Sci-Fi Movies You Should Watch With Your Children

The science fiction was born in 1902 with George Melies on the trip to the moon, a projection that showed the arrival of the man to the satellite and whose photomontage shocked the audience.

A story that gave rise, over the years, to a theme based on journeys through space, displacement through time and even friendships with aliens. The other way to give rise to these movies is online easy trivia questions and answers websites.

If at home you are one of those who enjoy this type of cinema, don’t miss this selection with the best science fiction movies to watch with your children.

1. Blade Runner 2049:

The film is set 30 years after the first film, Blade Runner. The protagonist is Agent K, a replicant hunter who belongs to the Los Angeles police. On his mission, he will discover an important secret that has been hidden for a long time and that if it comes to light could drag today’s society into chaos.

Your investigation will lead you to search for Rick Deckard, a former police officer who has been missing for years. Together they must gather all the clues to understand what is happening and save the world from grave danger. A story with which you will enjoy the best special effects and that will delight fans of the first film

2. Mars:

Astronaut Mark Watney is sent on a mission to Mars, but after a terrible storm, he is lost in space and left for dead. However, the protagonist has survived and is alone and abandoned on the red planet.

There, he has few provisions and resources, so he will have to resort to his ingenuity to survive and, in addition, he must find a way to contact Earth and let them know that he is alive. A perfect movie to watch with tweens and teens interested in science and technology, showing values ‚Äč‚Äčlike courage or perseverance

3. Ghost in the Shell:

In a futuristic Japan, the leader of the elite task force, Meera, fights against cyberterrorism and technological crimes. After a dangerous mission, his body is damaged and he has to undergo a difficult operation to transplant his brain to the body of a robot.

His new anatomy will allow him to perform amazing feats and movements that will be necessary for his next job in which he will have to face a fanatic hacker who intends to end the technological advances of the largest company in the sector.

4. Men in Black:

Aliens have lived among us for many years without anyone knowing. The Men in Black are special agents who belong to a secret government department, equipped with the latest technology and dressed in suits, their mission is to control the aliens. Two of them, K and Z have been chosen to protect the planet from the threat of a Galactic terrorist who intends to end all humanity.

5. The Arrival:

Extraterrestrial ships are arriving on our planet and the military forces ask Louis Bank, an expert linguist, for help to find out if it is coming in a peaceful way or if they intend to attack humans. Little by little he tries to establish communication with them trying to reach an agreement between them and the leaders of the different countries but also to discover the real reason for his visit to