Two doctors of Indian origin die due to COVID-19 infection in New Jersey. They were hailed for their selfless service

Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey paid his tributes to the father daughter duo. He praised them for their selfless dedication to caring for others.

Two doctors of Indian origin die

New York: Phil Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey has paid his heartfelt tribute to two doctors of Indian origin. They were father and daughter. They died recently after contacting the deadly corona virus disease while they were treating other COVID-19 infected patients.

Paying his tribute to the father-daughter duo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy praised them for their “selfless dedication to caring for others.”

Phil Murphy, in his message mentioned the duo, Dr Satyendra Dev Khanna, the father and Dr Priya Khanna, the daughter “dedicated their lives to helping others and we lost both of them to COVID-19”.

“They were part of a family of five doctors and I hope that our entire state mourns for them,” Murphy said while referring to the three survivors.

The Governor added that Dr Satyendra Dev Khanna was a pioneering doctor. He was among the first surgeons to perform laparoscopic surgery in New Jersey.

He had worked as the Head of the Surgical Department for decades at many hospitals. He died at Clara Maass Medical Centre. He worked there for more than 35 years. It was all said by the Governor.

All the colleagues of Dr Satyendra Dev Khanna remember him as a gentle and caring physician.

Satyendra Dev Khanna was 78 years of age. He graduated from Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, in the year 1964. It was reported by WebMD.

Sister of Dr, Priya Khanna has reportedly put an appeal on Twitter. “Plasma donor needed urgently for my beautiful young sister who dedicated her life to helping others.”

Very interestingly a donor was found within a day. But she died on April 13th at Clara Maass Medical Centre. Her father followed her and died on April 21st at the same centre only.

Dr. Priya Khanna, who was 43 years old was a nephrologist. She received her medical degree from Kansas City School of Medicine in the year 2003. Governor Phil Murphy said, talking about her that she was the medical director at two dialysis centres and also trained doctors.

He said she was “taking pride in teaching the next generation of doctors. And it should be noted that the ICU (intensive care unit) physician who cared for her was trained and taught by her as well. Priya will be remembered as a caring and selfless person who put others first.”

Governor Phil Murphy also spoke to Mrs Komlish Khanna. She is the wife of Dr Satyendra Dev Khanna. He expressed his condolences over the deaths of the father and daughter duo.

He said that two other daughters of Komlish and Satyendra Khanna are also doctors. Sugandha Khanna is an emergency doctor, and Anisha Khanna is a paediatrician.