Wanted: Crowd-free buses in Bengaluru after lockdown

A restrained lockdown relaxation is really a week away, but may be the city ready for an impressive shift to non-public private transport in big, unmanageable figures? Fuelled through the anxiety about smashing the social-distance in public places transport, thousands could shift for their cars and bikes. May be the city ready?


The chance of an unparalleled boost in using personal vehicles is real. Inside a white-colored paper posted towards the Center lately, a group of Indian Institute of Science (IISc) researchers cautioned this would trigger increased traffic congestion, elevated air and environmental noise ultimately resulting in adverse health impacts.

Social-distancing is likely to emerge because the primary precautionary measure, a brand new normal despite the lockdown is relaxed substantially. However the city’s trains and buses modes, the Metro and also the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus aren’t designed for distancing. What is the way to avoid it?

Reserved seats

Mining the COVID-19 situation data has established that predominantly, seniors are most prone to the condition. Inevitably, this could spur these to go for personal vehicles. To deal with this, “transit services should develop with passes and subsidies for persons above six decades, and provision for more reserved seats.”

But exactly how can measures reduce crowding inside buses work when you will find so couple of vehicles? The 6,300 BMTC buses happen to be dubbed grossly insufficient for any town of 1.3 crore. This may pose a large challenge, admits they. Yet it is possible to circumvent.