The Royals in UK pays tribute to all nurses across the world

London: The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth and other senior members of the Royal family in Britain joined together on Tuesday. They thanked the nurses throughout the world for their efforts ito help the sick n the COVID-19 pandemic.

Royals in UK pays

It was in response to the call to observe International Nurses’ Day. The Royal family posted some videos and chatted to some health care workers from Australia and India, to Africa and the Caribbean.

The 94 years old Queen said that “This is an important day.” She was talking to Professor Kathleen McCourt. She is the President of Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Federation. She said that the nurses have “obviously had a very important part to play recently.”

The Royal Commentators said that it was for the first time in her entire 68 years reign that audio of a telephone call involving the queen had ever been released.

Buckingham Palace said that the Royals have spoken to nurses and healthcare workers in Britain, Australia, India, Malawi, Sierra, Leonne, Bahamas, Cyprus and Tanzania.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge said during one of the seven calls she made with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, wife of the queen’s youngest son Price Edward that “You are a huge inspiration to everybody. A huge thank you from us all here.”

Other members of the Royal family who took part in the conversations included heir to the throne, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the queen’s daughter Princes Anne and the queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra.

Kate’s husband, Prince William said in a call to staff at a hospital in London that “From the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you are doing.” He further added that “I hope you know how appreciative everyone is of what you are all doing.”

A giant image of Florence Nightingale was projected onto the buildings of Guys and St. Thomas hospitals in Central London on Monday night. It was done to mark 200 years since her birth and her legacy to modern nursing.