus infection sees new heights in this country.

Saudi Arabia imposes 24 hours curfew

Maximum number of virus cases have been reported from this kingdom in the Gulf region. It is struggling hard to limit the spread of this deadly virus here.

A complete lockdown is going to be imposed across the country from May 23rd to may 27th. It was said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Interiors, released by the official Saudi Arabia Press Agency. This is the period that coincides with the Muslim festival. Eid marks the end of the holy fasting in the month of Ramadan.

As a whole, maximum parts of the kingdom were put under lockdown at the time of the outbreak of this deadly virus. But from last month, the Saudi Arabia government relaxed the curfew from 9 AM to 5 PM, during the day.

They have allowed the malls and retailers to reopen. It is everywhere except the major corona hotspots. It includes the holy city of Mecca. Here the confirmed corona virus cases have risen drastically, although the city witnesses a stringent lockdown.

The Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia government has reported that the number of COVID-19 deaths have risen to 264 in the country til Tuesday. The number of confirmed corona infected is 42,925 and 15,257 people have recovered from the infection.

Saudi Arabia suspended the year-round pilgrimage of Umrah in the month of March only. It was done to prevent the diseases from spreading in the Islam’s holiest city.

Authorities have not yet made any announcement regarding proceeding with Hajj this year. This is scheduled for late July. But the Saudi Arabia government has urged Muslim to defer preparations for the Annual pilgrimage for the time being.

About 2.5 million faithful Muslims travelled to Saudi Arabia from the entire world to participate in Hajj last year. Muslims are obliged to perform at least one Hajj, during their entire lifetime.

Saudi Arabia, the biggest economy in the Arab world has also closed down its cinemas, restaurants and has halted flights in its attempt to contain the virus outbreak.

The King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman has warned of a more tough fight that lies ahead against COVID-19. The kingdom suffers from the double disaster of virus led shut downs and the crashing of oil prices.